Bathroom chain store location proposal

open sanitary ware chain store location is a key and difficult, if you want to open a shop, so you can choose what method? A lot of consumers are interested in this issue, want to learn more useful location skills quickly learn it, do not miss. Come and learn.

If sanitary ware is the chain store shop then the entire building has several layers, are what business mainly to the shops, it decides whether your target customers will come to the store shopping place. If there is no street shops, shop slightly broad street plaza. Building fire system is qualified. Building water supply system, air conditioning systems are available. These conditions are related to the sanitary ware chain opened after the flow of people and shopping environment to create an important issue, can not do. Bathroom chain store location, the first thing is to investigate the construction of the store. The following conditions can be used as a necessary condition for sanitary ware chain store, the owner can not break through these conditions to choose the shop: shop is independent, clear property rights. read more

How to open a tea shop

tea shop business success also needs our careful management, now the entrepreneurs want to open his own shop when the boss, the boss is not the key can easily when the following guidance to spur you to success to become rich road.

A, brand choice

currently on the market of tea brand is a superb collection of beautiful things, but many of them do very well uneven in quality, brand, but there are also many just to earn the initial fee, can not guarantee future business. Therefore, the choice of a good brand is crucial for future operations. While the industry brand is now roughly divided into two types: one is the potential of the brand, the second is the dragons and fishes jumbled together a small sign. Obviously, we would like to choose the potential of the brand, so how to identify a brand has the potential and strength, it should be from the following aspects: read more

A string of this shop is also very good

Wei Zhuang Bashan is a string of casserole with the authentic taste of the snack bar, simple operation, no chef he can join hands, catering business projects it is definitely your best choice, because of these advantages enough to convince you.

From the advantage of


string flavor Zhuang casserole

: the taste of first-class taste by Zhuang Bashan casserole string of ancestral formula build amazing secret fashion taste, aroma, spicy soup and mellow flavor in the soup delicious dishes full of juice, dry down. read more

ntroduction of Chinese fast food franchise business strategy

is the root of human survival, and therefore the food and beverage industry has been a good market prospects, in the rapid economic development today, it is favored by franchisees. Among them, Chinese fast food is particularly popular, to solve the problem of many office dining, promising. Many businesses optimistic about the development of the industry, intends to join them. Here, Xiaobian to introduce the Chinese fast food franchise business strategy.

first: taste better, do fast food restaurants are aware of the taste of the most important, if you can not only taste the product is a one-time business, it is impossible to attract repeat customers, etc.. read more

How to choose the supermarket

is a suitable location for the supermarket later development will have extraordinary significance, therefore, if you want to be the supermarket business success, nature also need to be pre site work. In short, whether it is a new supermarket, or open a branch, choose a good location is very important. This time if you have a tendency, also worry about rice has a customer.

retail households Zhang boss

"Zhang boss, you buy the building around the two suites have been sold to a good institution, I give you a few million subsidy you can change to a set of buildings in the North?" "Well, no, I have selected the location of shops investment because of its geographical position to occupy the upstream flow of customers, and this position than the north to convenient transportation and many, also not traffic jam, this will bring good profit to my supermarket oh!" This is a small grocery store in 2006 when I upgraded to become a commercial building site along the street and a section of the developers on the location of the dialogue. read more

Diao Siteng pepper Malatang joined in support of what

as a snack in the field of well-known restaurant brands project Malatang, in the market has been very popular in our life, whether it is commercial area or around the school, Malatang everywhere. On the market there are many brands of spicy spicy pepper, Diao Siteng as a leader in the industry, easily won the praise of the industry, the delicious spicy also help the franchisee easy profit, laid the foundation for the market. So Siteng spicy pepper Diao how? If you join the brand, the headquarters will give franchisees what support? read more

Cosmetics stores to join the site need to pay attention to the details

now society, the entire beauty market is a hot, while people demand for beauty products, and now operates a cosmetics store, business opportunities are relatively large, where the site is the key factor. Cosmetics stores to join the site should pay attention to what details?

1. transportation facilities. In the vicinity of the main station, or on the street where the customer does not walk more than 20 minutes. Choose which side is more conducive to the operation, the need to observe the traffic flow on both sides of the road to pedestrians on the other side as well. read more

80 guy selling imported fruit to earn nearly ten thousand yuan

Wang is an imported fruit shop owner, the standard 80, has its own entrepreneurial dream, but also encountered a lot of bumpy road on the road. Speaking of their entrepreneurial dreams, Wang Guolin’s face revealed a child’s general smile. At the age of 29, he has not read the University, has been in the business on the road until stumbled, imported fruit selling from the business before he pulled out the mire.

venture all failed


after graduating from high school, Wang Guolin had no choice but to continue to go to school at home all day, indulge in the game, "not willing to give their parents arrange to work every day, but also did not follow the prescribed order, Nadechushou craft to feed themselves", this is Wang Guolin at the time of their evaluation. read more

How to choose the address of health care products store

health care products to set up stores to sell this phenomenon is now a fact. But in the back of the store, but it was closed for some reason, the fundamental reason is that there is a reason for the site.

Activity of

the elderly. Most elderly people stay at home most of the time. In the morning, supermarkets and farms, the park is a place where most of the old people to the elderly lack of family care, and children have the opportunity to meet in the evening, the day may have at home or in the community, some people will go to the park or the elderly people in the north of love dance yangko dance night, so from social activity law of elderly people see, they often go to the park, is the place of farms, communities, most of the community and the park. read more