Xining 716 small food workshop file

In order to clean up the black bean curd workshop, thoroughly solve the problems existing in the production and processing of soybean products, to ensure that people eat safe beans. This year, three counties and four districts of the city government organization of food and drug safety committee office and the municipal agriculture and animal husbandry, industry and commerce, quality supervision, food and drug administration, public security and other departments to carry out the key to bean sprouts for food production and processing of small workshops to add the illegal conduct special rectification.

regulation, production and processing of bean products as the focus, the area of food production and processing of small workshops comprehensive investigation, the city’s 716 food workshops (including the production of beans and bean products processing small workshops 24) register, the realization of the city’s food production and processing of small workshops in the filing rate of investigation 100%; banned small workshops tofu processing sanitation dirty, disorderly and poor 3 households; 8 of the beans and bean products processing small workshops in the production and processing of suspected abuse of food additives behavior investigation and verification and rectification; on the area of 75 unlicensed undocumented small food production and processing workshop issued a rectification notice. Requirements within the stipulated time of rectification, with access to food processing and production, by signing food safety undertaking, the area of industrial and commercial departments for the record management from Food production and management. The next step will be combined with the city’s table pollution control action, to further strengthen the awareness of the problem, highlight key species, key areas, key aspects of the rectification, standardize and guide the initiative to find the problem, hidden, strict regulation of the outstanding issues, timely response to social concerns, take thorough investigation, thorough investigation of undocumented illegal illegal food production and processing operations behavior, efforts to solve the high degree of social concern, the masses are the problem, it found a home, and one, leaving no blind spots, dead, to ensure that people eat safe food. At the same time to study and publicize and implement the new "food safety law" as the focus, the popularity of food safety laws and regulations and relevant knowledge, mobilize the community to support the work of food safety, improve food safety awareness, so that the contents of master, for law enforcement practitioners familiar, public awareness, and actively create a food safety law atmosphere law the law and the law of usage, the formation of a wide range of social mobilization and good governance of social atmosphere.  

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