Summary of economic operation in the first quarter of our province

is also a spring benefit.

in the plateau bright red blossoms and green willows spring, inventory report first quarter of the province’s economic and social development, a group of data to boost confidence, encouraging.

is facing a severe macroeconomic situation remains complex, the provincial government to further implement the new concept, leading the new norm, and promote new development, to seek new as, pay more attention to ecological protection, pay more attention to change the way, pay more attention to the harmony and stability, pay more attention to people’s livelihood and well-being, pay more attention to the reform and opening up, pay more attention to lay a solid foundation for the work early, catch closely, grasp the real, economic and social development of the province’s solid pace of development path, gradually rising channel into steady progress.

from the first quarter of the province’s economic situation is good, smooth start, steady progress, trend is expected in the first quarter GDP growth of more than 8%, the main index in the same period last year, better than expected, the first quarter of good start". Accelerate the transformation of the old and new energy, investment and consumption synergies, people continued to improve. In the economy as a whole to maintain good operation at the same time, poverty alleviation, ecological and environmental protection and other key areas of work has made new progress.

this is a not easily won transcript, thanks to this year in the central finance, finance, industry, prices and other policies have given Qinghai strong support, but also embodies the provincial government with new ideas, new ideas to lead the new development of new initiatives, reflecting the local departments to grasp the development and the responsibility to tackle tough bear.

new ideas to create new. Since this year, face the challenge of the macroeconomic situation, perplexing the economic downward pressure increasing, the provincial government early research plan, from the fourth quarter of last year will start this year’s work plan in advance of. Just enter 2016, ahead of the launch of a number of key projects, "13th Five-Year" held by the focus of the project work scheduling, special supervision and other measures, to catch the early start, promoting progress, to ensure that key projects not shutdown, restart, fast start early. After the Spring Festival, the investigation of the provincial government leaders into downtown pressure on the economy’s largest state-owned enterprises held Haixi work conference and the Forum on the implementation of the 40 measures to support the restructuring and development, to effectively curb the momentum of the economic downturn.

as a new impetus to the new practice. In order to achieve a good start, the provincial Party committee and government pay more attention to comprehensive measures on optimizing supply, introduced the supply side structural reform action plan, launched the "hundred reform promotion" and "100 innovation crucial new hundred projects, carried out enterprise to reduce cost and increase the efficiency of tourism," leadership "and other special operations. In the expansion of demand, to carry out investment "double promotion action, play a leading role in speeding up the introduction of new consumption and cultivate new supply capacity, accelerate the development of life of service industry to promote the upgrading of consumption structure and policy advice. In the field of employment and improve people’s livelihood, carry out "spring action, early deployment of the examination of recruitment, on the implementation of livelihood standard policy. A series of policy measures play a synergistic effect, for it is "a good start in 13th Five-Year," the first year of the province’s economic and social development.

new initiatives to promote new;

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