The opening of the eleventh the Yellow River cultural tourism festival in Guide

4 month in Guide, pear fragrance. In this spring, the city of pear flower season, "Jing Yue Guide" 2016 Qinghai ·, Guide, the opening of the eleventh the Yellow River cultural tourism festival. Singing and dancing, calligraphy, painting and calligraphy exhibition grand…… With the pear flower in full bloom, the annual tour of Guide County Cultural Tourism officially kicked off.

1998, in Guide County riverside park, a grand "pear Art Festival" celebration laid the foundation of the tourism industry in Guide, many tourists are attracted by the blooming pear. Itself has a reputation of tourism, through the "pear Festival" is the reputation of the big noise. As of now, the local government has successfully held ten sessions in the media of pear culture tourism festival. The morning of April 9th, the grand opening ceremony officially began, the entire show brilliant, both the magnificent opening dance, ethnic costumes, or "flower" medley, Tibetan song interpretation, each program can let a person see the song from Guide picturesque scenery beautiful scenery, not only to show the Guide ethnic characteristics and good good good mountain water scenery picture, but also for the Guide tourism tourism assault horn sounded.

over the years, Guide county always adhere to the "ecological agriculture development policy guide, strong base, tourism, service support, leading industry driven", accelerating the pace of industrial structure adjustment, and actively change the mode of economic development, the development of activation of various factors of production, collection of all forces, and comprehensively promote the construction of harmonious new Guide ecological tour, beauty industry, urban and rural strong, good social stability, people’s livelihood, creating a comprehensive development capacity continued to improve, comprehensively promote the construction of ecological civilization, industry development, urban and rural construction has grown by leaps and bounds, the social security system gradually perfect, the income of urban and rural residents jumped sharply gratifying situation. At the same time, the county vigorously develop local tourism resources, the implementation of various policies to attract a number of outstanding investment industries, together for the development and construction of Guide broad stage.

It is reported that

, the the Yellow River cultural tourism festival attracts visitors from all corners of the country to play, enjoy the "plateau small Jiangnan" beautiful mountains, clear from the view of the Yellow River, ancient buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties Yuhuangge tour, National Geological Park, listening to folk art, delicacy of farm goods. At the same time, it also carried out mass sports activities, including "China good voice" special, the province’s basketball tournament, investment negotiations, auto show, calligraphy and painting exhibition and other sports business activities.


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