Those who you are most ashamed of the human nature is the essential content of the practice of commu

Lin Rui (real name), 90, had founded Gushan culture, the company signed 70% micro-blog large hand piece, micro-blog became the brokerage industry’s eldest brother". Tophunter uncle is now King Kong Culture of CEO, the new company’s main contents do long, just won the IDG capital investment and financing of the 40 million Angel round collar. See below his share:

a young man is making you a "high threshold"

in recent years in the field of new media, the average daily implementation of 40 cases, about 100 projects a month or so. We have seen and experienced many failed cases, here to share the new media promotion experience and the need to avoid problems. read more

ncrease website traffic cheats the principle of zero sum game

In "the cheats increase website traffic law is not worth the webmaster" and discusses the related contents of garbage station and whether the problem is worth doing. This may be caused by the current in the dumpster webmaster abuse, in their view, short-term investment short-term income is very likely to win. I did not do garbage sites, can not be sentenced to the garbage station death penalty, can not make money. Combined with the actual situation and long-term development to analyze the possibility of its not worth it. Some time ago in a station to see a station in order to improve the website optimization, spent thousands of dollars to learn the SEO tutorial, this is the capital, excessive emphasis on SEO is not worth doing. This article will share with the owners to learn the principles of the game to improve the flow of experience.

The development of

There is competition between read more

Scindapsus algorithm high quality marketing boost into the blowout

after Scindapsus algorithm upgrade, let many webmaster think green of the road will be algorithm marketing blocked, the construction of soft outside the chain is blocked, I believe that this only see the surface of this Baidu provides several cases, in fact as long as seriously look at Baidu’s analysis of these cases, it should be clear that, no correlation, the soft outside the chain and content of some false original text, some of it is low quality is obviously with the software after the change of the low quality of the original article, these so-called marketing became the object of Scindapsus algorithm after the upgrade campaign, for the majority of the normal channels the operation of the site webmaster friends, more embodies fairness, but also opened the channel for high quality marketing. read more

Original do you have

recently in station,


is mainly about the TV coverage of the site, because I am a novice

now all rely on human flesh collection, last week, Baidu big update, received dozens of pages, about the original content, I really do not know how to do?

from other people’s Web site, after all, the search engine will be found, when it is not down right is K, and the site to have all the original content is basically impossible

so need to be collected to modify the content, and if more time, you can write the original article in their own site read more

Graph king excuse me this kind of stationmaster idea has a way out

figure king, there is such an idea, do not know can not go through, and at the same time rely on the site of the king of the webmaster, rely on Adsense nets webmaster opinion, see the webmaster idea has no way out!!

idea idea: Domain Name: (filter) – now has been erected! The idea was to look at


view: filter, filter into a classic, today most webmaster


ideas: first in accordance with the relevant Chinese site ranking classification classification (refer to filter website) about 33 classification, then within each category and the classification of the top 10 sites, a total of 330 pre classified section, each section needs a webmaster to play here, to this forum to do it, so early there are 300 owners together to start this website, every webmaster can drive 100 users, using their own website, this website began to have more than 3 thousand read more

God how to make more money

actually wanted to write an article about money long ago, but there was no time. In fact, I am not very good at writing this type of article, but I think there are a lot of thinking may be helpful to everyone, so try to write about. I hope you do not spray me well, there is a long article, see the last very exciting, I hope to help you see.

why do people make money?

because you want to survive in this society you have to make money to eat, there is a place to live. When you have a meal and a place to live, you have to make money, because you have to make your life more comfortable. We have to make more money after we get comfortable living, because you have to realize more of your life. When you realize the value of life, you will also want to make more money, because you will want to create value for society, and these have to be very rich can. The reason why we have to continue to make more money is because of our desire. We long to live, to enjoy good material and spiritual enjoyment. read more

Enterprises need to invest in the development of network marketing

web site for more than 10 years, as many business services, can not remember, but the memory of the enterprise can produce benefit is very little, successful or not, in fact, just one point, is your input.

investment is not only the input of funds, as well as the boss’s attention, whether it is projected here, he did not distinguish some enthusiasm here.

to Changsha four-star environmental boss carefully, in order to do network marketing, he set up four companies, built eight or nine website in Baidu, Google and other search engines, 360 opened seven or eight accounts, according to his story, in the network promotion spending a year there is always 2289 (not including the line expenses, staff wages), but his return was 407 last year alone, we roughly estimated that 20 million of the conservative sales network. read more

What language mode is used to tell a story

language is not the bread and milk, how can the tangible language? Do not eat, but when we do content marketing, especially when you tell a story, make sure the genuineness of language perception. Otherwise, your story is a lullaby.

is the content of the bottom layer of the ability to write marketing, this can not be understood as writing a composition, as a reference to write a composition, all kinds of false big empty out. Content marketing writing, not for people to appreciate, but to convince. read more

11 2 Jingdong mobile super category day strong incoming mobile phones as low as 90 percent off secon

once a year "11.11" is getting closer and closer to us, the shopping Carnival will be hot hit! November 2nd, Jingdong super mobile phone category on a grand opening, all kinds of mobile phone explosion sent huge benefits and the welfare! 12 ious interest free, full 2000 by 200, at least 3000 by 300 mobile phone category universal God coupons, IOUs payment then the full 3000 minus 100 yuan! 20 price guarantee you will make up the difference, the whole point of 90 percent off seckill reports and scrapping additional 200 yuan back to Jingdong E card Madden activities for you to participate! IPhone is more mysterious special offer heavy surprise! Welfare Promotion, only this day! Now or never! Fast Jingdong fun mobile phone category read more

APEC special Chinese spread best practice of electronic commerce

APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) special Chinese

e-commerce dissemination of best practices

APEC China Business Advisory Council (ABAC) meeting in 2013 fourth in October 1st to 4 in Indonesia, Bali Island, APEC Business Advisory Council member and vice chairman of APEC, Dunhuang women’s forum founder CEO Ms. Wang Shutong attended the meeting and delivered a speech entitled "ecological system of small and medium enterprises China new integration of cross-border e-commerce platform the speech, she shared the development of Chinese e-commerce platform experience. ABAC special edition main view of Wang Shutong’s speech was a long report, reported that Chinese provides successful experience in e-commerce, e-commerce to China best practice extended to APEC of small and medium-sized enterprises, and carry out the training courses, mutual exchange of learning. read more

Thunder test water e commerce platform B2C low key investment

news October 15th, rely on huge downloads of thunder, is trying to form in the area of electronic commerce development through traffic conversion, news sources, the thunder’s thunder mall "" before the date has been low-key on-line.

subsequently landed found that thunder mall has indeed started the sale of products, the site is currently providing BETA version, the mall is currently selling products are mainly three categories, men’s, women’s clothing and household products. read more

nvisible in the mobile Jingdong in the war time moves

giants to enter the white hot competition in the mobile Internet in Ma promote contacts at Jingdong, but it is very calm, did not seem to move for the battle, still robust in accordance with its own development path in large appliances, logistics advantages respectively and Suning, Gome, Tmall in. At the same time increase the open platform and logistics construction.

These unusual practices and reaction

let many people have to guess whether Jingdong do not attach importance to the mobile internet terminal, or no ability no funds have more investment in the mobile internet terminal, mobile Internet seems to become Jingdong trapped". read more

The banquet domain name Chinese online offer 150 thousand

The newspaper news (reporter Liu Lin) Feng Xiaogang’s new film "the banquet" was released, the film "the banquet" was registered the domain name has been in the online Chinese shouted out the high price of 150 thousand yuan.

150 thousand yuan "the banquet reservation"

"cybersquatting is a kind of investment behavior, the company through long-term cooperation network agent registered domain name," the banquet "is such Chinese domain name was registered, because the domain name has investment value." Liu said that at present his company has successfully registered more than 100 well-known Chinese domain names and nearly 100 English domain names. read more

The glory of 11 11 global linkage promotion policy feast opens tomorrow

anticipated the glory of 11.11 coming in tomorrow opened, 4 million spot, 200 million red envelopes, single product explosion models straight down 500 yuan, tens of thousands of tornado like none feedback coming hot landing. Preferential large enough to let the user waiting, a glory and user interaction in the future crazy Carnival will be staged, 11.11 glory has come true.

4 million spot ready, 200 million red envelopes to send

in early November 1st, the glory of the official had released the news, claiming the 11.11 period, the glory of 4 million spot to supply the original film, including mobile phone shell, original leather case, headset, accessories as low as 1 yuan; in addition, in the 11.11 big promotion period, glory will be released to the user the first wave of 1 billion yuan year-end bonus, 3-5 million yuan to repay the majority of users, of which 200 million Hao gas delivery envelopes, everyone has the opportunity to receive. At the same time, 11 day more than $11.11 spike, the whole point of free single surprise activities launched. read more

Network marketing business owners call for effective win

the spread of the global economic crisis, will promote more and more small and medium-sized enterprises as the Internet marketing "winter" an important measure.

            held in the day before the "2009 Small and medium sized enterprises network marketing forum" on a Hangzhou trading company manager says: "small and medium-sized enterprises in today’s economic situation, the network marketing to do, and we also have higher requirements on the effectiveness and cost." Network marketing is more important, we have realized, but in fact, most of the small and medium enterprises in the network marketing process have encountered a bottleneck. read more

nternet plus three rural electricity providers do

the birth of the Internet for decades, Internet companies to "Internet plus" means the transformation of another industry, but on the little progress in agriculture. The reason lies in the ecological system in rural areas is more complex, the simple business model is difficult to reform the rural economy, so there are also several packages and the production of fresh electricity. This is more of an Internet company is an attempt, they also know that the rural resources and urban community resources are quite different. read more

The transformation of running B2C vertical group purchase website is imminent

U.S. group, handle, glutinous rice network, these buy site believe that we are more familiar with, are completely under the line Copy coupon mode. However, there is a vertical website team, like the group to buy these vertical sites, the greater the potential for development. Group buy a start position is to make the real class customer group group purchase, located in the white-collar workers, this group of people most will only shopping in the mall, Jingdong, one store, Spitfire etc. these large B2C, they advocate the quality of the goods, would rather spend a little money to buy more expensive services. Is willing to spend the same money to buy "good service", they know more about life, is a strong consumer groups. read more

The impact of the electricity supplier sales channels or counter brand choice Zhaoan

network is increasingly becoming an important brand sales channels, but its low price, cross regional and other characteristics may also impact the brand entity store, disrupting the brand’s sales channel system

prepared in the Tmall 2 days of "Juhuasuan skin care" to buy a cream, Xia Yu (a pseudonym) but suddenly stop the activity in 3 hours after the event, the original false original price and then to 55% off promotions, dealers in advance with the total skin care department discussed matters related to the management of the company, with the fastest speed and Tmall stopped. read more

From the Youdao search industry the user experience is a big problem

NetEase recently launched a formal version of the test, in the search for NetEase also put on their core program, get rid of dependence on Google. Baidu dominates the search market pattern in Chinese, a game is obviously well prepared, NetEase will not for everyone to see the joke. So, in the end what to eat is so confident, a ready-made panacea, even broken a three year relationship with Google? As the saying goes, compared with many other Baidu Google as the representative of the search engine, he has its own characteristics, but it is a very useful function of Internet users. read more

A new website promotion idea

through the last conversation with Zhao, I benefited a lot, after thinking, to develop a simple plan:

a. To achieve the goal:

through the network to promote better positioning to find our customers.

two. Problems encountered in the analysis:

1 how to advertise in the Internet market to find our customers, where is the customer?

2 how to do after the customer to find


3 how to establish a long-term contact with customers, in order to achieve the purpose of word-of-mouth publicity.

three. Specific methods to solve the problem: the chain store website word of mouth advertising publicity to find customers read more