Ministries and leadership 81 on the eve of our special visit

the afternoon of July 2nd, the provincial Civil Affairs Department Director Wang Liping, in the special care at the back stand taller led all retired army cadres and other 6 people in support for the District Civil Affairs Bureau Gou Fujun, office director and Town Office accompanied by leaders, and visit the small village bridge office in my district Xiang veteran Li Quan Mao Sheng Si Cun Li Shengzhen, Chaoyang the office of Zhang Bingxiong Zhang Honglu Qi Jia Cheng Cun, four special, extended festival greetings to them. Every special home, ministries and leadership to extend holiday greetings and respect to each entitled groups, and kindly ask their current life status, health status, there are no difficulties and needs, and sent condolences to Kim per person 4800 yuan and gifts, to the party and the government’s deep concern and greetings. The leaders took the ministries sent condolence payments and gifts in rural demobilized old soldier Zhang Bingxiong moved to say: "thank the party and the government about us".


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