2013 adult college admissions 16 to 27 days

In 2013 the province’s adult college enrollment will be from December 16th to 27, in the provincial examination management center. From December 16th to December 20th according to the enrollment plan, professional volunteer candidates Toudang admission, from December 21st to December 27th is subject to the swap Toudang admission.

college entrance examination and enrollment of adult college entrance examination, as well as the establishment of admission leading group, under the discipline inspection and supervision, publicity and consultation, University liaison, planning and control, network technology, five functional groups. And the implementation of computer remote online admission. Before December 10th, the provincial admissions professional on-line candidates count, admission system remote login username and password to register the enrollment of colleges and universities according to the professional on-line plan ahead to adjust the admission scheme, in December 15th by the Ministry of education management system online adult college enrollment plan transfer plan to adjust the professional admission scheme, implementation of Toudang province Zhaoban through the audit.

it is understood that the province of adult college entrance examination and enrollment in college admissions committee leadership, in accordance with the "provisions of the school responsible for admissions, supervision, organization and implementation by the provincial Zhaoban admission. (author: Chen Jun)


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