Two domain name registration service providers are notified of violations

Shanghai, two enterprises in the domain name registration service provides domain name registration services due to a large number of illegal complaints before the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). They are Shanghai Jin Yue Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Hua Yan Network Technology Co. ltd.. This is since July 24th, the number of registered service agencies signed the Internet address registration service industry self-regulation convention, the first by the Convention to monitor the implementation of the notification agency CNNIC violations. read more

Rural electricity providers cross border electricity supplier into a hot CPPCC members Zhang Jindon

Want to see the development of

Chinese manufacturing, can see Zhejiang Yiwu; want to see the China economic growth rate, can see the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, however, want to see the China reform of circulation industry, some people say that Zhang Jindong CPPCC members over the past thirteen years, the proposal provides a good perspective.

Zhang Jindong in 2015 NPC and CPPCC, suggestions.

from 2003 "to strengthen business development planning legislation, promote the modernization of circulation", 2008 "to boost retail scale, stimulating domestic demand growth", to 2014 "upgrade" integration of the two "national strategy to promote industrial transformation of the Internet", members of Zhang Jindong’s proposal reflects China’s goods distribution industry from large to small. Strong, the transformation from the traditional to the development of the internet. read more

Growing pains what is the future path of WeChat public

recently, WeChat’s subscription number frequently action caused a variety of speculation outside. From the beginning of the subscription number folded, until now in the subscription number: the number, increase reading make a fuss published comments on, WeChat seems to pay more attention to the service subscription number. I think of all the problems before the micro business, can not help but have such a conjecture: WeChat to protect the circle of friends ecology, intends to transfer the electricity supplier to the subscription number, with the micro shop with each other to develop the electricity supplier WeChat read more

Ali 38 scan code to buy transcripts swept away a large supermarket in 1 minutes


Francisco March 8th hut, Sunday morning 9:00, this could have been a lot of people want to sleep in the moment, but in Ali 38 scan code of life of consumers, have used their enthusiasm and efficiency, to the "one minute sweep away a large supermarket one day sales rate, completed their the panic buying.

from Ali data show that in the 10 minutes after the start of the 9:00 activities, there are already actively involved in the user of the 380 thousand, they swept away the first day of the first tier cities in the supermarket sales of 10. read more

Jingdong group personnel changes responsible for the person in charge of intelligent hardware Jingdo


technology news May 9th morning news, Jingdong group occurred today personnel adjustment, the Jingdong of intelligent hardware division is responsible for Wang Zhenhui as the Jingdong operating system mall responsible person, the original Jingdong mall operation system for Li Yonghe for personal reasons to resign. At present, Jingdong has not yet issued a public announcement, sina science and technology Jingdong from the mall to find the internal intelligence.

it is understood that Wang Zhenhui will report to Jingdong mall CEO Shen Haoyu. Wang Zhenhui was responsible for the intelligent hardware division, temporarily by the group CTO and Zhang chen. read more

The problems of non online shopping crowd

in the first half of this year, the network shopping user scale bucked the trend in the financial crisis, from 74 million to 87 million 880 thousand. At present, China’s Internet users, about 4 people in the world, there are 1 people are shopping, and in Europe and the United States and South Korea and other countries with high Internet penetration rate, each of the 3 Internet users in the online shopping on the 2. The potential for online shopping in China is far from being released.

but China’s e-commerce transformation of non online shopping crowd still exist a lot of problems like this or that! read more

Web2 0 era of SMEs how to do e commerce

Web2.0 network has been very mature, but the majority of small and medium enterprises remain in the generation of simple network model. This will slow down in e-commerce.

to Wikipedia, blog, Google AdSense, such as the characteristics of the Web2.0 Internet has been very mature, open the Sina home page, we will find that the only red navigation bar is micro-blog". However, according to the professional service providers of wolf e-commerce data center revealed that the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises still keep in built three or four years ago on the website, even some companies built a Taobao shop began advertising investment in Baidu. This is the blindness of SMEs themselves, but also the network promotion of the company is not responsible. read more

Wangzhuan switch of the road so hard so results

April, planning to the road, hoping to find a way to make money more stable, I chose Taobao. Do the children’s clothing, and later made a sock.

from the store to buy up to about half a month’s time, and now the results are five-star, 167. Half a month’s time, so hard to do!

is the first to purchase Shanghai, then take pictures, shelves, because we are the first to do, did not dare Yahuo, each style only into a, thus increasing the workload, pictures, shelves to now have not completed. read more

Shop operators lack of people required the headhunter gold medal manager salary 150 thousand

are in accordance with national standards to enjoy, when this recruitment information in the online search of the emergence of the company, caused no small shock. Compared to the previous search enterprise mainly aimed at high-end talent, this is Taobao search to net online shop manager.

in recent years, the rapid development of the shop, but accompanied by the lack of business talent, which is also a hot topic in the field of e-commerce in recent years. With the search involved, a shop manager, operations director, supervisor, director of design of the battle has begun. read more