The national day of Xining domestic market be neither hot nor cold

The seven day National Day holiday, many places during the holidays domestic service market demand is unusually hot, the nanny, part-time have become sought after "xiangbobo" housekeeping staff shortage, wages rose to two or three times the original. Then the city’s domestic service market eleven period and how? To this end, the reporter consulted a number of domestic service companies in the city.

reporter consulted a number of our domestic companies to understand, because many families have to conduct a thorough cleaning of the home use vacation, plus some usually busy working children want to find one for the elderly cleaning, as long as the heart, so the number of holidays every year is the amount of labor, the demand for larger the period. A domestic service staff told reporters that the eleven of them is relatively busy, in mid September when there is eleven people booking holiday service, reservation service project is mainly indoor cleaning, glass cleaning, floor waxing, sofa cleaning lampblack machine, maintenance and cleaning work, but recently people still like to go out on holidays. Especially the eleven seven day holiday, basically have to travel, so their workload is not particularly large, every day is more than three or four service work. The reporter learned that, during the national day of many domestic service companies basically orders are higher than usual about 20%, although some orders increased during the national day, but domestic service personnel are basically not a holiday, only a few people go home for the holidays, usually as long as the service call, they can still send a timely and to do. Did not reach the level of demand, and the salary is relatively usually also does not have what change.  

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