Good people can not train good cadres

July 14th, the central held a forum to study the selection of outstanding young cadres under the new situation. The central leading comrades at the meeting put forward an important proposition, "good people can not train a good cadre", meaning profound, thought-provoking.

from the 80s "knowledge oriented" drop not sticking to formalities talent, bold appointment of young people, to today’s "practice oriented" "the prime minister will be available at the State Department, the strict training of young cadres, our party has always been high hopes for the young people. If we say that those younger cadres policy, greatly promoted the reform and opening up, today has many new historical features of the great struggle, also cannot do without placing children and young people break up, cannot do without a wide range of sources, sufficient quantity, reasonable structure, high-quality young cadres.

young cadres grow, not only rely on individual efforts, but also rely on organizational culture. How to cultivate and learn. Golgi said, "love child is the old hen would do, but to educate them to be good, this is a big country". The so-called "strict is love, width is harmful", training young cadres, is not equal to coax, protect, holding, adhere to strict word pledge, strict management, in order to build a barrier for their healthy growth. Practice shows that the "gold" and "greenhouse" culture, creating not worthy of any great good cadre; young cadres without hard temper, it is difficult to withstand the test at the critical moment.

"precocious fruit grow, easy to die spoil things by excessive enthusiasm". Young cadres to go a long way to face the temptation of a lot of strict requirements is the best love. The lack of strict regulatory constraints, "the young heroes are apt to become dizzy with success"". Avoid making nice, do not engage in harmony, the reminder reminder, the criticism, the stop of the stop, let the young cadres have the fear and distrust, to avoid the growth of the "golden period" become a cadre of "dangerous period", which is really responsible, really responsible for the party’s cause of young cadres.


the selection of young cadres, not for a high official, but in order to do great things. Do not go through the very things, it is difficult to become a very good, to avoid good people, we must strictly training. Now, some places to train cadres seedling caregivers, set a good level, paved the way for them, and just ignore the grassroots jobs and hard environment to hone this important link. Some young cadres crude looks very rich experience, but a closer look, every step of the time is very short, the fly, skimming over the surface, and not Chijin job, no pressure on the burden, naturally not received effect.

good people can not develop a good cadre, asked not to create a good talent. A large number of facts indicate that a person is too heavy, empleomania promotion desire is too strong, it is difficult to keep the lasting passion to peace of mind and director. For young cadres, if you are keen to engage in self design, engrossed in promotion roadmap, stem would want to get something in return, just wondering promoted to a higher level, a good risk assessment, minute calculation input-output;

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