Golden Lotus will be in full bloom in Xining

the afternoon of August 15th, the city held the second session of Chinese · Xining International Dance Festival and the ninth China dance "Lotus prize" classical dance contest press conference. Municipal Standing Committee, propaganda minister, Wang Haihong, chairman of the Federation of trade unions presided over and spoke.

Wang Haihong said at the press conference last year, we successfully held the first China · Xining international original dance and modern dance festival, feel the magic of the original ecological dance and modern dance elements collide and merge with each other, different culture, different dance art mutual dialogue and communication and exchanges to build a broad platform, also to show the image of Xining, to enhance the visibility and influence of Xining has opened up a new channel. This year, in support of China and China Association Federation, Chinese dance world’s highest award – "Lotus prize" landing in Xining, and decided in Xining held three consecutive years (every two years), which is Xining’s trust and love. With the help of "Lotus Award" of the social influence, Xining International Dance Festival will become an important window for the art of Dance Festival and show the image of Xining, the outside world will also go through the dance festival platform to Xining, into Xining.

it is understood that the "Lotus prize" classical dance awards received a positive response from dance troupes across the country, a total of troupes from various provinces and cities nationwide professional colleges, 137 works around the association and troops team select entries. The Organizing Committee of experts for the evaluation work in Beijing, after a rigorous screening, there are 46 Works into the semifinals, including single and double 30, three dance works, dance works 16. By then, teams from across the country will gather in Xining to launch a fierce competition. This will be a focus on the creation of Chinese classical dance in recent years, a high level of Chinese classical dance event. Washington (reporter intern reporter Zhang Hongliang)


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