Man hurls shoes at BJP leaders

first_imgNew Delhi: A man hurled shoes at BJP leaders addressing a press conference at the party’s headquarters here on Thursday and was detained by police.The middle-aged person identified himself as Shakti Bhargava and claimed to be a doctor by profession, but he did not speak about the reason behind his action as he was being bundled out by BJP staff and security guards. The Delhi Police, which questioned him for several hours, said they were letting him off as no complaint was lodged against him. Nothing incriminating was found against him and he just wanted to grab attention, they said, adding that he hails from Kanpur and is facing legal cases related to property and Income Tax. The incident took place when a scheduled press conference of BJP leaders Bhupendra Yadav and G V L Narasimha Rao was on. The person threw a shoe and flung another after stepping close to the dais when Rao was attacking the Congress, accusing it of “defaming” the Hindu religion by linking it to terrorism during its rule at the Centre in 2004-14. It is an attempt by a “Congress-inspired” person but it will not deter the BJP, Rao said and carried on with his attack on opposition parties after being left momentarily surprised as one of the shoes brushed past him. Though it is unclear if the person involved in the incident had any political motivation, shoe-throwing has often been a show of protest, political or otherwise, by people seeking to bring attention to themselves or their issues. Jarnail Singh, then a journalist, had thrown a shoe towards the then Union minister and Congress leader P Chidambaram in 2009 to protest against the party’s ticket to anti-Sikh riot case accused Sajjan Kumar, now convicted. Though he lost his job, Singh went on to become an MLA on a Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) ticket. Political leaders cutting across party lines have been at the receiving end of show-throwers.last_img read more

UN extols Sudanese peace pact partners on forming a new Government

The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Sudan (UNMIS) today congratulated the partners to the 2005 peace accord that ended the country’s north-south civil war on the formation of a new Government.In a press statement, UNMIS voiced hope that the new Sudanese Government “will persevere in its resolve for achieving a stable and durable peace.”It called for the “credible referenda” to be carried out in southern Sudan and Abyei, slated for early next year, which are meant to be the final phase of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), which ended 20 years of fighting between the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) separatists in the south and the national Government in the north.The referenda include a vote on whether the south of the vast country should secede from Sudan.The mission today also underlined the need for “realizing the popular consultations” in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile states.The new Government, UNMIS said, “shoulders the historic responsibility of implementing the CPA during the final year of the Interim Period.”The mission repeated its commitment to the full implementation of the CPA and underlined its readiness to help the parties during the “coming crucial period for the people of Sudan.”The formation of the new Government comes two months after the holding of historic presidential and parliamentary elections, the first of their kind in Sudan in 24 years.On Monday, the top UN envoy to Sudan told the Security Council that the international community must take a more active role in promoting democracy after the elections, particularly ahead of next year’s referenda, and also focus on stabilizing the increasingly violent Darfur region.“Sudan needs to be encouraged and assisted to expand the democratic space opened by the recent elections and establish a broad-based system of national governance that leads to a more equitable society and durable peace,” Haile Menkerios, head of UNMIS, told the 15-member UN body.In late April, the Council extended the mandate of UNMIS for another year, stressing the need to wrap up all remaining tasks under the CPA. 16 June 2010The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Sudan (UNMIS) today congratulated the partners to the 2005 peace accord that ended the country’s north-south civil war on the formation of a new Government. read more

Plains Midstream says construction equipment may have caused latest Alberta pipeline leak

MANNING, Alta. — The owner an Alberta pipeline says a recent spill may have been the result of construction equipment that was in the area.Plains Midstream Canada says in a news release that early indications suggest the Kemp line in northwestern Alberta suffered “external damage” before releasing condensates from natural gas production late last week.The company has said preliminary estimates suggest approximately 950 barrels were released over an area about 1.5 hectares.It says more than 60 people are working to clean up the spill.The news release doesn’t specify what the construction equipment was doing near the pipeline or whether it was associated with the pipeline’s operation or maintenance, and no one from the company could be immediately reached to elaborate.The Plains Midstream news release says it has conducted an assessment that has found no effect to wildlife.“We regret this incident and are working around the clock to limit the impact of the release,” said Stephen Bart, the company’s vice president of crude oil operations, in an earlier news release.“Industry-leading technical experts and regulatory bodies are engaged onsite in our response efforts and to ensure an effective cleanup.”Cara Tobin, a spokesperson for Alberta’s energy regulator, said the regulator’s staff have been at the scene of the spill since the company detected and reported it on Friday.Tobin said the spill was in a remote location and was detected by electronic sensors within the pipeline itself. She said it wasn’t near any flowing water and hadn’t reached any rivers.“There’s no public impact although there are First Nations in the area. The company has attempted to contact them,” Tobin said Sunday, although she didn’t know if those efforts had been successful.The leak follows another Alberta pipeline spill in recent weeks that saw 9.5 million litres of industrial waste water flow into a wetland near the community of Zama City.Aboriginals in the area have said all vegetation in the spill area, from grass to trees, is dead but a spokesman from the pipeline’s owner, Apache Canada, said 99 per cent of the fluid was water and that wildlife doesn’t seem to have been affected.Apache is still investigating the cause of the leak.Earlier this year, Plains Midstream was charged under Alberta’s Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act following an April 2011 pipeline breach northeast of Peace River. The breach spilled 4.5 million litres of oil and was blamed for powerful smells in the community of Little Buffalo that residents said caused headaches and stomach problems and kept schoolchildren at home for days.That case is scheduled to be in provincial court in Peace River on Monday.Another Plains Midstream breach in June 2012 leaked up to 475,000 litres of oil into the Red Deer River near Sundre in central Alberta.Greenpeace Canada said the most recent spill near Manning makes it obvious the government and its energy regulator are failing.“We need a truly independent system so that protecting industries image so the government can push more tar sands pipelines doesn’t continue to be more important than protecting the public good,” spokesman Mike Hudema said in a news release.Plains Midstream Canada says the Kemp pipeline remains shut and that sections of it are being removed and will be inspected by a third-party firm. read more

Body washed ashore in Lanka is of a taxi driver

The Trincomnalee Harbor police had taken charge of the body, and sent it to the Trincomalee government hospital morgue. An Indian High Commission official told Express on Monday that a message has been sent to the relevant authorities in Chennai seeking further information on the matter. The body washed ashore at Nilveli near Trincomalee has been identified as a Chennai taxi driver, the New Indian Express reported.The body, discovered by local fishermen on Sunday, had an Identity Card of N.Poomi Durai, member of the Chennai Central Call Taxi Association (registration number: 161/2003). His address is given as No: 13/15 N.G.O.Colony, Kamaraj Nagar, Chooli Madu, Chennai: 96. ID No: 25, DL No: 9418, Badge No: 96731. This body was discovered after Trincomalee fishermen reported to the Harbor Police on Sunday that six bodies were floating 20 nautical miles off the coast. The Sri Lankan Navy then sent two Dvora gunboats to recover the bodies, but the mission was unsuccessful due to poor visibility and the rough sea. On Monday, three Dovras and a Y-12 aircraft of the Lankan Air Force were deployed, but they had not reported sighting any floating body, said the Lankan navy spokesman Capt.Akram Alavi. Asked if it was possible for bodies of Chennai flood victims to be washed ashore so far from India, Capt.Alavi said that such a possibility could not be ruled out given the strength of sea currents. read more

More than 300000 make perilous Mediterranean crossing in 2015 – UN refugee

“Some 2,500 refugees and migrants are estimated to have died or gone missing this year while attempting the crossing to Europe – compared to 3,500 who died or went missing in the Mediterranean in 2014” said Melissa Fleming, spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), at a press briefing.This number, which includes almost 200,000 people landing in Greece and 110,000 in Italy, represents a substantial increase from last year.“In the last few days,” Ms. Fleming continued, “more people have lost their lives in three separate incidents.”In a statement Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he has been horrified and heartbroken at the latest loss of lives of refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean and Europe.He reminded the international community that a large majority of people undertaking these arduous and dangerous journeys are refugees fleeing from places such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. International law has stipulated – and states have long recognized – the right of refugees to protection and asylum. When considering asylum requests, States cannot make distinctions based on religion or other identity – nor can they force people to return to places from which they have fled if there is a well-founded fear of persecution or attack. “This is not only a matter of international law; it is also our duty as human beings,” said the UN chief, and while he commended those leaders and communities that have “stepped,” he appealed to all governments involved to provide comprehensive responses, expand safe and legal channels of migration and act with humanity, compassion and in accordance with their international obligations. “Let us also remember: the high number of refugees and migrants are a symptom of deeper problems – endless conflict, grave violations of human rights, tangible governance failures and harsh repression. The Syrian war, for example, has just been manifested on a roadside in the heart of Europe.”Mr. Ban said that in addition to upholding responsibilities, the international community must also show greater determination in resolving conflicts and other problems that leave people little choice but to flee. Failing that, the numbers of those displaced – more than 40,000 per day – will only rise.“This is a human tragedy that requires a determined collective political response. It is a crisis of solidarity, not a crisis of numbers,” the Secretary-General declared.According to UNHCR, the Libyan Coast Guard carried out two rescue operations on Thursday morning, seven miles off the port town of Zwara. Two boats carrying approximately 500 refugees and migrants were intercepted and survivors taken to shore. With an estimated 200 people still missing – and feared dead – a still undetermined number of bodies were recovered and taken to shore. The Libyan Red Crescent has been helping with the collection of the bodies.On Wednesday, a rubber dinghy carrying some 145 refugees and migrants ran into trouble when the operator tilted the skiff dangerously to one side. Panic followed as some people fell into the sea and two men jumped into to rescue them. Amidst jostling and shoving, three women on the dinghy were crushed to death. Of those who fell into the water, 18 remain missing and believed to have drowned. According to UNHCR, the survivors were rescued and taken to Lampedusa, including the two-month old baby of one of the dead women. Most of the survivors are in critical condition, suffering from shock, cuts and bruises.That same day rescuers aiding a boat off the Libyan coast found 51 people suffocated to death in the cargo hold. According to survivors, smugglers were charging people money for allowing them to come out in order to breathe. Last week, in a similar incident, the bodies of 49 persons were found in the hold of another boat. They are thought to have died after inhaling poisonous fumes.Despite the concerted efforts of the joint European search and rescue operation under FRONTEX (Frontières extérieures), which has saved tens of thousands of lives this year, the Mediterranean Sea continues to be the deadliest route for refugees and migrants.While these numbers are overwhelming for the already overstretched capacity of single countries, such as Greece, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia or Germany, they are manageable through collaborative and coordinated responses at the European level. All European countries and the European Union must act together in response to the growing emergency and demonstrate responsibility and solidarity.“UNHCR appeals to all governments involved to provide comprehensive responses and act with humanity and in accordance with their international obligations,” Ms. Fleming concluded. read more

San Jose rescue was an incredible success for Chile and for the

first_imgAt the San Jose mine near Copiapo in Chile all the miners have emerged, one by one, including those brave men who went underground yesterday to help with the extraction from 642 m below surface. The industry at large should view this as a great triumph. This, more than anything we have ever done over the last decades, had the general public interested in the mining industry. The incident has certainly shown mining engineers in a very positive, professional light. It also, inadvertently,  contrasted the oil and mining industries, following so close after the drawn out BP oil spill fiasco. By comparison the mining industry got the job done without inordinate fuss and well ahead of the first estimates of completing the job – rescuing the men.Sadly the incident also attracted its fair share of ‘ambulance chasers’. Over the past weeks, International Mining was offered ‘expert’ comment from a number of companies not directy involved with the rescue including, yesterday, a firm of UK lawyers that apparently does not even have a South American office but was offering to comment on the miners’ employment rights. They should be disgusted in themselves.It is also a great thing for Chile. Not too many Europeans, or even North Americans, have had the pleasure of visiting that wonderful country. I have been amazed, but somewhat saddened, by the number of people who have said words to the effect of “well it’s Chile and the safety standards are probably not what they should be.” The safety standards in that mine were not what they should have been, but those not involved in the mining industry should be made aware that Chile’s mining industry is one of the most advanced in the world. Look no further than El Teniente, a few hundred kilometres to the south, which is one of the most automated, technologically  advanced mines in the world.last_img read more

Soy Growers Urge Budget Office to Keep Biotech Disclosure Rule on Track

first_imgSoy growers are working to make sure the establishment of a national, comprehensive rule for the labeling of bioengineered food products is a still on track.The American Soybean Association (ASA), along with several other ag organizations, sent a letter this week requesting a meeting with Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). In the letter, the groups expressed concerns that the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Act is on the “inactives” list.“The bill was supported by over 1,100 local, state, and national groups representing U.S. producers, cooperatives, agribusinesses, processors, seed makers, handlers, food and feed manufacturers, restaurants, lenders, and retailers,” the letter states. “Congress provided two years for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to promulgate regulations implementing the Act.”The groups said that with the statutory deadline only a year way, every phase of the rulemaking process is critical and urged the OMB to work closely with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to move quickly through the rulemaking process.Click here to read the entire letter.last_img read more

Two siblings die in Uttar Pradesh after being locked in steel

first_imgBhadohi (UP):Two siblings died of asphyxia after allegedly being locked in a steel trunk in Khamariya area here, police said. A police officer said it is suspected that Hataina (6) and her brother Hasan (3) were locked in the trunk by their mother, who is mentally unstable. The children’s father, Mallu Ansari, who works in a carpet factory, returned home late Thursday night and found them missing, Circle Officer Yadvendra Yadav said. Also Read – National Herald case: Officer bearers of Congress were cheats, Subramanian Swamy tells court Advertise With Us Later, he was seen running with his unconscious children to hospital, where doctors declared them brought dead, he said. The circle officer said locals found a steel trunk in the house open and clothes scattered, and suspect that the mentally unstable mother of the children had locked them in it. Though the family members have not registered any complaint, the police have taken note of the incident and is investigating the matter, the circle officer added.last_img read more

Mercedes AClass Launched In India for ₹22 Lakh

first_imgLuxury car maker Mercedes-Benz has rolled out its all new premium hatchback A-Class in India, marking its foray into a new segment of the domestic market.The car will be available in both petrol and diesel variants in the country. Initially, it will be brought as completely built units (CBU) and the local assembly of the vehicle will begin later this year. Under the hood, the diesel variant of the car is powered by a 2.2 litre 4-cylinder which is expected to churn out 108-109 bhp. The petrol version, on the other hand, packs a 1.6-litre petrol engine which is expected to produce 120 bhp.”With the new A-Class, Mercedes-Benz now pioneers the compact luxury segment in India which reflects the changing customer trend of compact being equated to cool and trendy. The A-Class is also the safest cars with 11 drive assistance systems, and is India’s most fuel efficient luxury car with 1,000 km run in a full tank of diesel,” said Eberhard Kern, managing director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India.The car packs stylish design at the front and comes with a radiator grille with 302 diamond resembling pins. Mercedes-Benz dealers have reportedly received 90,000 bookings worldwide, a few months after the car’s debut. The company hopes to gain the same kind of response in the sub-continent market as well.The diesel variant of the A-Class, the A 180 CDI Style, is available at ₹21, 93,500 and the petrol variant is priced at ₹22, 73,500.last_img read more

UP man rapes 2 women wife makes video to blackmail them for

first_img(Representational Image)Creative CommonsIn a horrific incident from Uttar Pradesh, two women were raped by a man and his wife recorded a video of the incident to blackmail the victims.According to the police, two women, aged 22-23, were raped and held hostage by Sanjiv Lohan. His wife Rita recorded the incident to blackmail them for human trafficking.The victims were held hostage at the New Mandi area in UP. The women have also alleged that they were blackmailed with the video and abused and raped by other men.The police have arrested the husband-wife duo. Several reports of harassment against women and rapes have been reported from the state this year.Earlier on February 5, a class 8 student was allegedly kidnapped from her home and gang-raped by three men in Deoria district. She was kidnapped from her house while she was sleeping with her siblings.A 15-year-old girl was also raped when she was returning home from a marriage function in Bulandshahr on March 11. People say that it is the police inaction that has led the criminals to roam free in the state.(with agency inputs)last_img read more

UP Assembly elections 2017 Rahul Gandhi bats for farmers again how big

first_imgCongress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Monday continued his tirade against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his demonetisation move — which saw all Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes in circulation at the time being made illegal tender from November 8-9 midnight.Addressing a rally in Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh ahead of the Assembly elections next year, Rahul Gandhi kept the pressure on Modi on the issue of farmers — consistent with his and the Congress’ stance. It seems the party is looking to woo farmers big time before the elections as they are a big vote bank there.”Farmers and the poor are jailed if they cannot pay back their loans. However, you [Modi] do nothing when 50 families take away lakhs and crores of rupees,” said the Congress leader on Monday. He added: “Narendra Modi wants your earnings, for which you put in your blood and sweat, to remain in banks so that the loans of the rich can be written off.” He was clearly pointing to Vijay Mallya, whose loans were written off by State Bank of India.Rahul Gandhi also took on Modi on his claims over black money. He said: “Around 6 percent of India’s black money is within the country, while the remaining 94 percent is in foreign shores. The question is, why is the prime minister after this 6 percent and not the 94 percent?”Other moves to woo farmersThis was not the first time the Congress has tried to woo farmers in UP. Rahul Gandhi has conducted a protracted kisan yatra (farmers’ rally) in the state this year. He also led a delegation of Congress leaders to meet Modi in order to submit the demands of farmers.Incidentally, he had also called for a separate budget for farmers in September this year. Speaking at Ghatampur in the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, he had said: “They are merging the rail and the general budget. Modi ji should bring a separate farmer budget, in which he should specify what the government will do for farmers.”Rahul Gandhi may now be expected to rake up this farmers’ budget issue again as Budget 2017 nears. It could be one of the bigger issues in the run-up to the annual exercise which is barely a month away now.last_img read more

Road crashes kill 7 on Eid day

first_imgSome seven people have been killed in road crashes across the country on Eid day according to Prothom Alo correspondent reports.Three people were killed in a road accident in front of Talgachhi Kartowa College on the Nagarbari-Bogra highway in Shajadpur upazila of Sirajganj.The deceased are cattle trader Siddique Hossain, 45, Ibrahim Khalil, 50, and auto rickshaw driver Jamal Hossain, 42.Sub inspector of Shajadpur police station, Nurul Huda, said Siddique and Ibrahim were returning home in a three-wheeler battery run auto rickshaw.A vehicle from the opposite direction hit the auto in front of Talgachhi Kortwa College, damaging the auto severely.Ibrahim died on the spot while injured auto driver Jamal and cattle trader Siddique died on the way to Shajadpur Health Complex.Four people died in another accident on the Lakshmipur-Chowmuhni road in Sadar upazila.The deceased are village doctor Yousuf Ali, 47, his son Sakib, 7, sports secretary of Lakshmipur Bandhu Sobha, Mizanur Rahman, 46, and CNG run auto rickshaw driver, Mohammad Momin, 30. Mizanur Rahman’s daughter Erika was critically injured.Concerning the above mentioned accident, sub inspector of Chandra police station, Pushpa Baran Chakma, said a Jonaki Paribaban bus hit a CNG run auto rickshaw at Ratanpur village around 10:00am on Saturday, leaving the four passengers of the auto rickshaw dead on the spot. Police seized the bus but its driver managed to flee, the police official added.Earlier, 13 people were killed in a number of road accidents across the country on Friday.last_img read more

Freezing weather kills 27 Afghan children

first_imgAn Afghan man caries gas cylinder on his shoulder on the snowy day on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan. Photo: ReutersHeavy snowfall and freezing weather has killed 27 children, all under the age of five, in a remote district in northern Afghanistan, officials said Thursday, with fears the toll could rise.Roads in Darzaab in northern Jawzjan province were blocked by 50 centimetres (20 inches) of snow, cutting off access for villagers in the area to medical care as temperatures plunged to -10 degrees Celsius (14 Fahrenheit).“Unfortunately we have 27 children killed due to heavy snowfall and freezing weather,” district governor Rahmatullah Hashar told AFP, saying the deaths had occurred over the last two or three days.All the children were under the age of five, he said, adding the blocked roads mean the toll could still increase.The deaths were confirmed by the Jawzjan provincial governor’s spokesman, Reza Ghafoori, who said aid would be delivered via emergency committees.Heavy snowfall and avalanches kill scores of people in Afghanistan each winter.In 2015, avalanches killed some 300 people across the country, the bulk of them in the mountainous province of Panjshir, north of Kabul.Rescue efforts after disasters such as avalanches and flash floods, which often hit as snows melt in the spring, are frequently hampered by lack of equipment.Poor infrastructure makes it difficult for rescue teams to reach isolated areas.last_img read more

The fall of Pakistans exPM Sharif

first_imgOusted prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, speaks during a news conference at a hotel in London, Britain on 11 July 2018. Photo: ReutersThree times he has ruled Pakistan, and three times he has been deposed. Now Nawaz Sharif, the “Lion of Punjab”, is being forced to watch the triumph of his great rival Imran Khan from behind bars.Sharif, imprisoned since mid-July, is starting one of the last chapters of his long career from a cell, where the 68-year-old is serving a 10-year sentence for corruption.His daughter and political heir Maryam is similarly imprisoned, while his wife Kulsoom is fighting cancer thousands of miles away in London. Sharif himself is also in frail health.And the great gamble he took in returning to Pakistan days ahead of the 25 July elections has failed to galvanise support. Instead, Khan is set to take the oath as prime minister and usher in a “New Pakistan” on 18 August.“Now is the time to see how history remembers him,” says Muhammad Zubair, a senior member of Sharif’s eponymous Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).Such a scenario seemed unthinkable a year ago when Sharif, then a popular prime minister hailed for his infrastructure projects, seemed to be moving towards easy re-election.The Supreme Court shattered his momentum on 28 July 2017, controversially deposing him following a corruption investigation. He was banned from politics, and finally jailed just two weeks before the vote.The “Lion of Punjab”, named for the wealthy province which is his family stronghold, has insisted that the powerful Pakistani army-assisted by the judiciary-orchestrated his fall.Khan, who captained Pakistan to World Cup cricket victory in 1992, has dismissed the claims, as have the generals.But Sharif is not alone: observers have described the campaign as the “dirtiest” in Pakistan’s history because of widespread allegations of military interference. The opposition is protesting against alleged electoral fraud.Supporters say Pakistanis will remember that Sharif and daughter Maryam were in London with his ailing wife when their jail sentences were handed down.They chose to return to Pakistan, where they were arrested as soon as they landed.But the hoped-for surge of support for his party-led into the campaign by his less charismatic brother, Shahbaz-has not materialised. Once ubiquitous in the media, Sharif has issued no public statement in weeks.“They wanted to sell this politically. But the gamble didn’t pay off,” analyst Fahd Husain said.Political legacySharif is “being punished only for one reason, and that reason is that he is not bowing his head” to the military, Mushahidullah Khan, a former PML-N minister, told AFP.Imran Khan, who first instigated the corruption charges against Sharif, has told AFP the PML-N’s claims are “conspiracy theories” and a “smokescreen”.The court decision ousting Sharif may have been controversial, but repeated accusations over decades mean he is widely perceived as corrupt. Critics dismiss him as a leader who stole billions from Pakistan, giving Khan’s vow to end graft an extra edge.But Sharif’s supporters staunchly frame his ouster as part of the long battle between the civilian and military leadership for power in Pakistan, whose history is punctuated by coups and assassinations.“(Sharif) is fighting for civilian supremacy. If he is going to jail, it is worth giving that sacrifice,” says the PML-N’s Zubair.Sharif has been down and out before. Expelled from power in 1993 on suspicion of corruption, he won the 1997 election, only to be ousted and exiled after a military coup in 1999.He returned in 2007, and took power once more in 2013.Zubair said he will not fight for a fourth term. Now, it is his political legacy at stake.Saving that might not be up to him. “If (Imran Khan’s party) does well, Nawaz Sharif’s narrative will be diluted,” said the analyst Husain.Comeback?The PML-N has criticised the conditions of Sharif’s detention. Sharif, who suffers from high blood pressure, was briefly hospitalised in late July.“He looks far better than the first time,” Zubair, who visits Sharif regularly, told AFP.The ex-prime minister is “not in the worst possible cell”, and even has a television with three channels-state-run PTV, a weather channel and a sports channel.But he is in solitary confinement. “He is not even allowed to meet Maryam, other than on Sundays,” Zubair said.His fate has divided once-fervent supporters.“Many PML-N leaders told him not to speak against the army and judiciary, but he didn’t listen,” said Naja Nisar, an estate agent in Rawalpindi.Kashan Arshid, a former party youth leader in Rawalpindi, is unwilling to write Sharif off.“It’s the third time he’s suffered. Each time … people say he is finished,” Arshid said.“But every time he comes back, stronger. The lion will roar again.”last_img read more

Dont Call it a Comeback Mad Catz Returns With a New Line

first_imgStay on target Tiny Countertop Dishwasher Cleans Your Dishes in Just MinutesThe Best Robots of CES 2018 In March of 2017, gaming peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz went belly up after operating for nearly 30 years. It seems this cat has several lives as it has risen from the grave. How fortuitous that the annual Consumer Electronics Show is happening for the newly Christened Mad Catz Global Limited to show off its wares to the public.Mad Catz was saved from oblivion by a Chinese holding company. What’s interesting about this situation is that the company in question is comprised of former Mad Catz employees. This is good for the company because those in charge know what will (and won’t) work in order to become successful. We’re even treated to a trailer heralding the return. Very nice!Alex Verrey, PR representative for Mad Catz, said: “It’s not like people are just using the Mad Catz name to push out a new and unrelated range of products. The new guys understand the products because they were the ones who made them.”AdChoices广告Mad Catz is well-known among gamers for its line of fight sticks and Rock Band peripherals (the latter of which ultimately doomed them). It also produced a number of PC gaming peripherals, and this is what the new company is starting off with. The company’s website now lists a number of products. These include eight mice, two keyboards, two headsets and some mousepads. Mad Catz is also bringing back the Rat Pro mouse (now called the Rat Pro X3) and is making a set of earbuds with a boom mic. Despite so many new products, Verrey emphasizes the new Mad Catz is putting quality over quantity. I suppose this means we won’t see any $300 transforming gamepads anytime soon.Mad Catz has a long history in gaming so it’s nice to see them back in some form. Personally, I want to see the company release new fight sticks and fight pads. I’m sure this is just the start so we’ll report more Mad Catz news as it drops.For more CES coverage visit our sister site PC Mag.center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Listening to music does not enhance creativity

first_imgListening to background music “significantly impairs” people’s ability to complete tasks testing verbal creativity, say scientists who challenge the myth that music makes us more creative. Psychologists from University of Gavle in Sweden, University of Central Lancashire and Lancaster University in the UK investigated the impact of background music on performance by presenting people with verbal insight problems that are believed to tap creativity. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThey found that background music “significantly impaired” people’s ability to complete tasks testing verbal creativity – but there was no effect for background library noise. For example, a participant was shown three words (eg dress, dial, flower), with the requirement being to find a single associated word (in this case “Sun”) that can be combined to make a common word or phrase (ie sundress, sundial and sunflower). The researchers used three experiments involving verbal tasks in either a quiet environment or while exposed to background music with unfamiliar lyrics, instrumental music without lyrics, or music with familiar lyrics. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive”We found strong evidence of impaired performance when playing background music in comparison to quiet background conditions,” said Neil McLatchie of Lancaster University. Researchers suggest this may be because music disrupts verbal working memory. The third experiment – exposure to music with familiar lyrics – impaired creativity regardless of whether the music also boosted mood, induced a positive mood, was liked by the participants, or whether participants typically studied in the presence of music. However, there was no significant difference in performance of the verbal tasks between the quiet and library noise conditions. Researchers said this is because library noise is a “steady state” environment which is not as disruptive. The findings of the research challenge the popular notion of people that music helps enhance creativity in human beings.last_img read more

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first_img June 10, 2013 — A new report from KLAS, “Digital X-Ray Performance 2013: Impact of a Wireless Workflow,” shows providers are seeing big benefits from wireless detector technology. With all of the major vendors offering it and prices coming down, wireless digital radiography (DR) is becoming a standard for digital X-ray room replacements.Providers report increased efficiency in patient throughput due in part to the reliability and excellent image quality of the wireless solutions. The performance report looks across the spectrum of deliverables that make up a good wireless system and finds Carestream leading the way overall with GE pulling up the rear in a four-point spread. Providers cited reliability issues and some implementation challenges as the primary reasons for GE’s lower scores. “It’s great to see wireless technology having a positive impact in healthcare,” said Brady Heiner, research director at KLAS and report author. “Seeing providers and vendors leveraging the wireless technology to create efficiencies that directly affect patient flow is win-win for all. This report will help those providers who are looking to go wireless gain confidence and find the right system for their facilities.”KLAS interviewed 201 providers using wireless DR and included their first-hand experience comments about all the vendors in the report. Heiner said Carestream and Philips took the lead with wireless systems with very high marks from their customers.“Carestream has built on their wireless detector success with the DRX-Evolution. Providers are taking advantage of moving detectors between different rooms or of mobile X-ray systems,” he explained. “Philips has improved their account management with their X-ray customers and is a high performer with image quality and reliability.”For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Feature | June 11, 2013 Wireless Technology in Digital X-Ray Proving Efficacy in Patient Flow KLAS research shows DR is becoming standardlast_img read more

Contours of Obamas legacy form with help of unlikely allies

first_img Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall How do cataracts affect your vision? Despite the unfinished business Obama will leave behind, Thursday’s health care ruling largely answered what has long been one of the biggest questions looming over his White House: Would the sweeping health care overhaul that has fueled so much Republican hostility toward Obama survive his presidency?Now, that answer is all but guaranteed to be yes.The Supreme Court ruling marked the second time the justices have saved the health care law, with Roberts writing the majority opinion both times. In an ironic twist, Obama as a senator voted against Roberts when he was nominated by former Republican President George W. Bush.While House Republicans may still hold votes to repeal the health care measure, as they have already done more than 50 times, the Senate and Obama’s veto power prevent such efforts from going any further. And even if Obama is succeeded by a Republican president, fully repealing the law could become less politically palatable given the millions of Americans who have gained health care coverage through its mandates.“The 6-3 decision is strong validation of the constitutionality of the law,” White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said of the court’s ruling. “Coupled with over 16 million people who currently have health care who didn’t have it before, that makes it very difficult to unwind.” WASHINGTON (AP) — Long past the prime of his presidency, Barack Obama is defying the lame-duck label and solidifying the contours of his legacy with the help of unlikely allies in Congress and the Supreme Court.Led by Chief Justice John Roberts, the high court preserved Obama’s signature health care law Thursday, hours before a Republican-controlled Congress paved the way for an Asia-Pacific trade pact at the center of the president’s international agenda. The Supreme Court also handed Obama a surprise win by upholding a key tool used to fight housing discrimination. Sponsored Stories Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Top Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies But few in the White House or elsewhere in the nation’s capital expect this brief detente between Obama and the GOP to last for long, especially as they stare down deadlines this fall on taxes and spending — issues that have rivaled health care in driving deep divisions between the Democratic White House and Republican lawmakers.“It’s going to give the White House some momentum going into the fall,” said Jim Manley, a former adviser to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. “But I don’t think anyone can expect the efforts to work with Republicans on trade to translate into help on these tax and spending issues.”__Follow Julie Pace at © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help Mesa family survives lightning strike to home 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist Still, some Republican presidential candidates insisted that remained their goal.“This decision is not the end of the fight against Obamacare,” said Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor. “I will work with Congress to repeal and replace this flawed law with conservative reforms that empower consumers with more choices and control over their health care decisions.”Obama had to flip Washington’s standard political scorecard in order to get support for the Asia-Pacific trade pact. While Republicans are largely supportive of free trade, many of Obama’s fellow Democrats fear such agreements put American workers at a disadvantage and have weak environmental protections.Just two weeks ago, Democrats dealt Obama an embarrassing defeat on trade, leaving him searching for a solution with many of the same Republicans lawmakers who decry the health care law.The unusual coalition succeeded. On Wednesday, Obama secured the authority to get fast approval for a final Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, and on Thursday, Congress sent a workers’ assistance package to his desk.White House officials cast Obama’s successful dealings with Republicans as evidence of what they had hoped would be another piece of the president’s legacy: an ability to work with his political opponents and curb Washington’s intense partisanship. Comments   Share   “This was a good day for America,” Obama said, speaking from the White House Rose Garden shortly after the court rulings.For a president deep into his second term, the legal and legislative victories were a vindication of policy priorities that have sapped his political capital and exposed rifts with his own Democratic Party. The back-to-back successes also energized a weary White House, with senior officials and longtime advisers making little effort to hide their glee.“I don’t think that a lot of people expected that a lame-duck president could still very actively lead on every major issue being debated today,” said Bill Burton, a former White House and campaign adviser to Obama.The coming days could bring further clarity to president’s legacy, as U.S. negotiators work feverishly to finalize a nuclear deal with Iran ahead of a June 30 deadline. While securing an elusive agreement would mark a major foreign policy breakthrough for Obama, it could be months or even years before it’s known if a deal successfully prevents Iran from building a bomb.Against the backdrop of his recent successes, Obama will also confront the stark limitations of his presidency when he travels to Charleston, South Carolina, Friday to deliver a eulogy for victims of last week’s massacre at a black church. Obama has failed to make any progress on gun control legislation, and even against the backdrop of the tragedy in South Carolina, he made clear he had given up hope of pursuing such measures again during his remaining 19 months in office.last_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterSilver Spirit will enter dry dock at the industry-leading Fincantieri shipyard in Palermo this week, where she will remain until 1 May. She will undergo large-scale refurbishment works, which will include the insertion of a prebuilt 15-metre-long segment into the ship’s midsection, making her the first luxury ship to be lengthened in this manner. With the aim of augmenting the onboard experience for Silversea guests, the project will dramatically enhance each of the ship’s public spaces with beautiful interior design, taking inspiration from the cruise line’s flagship vessel, Silver Muse, which was delivered by Fincantieri in April last year.“Based on the wonderful feedback from guests sailing aboard our beautiful Silver Muse, we believe the comprehensive makeover we have planned for Silver Spirit will enrich the onboard experience and be equally appreciated by guests. They will see many of Silver Muse‘s innovations and elevated comforts embodied by our re-imagined Silver Spirit,” says Christian Sauleau, executive vice president of fleet operations for Silversea.While some areas will grow in size, evoking the feel of spaciousness and enhancing comfort, special measures have been made to retain the ship’s bijou feel. Silversea’s trademark level of service will also continue: the improved Silver Spirit will enjoy an impressive crew-to-guest ratio of 1:1.48.Following a lengthy phase of research, the turn-key transformation of Silver Spirit will amplify everything that matters most to Silversea’s guests: dining options will increase in variation and advance in quality; additional suites will enrich the onboard accommodation; stylish décor enhancements will be made to existing suites and the ship’s public areas; the pool deck area will be enlarged and re-imagined; the addition of a new health and fitness centre will improve wellness facilities; and various other amenities, such as the casino, will undergo tasteful transformations.Following the enormous success of the distinct gastronomic concepts offered aboard Silver Muse, the dining options on Silver Spirit will be re-imagined to increase choice and improve guests’ experiences: delivering gastronomic authenticity from across the world, Atlantide, Indochine, Spaccanapoli, and Silver Note will be installed to complement the existing Seishin, La Dame, The Grill, and La Terrazza – each of which will undergo refurbishment. Inspired by guest feedback, menus will be altered across the ship’s prevailing restaurants.Elsewhere, new public spaces will elevate the overall comfort of the ship. A new addition to Silver Spirit, the Arts Café – an innovative, modern, multi-faceted area – will stimulate guests’ senses on the eighth deck. Offering a relaxed setting for readers and tea/coffee lovers, the Arts Café will display exhibitions and performances. Inspired by Silversea’s Italian heritage, Dolce Vita will occupy pride of place on the ship. It will be an elegant venue in which sophisticated travellers will gather, interact, and make lifelong friends. Cool cocktails will provide the perfect accompaniments to the smooth sound of live piano. Guests also stand to benefit from the installation of the Zagara Spa – a blissful sanctuary that proved to be extremely popular on Silver Muse – and a fitness centre that will boast state-of-the-art facilities.The lengthening project will create 34 new luxury suites, as well as a Balsorano suite – the pinnacle of onboard accommodation, which will be adorned with decorative items that are of personal value to Silversea’s chairman, Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio di Balsorano de Clunieres. The best existing suites on Silver Spirit’s will grow in their appeal, with the addition of handmade Savoir® mattresses, horse hair toppers, and new HD screens for guests’ comfort.On 6 May, Silver Spirit will commence her service with a seven-day cruise between Civitavecchia (Rome) and Barcelona, calling at Porto-Vecchio, Corsica; Livorno; Portofino; Cannes; and Marseilles. Fares start from €3800 per person with special savings for those bookings made before 31 March.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more


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