Third party contact group held the provincial authorities to learn history and Constitution Party re

7 14, provincial organs third party contact group held the party constitution and party series speech contest. Provincial People’s Congress, the provincial government legislative affairs office, the Provincial Ethnic Affairs Commission and other 9 representatives.

study general secretary of Party Constitution and Party Xi Jinping series of important speech contest of knowledge is an important part of the provincial authorities to commemorate the 95 anniversary of its founding, the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army is to promote a series of activities, carry out the "two important initiatives to learn a" learning education.

game scene tense and warm, each team’s players in the individual will have the answer, the team a total of questions, the team to grab the answer and risk questions and other four aspects of the competition. Provincial Commission of ethnic and religious affairs won the title, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and the provincial postal administration won the two prize, the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial government’s Legislative Affairs Office, Qinghai Datang International Energy Co. Ltd. Preparatory Office of three teams won the third-prize. Provincial Ethnic Affairs Committee will represent the third party building team to participate in the final.


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