Part of the store in front of the three packages the package is not in place with the responsibilit

  December 13th afternoon, Xining City Health Inspectorate checks in Xining District Four "in front of three" the implementation of the responsibility system is found, although some stores signed "in front of three" letters of responsibility, but in front of the store’s environmental health has the "package" is not in place.

master, you store at the entrance of the pits how full of ashes?" In a beef noodle shop door west of the train station, see the pits filled with ashes, a staff member asked. At the train station and Qilian Road on the road, a lot of them have not the same amount of ashes, "in front of three, is to protect and manage our own storefront door that a small local environmental health, if others, it should be the first time to stop, rather than let the furnace ash wantonly filling to the pits." A member of the east city law enforcement unit said. In the inspector panel in the village, Xing Hai Road, lane, Lane mutual Qaidam Road, some units along the street, shop, in front of the households are still pouring ashes, garbage, sewage poured phenomenon. It is understood that in front of three management responsibility system has achieved initial results in the implementation process in Xining, but as the degree of attention is different, under the tight loose problems still hamper the effective implementation of the responsibility system.

in this regard, the relevant departments said that in the next work will focus on propaganda and education and examination "in front of three" responsibility system, from the environment, governance of the whole area, take the road to the law enforcement management team slice contact point and XieGuanYuan grid management combination, focused on investigating and urinating, mobile stalls littering, Jeeves behavior etc..


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