Third Plenary Session of the spirit of face to face let rural patients to see a doctor more convenie

town center hospital laboratory neat and clean, the doctor is to give an account on the need to do blood tests. Soon, the results came out. The doctor said, as a whole laboratory, like blood routine, urine routine detection instrument is in recent years, with the medical reform.

since the implementation of medical reform, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County’s Town Center Hospital by expanding the inpatient area, the purchase of medical instruments, the new installation of hospital management system, the introduction of high-quality professional medical personnel, a series of measures to mobilize the enthusiasm of the medical staff, improve the hospital hardware level, enhance their service ability.

is the payment window check Ma Mingbao elderly, because of osteoarthritis disease hospitalized for three days, the old man in the hands of the "Datong County Social Security Bureau of new rural cooperative medical reimbursement statement" clearly shows that the elderly hospitalized a total cost of 597.9 yuan, according to the proportion of 87% out of 520.2 yuan. The elderly pay their own need to bear 77.7 yuan, the charge returned to the hospital when the mortgage cooperative medical care, the elderly discharged smoothly. The payment window hanging on the wall after the first hospitalization settlement flow chart shows that a need for hospitalized patients only need to submit the new rural cooperative medical system and the identity card or account of this, the window of the audit is completed, and then signed a "Datong’s center hospital after the first hospitalization settlement agreement". Can be admitted to hospital. During hospitalization, the hospital will provide a daily list of medical care, the patient will be discharged on the first day of the hospital will inform the settlement matters, and then settle and return documents, patients can be discharged.


who had just paid family members of patients, drug prices of essential drugs zero sales slip commitment book "on the publicity compared with external list and pharmacy hanging", after verification, it is safe to go to the window to take medicine. The pharmacist said, now what kind of drugs needed by the hospital, through the basic drug procurement platform click on the name of the drug, there will be a successful pharmaceutical companies will be sent to the hospital needs.

is for patients with a diagnosis of doctor Zhao Jianhai, skillfully the patient’s name, home address, patients with lumbar muscle strain condition and input the "system" the integrated management of township hospitals, and selected the Huoxuezhitong wantongjingu tablets, capsules, Shujinhuoxue tablets three kinds of drugs from the system. On the table in the printer and immediately print the above information, the patients took the list in the window made for a total of 36.8 yuan, and then take the medicine at the pharmacy window. Wang Shengde Dean introduced, and now the whole process of the town health center and the county hospital consistent, is very standardized.

Zhao said that now is the implementation of the pay for performance appraisal system and elimination system, the two will be deducted money at the end of the assessment score on the first two, will be rewarded. Assessment of the content of the doctor’s attitude to the enthusiasm of the service, whether the patient to fill out the case is complete, small to fill out the prescription is clear and neat handwriting. His last month because of a written prescription is not easy to identify, was suddenly detained four points.


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