Xining City Public Security Bureau will implement motor vehicle driver C card information managemen

in order to improve the level of road traffic management, and gradually realize the Xining traffic management to science and technology, intelligent, modern transformation. Recently, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau made on the implementation of the motor vehicle driver IC card information management provisions.

requirements, motor vehicle drivers in the city of Xining on the road to drive a motor vehicle, the driver must carry the management information card, in case of police inspection, should take the initiative to show. In addition, in the payment of traffic fines, to replace, to provide proof of health and to clear the previous year has dealt with traffic violations, must produce the driver management information card. September 3, 2007 to December 31st for the centralized card issuing time, the driver to hold my driver’s license to all the Bank of China in Xining under the jurisdiction of the bank to apply for driver management information card. Management information card once lost, damaged, in the "Qinghai Legal Daily – traffic safety monograph" statement, to Xining city traffic police detachment vehicle administration window procedures for card IC card. (author: Li Jing)


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