The power supply department supervisor style unannounced visits to Xining City satisfactory

hello! What can we do for you?" A few good supervisors just walked into the Xining power supply company operating room, the staff stood up, smiling. After the start, morals supervisors "difficulties" service, but the service personnel to take it leisurely and unoppressively response, morals supervisors very satisfied.

the afternoon of May 18th, part of the window unit of Xining power supply company organization, make unannounced visits to the supervisor style. After discussion, they chose the east wind supervisor and Xining City West two power supply company and Huangyuan county power supply company. After their morals supervisors diverge, began to make unannounced visits.

in power supply company operating window, wind monitors the identity of the customer, or payment or apply for installation and service personnel, to supply the power to set up some problems and difficulties to find the service personnel, service from the power supply department. But the service staff patiently explained, and actively help customers solve problems, make their morals supervisors a "disappointed". After unannounced visits of the forum, morals supervisors say: "to take to find something wrong with the power company, but we are very satisfied with the results to make unannounced visits." In recent years, the electricity sector continue to standardize and strengthen the service consciousness, service quality has been greatly improved, especially this year the national Power Grid Corp to carry out the "quality service year" activities since the Xining power supply company’s service quality is greatly improved. After that, they supply department supervisor style in the service areas still need improvement, such as individual service personnel to the customer’s explanation is not comprehensive, clear the provincial capital some sidewalk still has a pole problems such as recommendations to the power supply department. Power sector said it would pay attention to and solve as soon as possible. (author: Yuan Zhen)


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