Russian circus performances for the audience applause over 50 times

As the Russian circus in Xining people’s Park staged, even on the number of admission, the people’s Park is constantly performing venue of the audience is very full, All seats are occupied. Bring together by tigers, lions, bears and other animal actors from Russia, Pakistan and Kazakhstan, the actors’ novel, thrilling, exciting circus made every audience applause is not less than 50 times.

yesterday, the circus venue All seats are occupied. even sitting on the audience, some of the stairs on both sides of the channel. The circus staff told reporters that the past few days, the circus performance field attendance is very high, "did not think so fond of the people of Xining circus, many parents with children even came to see the show, which makes us very moved."

the beginning of the show, first is the tiger, the lion majestic-looking debut, the king of beasts are standing on the platform, with the first swing forelimb greeted the audience, then brought a roll, tiger car, jumping mountain and other performances. The monkey followed by appearances, it is played on stilts, with two sticks patrol audience, see his "car" — a bicycle, leaving a thin stick to turn on the bike, to see the monkey pedaling funny, the audience was amused set the whole room roaring with laughter. The two hulking bears is to bring a "Olympic" show to the audience, first launched clumsy-handed steeplechase, although the speed can not, Hantaikeju appearance but amusing. The bear show is extremely high, and come up with their own unique skill: the body fat of parallel bars gymnastics, the first is rolling on the parallel bars, then inverted, reverse, is like a gymnast.

animal actors is very exciting, the acrobats performance is amazing. Two actors carrying a large bar, an actor on the big leaps in the top bar, vacated, continue to make 360 degree flip, flip and other difficult skills, let the audience applaud unable to restrain the emotions. 4 young men in Kazakhstan superb equestrian performances, but also to let the audience applause, single hanging, the horse, Ma Jin Cheng, and so on a ride, so that people see the soul stirring. Many more let the audience hooked is hanging the aerial acrobatics acrobatic silk, CCTV has 3 sets of programs aired, I saw the actors with four hang silk soared into the air, or in the air or is the happy couple, Rondo, wow.

according to the introduction, for the general public into a cultural feast, the organizer launched a series of preferential, 10 (inclusive) above a 30 percent off discount tickets, ticket discounts of 25% off B; the family unit, parents can be free with a child (under 1.4 meters in height, parents no longer enjoy fare discounts); for group purchase by Wo Wo Group, a 32% off discount tickets, ticket discount tickets 27% off B, C 4% off discount. (author: Xiao Jun)


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