Creating a city volunteer training 1 understanding self

is self cognition: self understanding is his own opinion of himself, is through the observation of their behavior, but for their own image and psychological state of knowledge, including the verification and evaluation of their motivation, intention.

in order to better adapt to the needs of voluntary service, have a clear understanding of their own, should be on their own physique, desire, motivation, intention, thoughts, feelings, intelligence, personality characteristics. But to remind himself is more easily influenced and restricted by their cognitive framework, as the saying goes, "A bystander is always clear-minded., Those closely involved cannot see clearly." So when you need to ask their friends around, a more comprehensive understanding of their own.

first, on their participation in voluntary service motivation cognitive

is involved in the psychological community has become an important cause of volunteers, but also to maintain the ideological pillar of volunteers to participate in activities in the organization, so the volunteers themselves must have a full understanding of the participation psychology.

summed up the psychological participation of voluntary work are the following:

1, to help those in need, to respond to social needs;

2, participate in improving social problems:

3, the citizen’s responsibility, return society;

4, want to play their own director:

5, feel their existence value:

6, learn new skills;

7, make good use of spare time;

8, broaden the social circle:

9, the recognition and approval of others and the position in the group:

10, rich experience, self growth:

11, organizational skills and Leadership:

12, to seek new stimulation and broaden the life experience:

13, prepare for future work;

14, sense of duty work meaningful:

15, catch up with fashion, fashion;

16, out of curiosity about volunteering;

researchers studying the certain knowledge of volunteer motivation has more than a few species, the source of statistical result may be related to local volunteer participation motivation has much discrepancy, however, this is not important, it is just a reference!

researchers conducted a study on why ordinary people participated in volunteer activities, and also did some research on why some friends did not participate in voluntary activities. The following results were obtained:

1, no free time to participate:

2, self-centered, not interested in other people and things to pay attention to:

3 is not interested in unpaid work:


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