Race each other to acclaim for life

common pursuit

this is a season of life.

Qinghai Lake, Huang fish upstream, complete the relay of life.

Qinghai lake, chasing the dream of a group of bicycle athletes, the Olympic "faster, higher, stronger" spirit of sports, to complete the difficult game.

Huang fish, bicycle athletes, with the common belief, enlightenment, interpretation of the meaning of life.

July 8th, the fourteenth session of the army from Qinghai Lake, along with black horse river, Buha River, bird island, Quan Ji River, 185 km trek, finally arrived at the end point of Gangcha.

Gangcha, the hometown of Huang fish. We say that Gangcha is the hometown of Huang fish, because the main river Huangshui fish migrate Buha River, Shaliuhe, Quanji River in Gangcha.

every year since June, upstream Qinghai Lake Huangshui fish along the Buha River, Shaliu River and other rivers, nurturing new life.

Huang fish migration, this is the miracle of life.

Huang fish migratory road is not flat in our imagination. Flocks of Huang fish not only to alert the river waiting for hunting predators, but also take into account the rapids of the river. If you get the upstream of rain water, several days of hard work all in vain. Even so, they are risking their lives to fulfill the sacred mission of the continuation of the population.

year Huang fish migratory season, spectacular swarms of Huang fish Pibozhanlang, up when our eyes are moist. Huang fish to reproduce, to overcome the difficulties, the sacred mission fought, even at the expense of the accomplishment of life, let us admire.

in Qinghai lake, from the world’s five continents, the pursuit of the dream of the more than and 100 cycling athletes, with the way of riding, to complete a different race.

riding in Qinghai lake, on the Huang fish migration story inspired every athletes. Especially for the Qinghai tianyoude team from Qinghai team, the more intense desire.

Huang fish completed the relay of life in a difficult environment, we should take the Huangshui fish as an example, an exciting game for the hometown folks." Before the start of the game, and this is the faith sentence engraved in every heart of Qinghai tianyoude team.

team left Qinghai Lake, their desire to become more intense. Shortly after the start of the game, the Qinghai team Zhang Jinde tianyoude outstanding group in front, then teammate Wu Shengjun leading a large group of 25 seconds.


didn’t win, but never give up the spirit of the game is just.

in fact, including the day tianyoude team, many athletes, with action interpretation of Huang fish never stop fighting spirit.

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