Classic City Awards

first_imgAnother steamy Georgia summer is in the books. For the staff at the Trial Gardens at the University of Georgia, it seems like the end of a marathon.Each summer, gardeners at the trial gardens care for and identify the best-performing plants for Georgia landscapes. This year the staff selected 13 plants for the gardens’ highest honor — the Classic City Awards.“It has been a good year. We had about 450 different varieties under evaluation in 2019. We trialed with several new companies this year, so it was fun getting to see some different species and genetics,” said John Ruter, gardens director and the Allan Armitage Professor of Horticulture at UGA’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.In addition to being a place to showcase new plants for the gardening public, the gardens serve an important purpose in the research and development of new ornamental varieties. The facility provides variable, real-world conditions for testing new varieties developed by commercial nurseries and academic breeders. This testing provides third-party, verified data for consumers, retailers and plant breeders.Trial plants are planted every spring and are watched carefully throughout the summer to determine which plants will make the cut and be sold to Southeastern gardeners the following season.This summer was quite a test, Ruter said.“It has been a very long, hot summer,” he said. “We have only had three significant rainfall events since mid-April and we are approaching 90 days above 90 degrees. In September we only had seven  days that did not reach 90 degrees.”This summer may not have been as successful if the garden staff hadn’t installed a new irrigation system this spring.“The ability to control irrigation has led to lush plant growth and fewer plant diseases – thus a garden full of healthy plants,” Ruter said.When searching for Classic City Award winners, Ruter and Garden Manager Brandon Coker look for plants that can wow the staff, and the gardens’ visitors, between bloom cycles. “In the end, the plants we choose to win the Classic City Awards are the plants that give us the most beauty over our very long growing season,” Coker said.Here are the descriptions of this year’s award-winning plants:Agastache Poquito™ ‘Butter Yellow’ The Poquito™ Agastache series from Terra Nova included four cultivars including ‘Butter Yellow.’ While each was very good, ‘Butter Yellow’ topped the list with its showy strong yellow flower spikes. While many hyssops tend to blend into their surroundings due to wispy stems and leaves, this plant did not. Despite it being the shortest of the seven cultivars trialed this year, ‘Butter Yellow’ stood out from the rest of the cultivars due to its bold visual appeal.Caladium ‘Clowning Around’Who names a plant ‘Clowning Around’? Someone at Classic Caladiums saw this plant’s true colors. With curvy uneven green leaf margins, wild green spots, hot pink veins and pink filler, no two leaves quite match up. However, all of the oblong heart-shaped leaves flow well together to form a plant worthy of a second look.Calibrachoa Lia™ ‘Bubblegum’ There are plenty of pretty pink flowers out in the world but Calibrachoa Lia™ ‘Bubblegum’ by Danziger has got to be the leader of the pack. Large bright pink flowers with creamy yellow eyes make this plant show up from across the garden. Lia™ ‘Bubblegum’ will easily turn heads when combined with other bold colors for container combinations.  Calibrachoa Superbells® ‘Honeyberry’One of the Trial Gardens’ staff’s personal favorites for the 2019 trialing season is Calibrachoa Superbells™ ‘Honeyberry’ from Proven Winners. No matter how hot it got or how humid it was, this cultivar kept blooming. When a heatwave strikes, Calibrachoas tend to shut down, but ‘Honeyberry’ did no such thing. All summer these plants kept pushing out flowers with iridescent pink petals accompanied by honey yellow throats.  Celosia Kelos® Atomic ‘CESP 1889’Celosia from Beekenkamp has showy, hot pink flower spikes. In September, the plants stood 36 inches tall with no lodging, which is no doubt due to slender flower spikes. The Trial Gardens contain many Celosia from the Kelos® Atomic and Kelos® series, and they all performed well in Athens. However, this variety is, without a doubt, a standout from the rest. As with most Celosia, this cultivar is also a strong pollinator plant favored by honeybees and bumblebees.Cuphea ‘Honeybells’In Georgia, and the rest of the Southeastern United States, has a super-long growing season that can easily stretch to six months. Ball FloraPlant has delivered Cuphea ‘Honeybells’ as a season-long interest and pollinator plant. The garden has this planted in-ground and in a hanging basket, and each performed exceptionally well throughout the summer.Echibeckia™ Summerina® Sizzling Sunset™ Can’t choose between a coneflower or a black-Eyed Susan? No worries. Pacific Plug & Liner has Echibeckia™. New and novel plants are the specialty at the Trial Gardens where the entire Summerina® series was tested for the 2019 season. Sizzling Sunset™ takes the cake with its large yellow and red flowers with the traditional black eye in the center.Gaillardia Heat It Up™ ‘Yellow’Gaillardia Heat It Up™ ‘Yellow’ was on fire this summer from May until September. Its mounds of bright flowers were the talking point for this selection from Proven Winners. Usually, deadheading is the name of the game to keep blanket flowers blooming, but this cultivar required minimal deadheading, which was a huge relief to Trial Garden volunteers.Gaura ‘Graceful White’ Landscape designers often talk about the importance of having white flowers in gardens as a counterpoint that accentuates all the other colors in the garden. Gaura ‘Graceful White’ from Dummen Orange fits this bill nicely with large white flowers accompanied with shades of pink as the flowers fade. The plant gave the Trial Gardens an excellent first flush early in the season. Following a hard prune, this plant dared to bloom even more lushly the second time.Berry Genetics Hollywood™ Hibiscus Rico Suave™The J. Berry website defines a ‘Rico Suave’ as a confident self-assured, impeccably dressed fitness fiend. This Hibiscus struts its pure yellow flowers with hot pink to red centers thru the garden like, “Yea that’s right petunias!” The Trial Gardens had flowers daily from May until September with this stunner and the foliage remained deep green without any special care outside of normal watering and feeding.Petunia ColorRush™These petunias were so vigorous that you could rest in the shadow of a container of Petunia ColorRush™ ‘White’ from Ball FloraPlant. Constant blooms and consistent mounding habit helped this plant be the best in the petunia trials this year. ColorRush™ ‘White’ comes in with a width of over 48″ in diameter per pot and has earned its 2019 Classic City Award.Portulaca Hot Shots™ ‘Grapefruit’Portulaca Hot Shots™ ‘Grapefruit’ from Green Fuse Botanicals will be an easy sell at any garden center, with its healthy foliage, heavy flower count and vibrant pink and yellow flowers. This cultivar will add a trailing splash of color to any container planting or could even be skillfully used in a vertical garden. An additional benefit is the attraction of pollinators as soon as the flowers open around mid-morning.Salvia Skyscraper™ ‘Orange’A staple plant for all gardeners should be the pollinator and sun-friendly salvias. Salvia Skyscraper™ ‘Orange’ from Selecta is a more compact version of Skyscraper™ ‘Pink,’ but its size does not take away from the overall appeal of the plant. Skyscraper™ ‘Orange’ gives a huge presentation of flowers that plays well with the overall compact growth of the plant, as the flowers all converge into a block of color.For full descriptions of this year’s Classic City Award winners and information on next year’s trials, visit read more

Teacher from Massapequa Accused of Sex Acts With Another Student

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York The 39-year-old New York City school teacher from Massapequa who was arrested for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old student at school has been accused of doing the same with another boy.Joy Morsi was re-arrested Wednesday and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and two counts of third-degree criminal sexual act.Queens prosecutors said Morsi, a physical education teacher at Grover Cleveland High School in Ridgewood, sexually abused the second 16-year-old male student on school property last weekend.She had been arrested one day prior on similar charges—plus 23 counts of third-degree rape—for allegedly engaging in sexual relations with a male student in the basement and other locations inside of the school on multiple occasions between June 5, 2013 and July 24, 2013, authorities have said.Judge Ernest Hart had set bail for Morsi in the prior case at $25,000. She faces up to four years in prison, if convicted, and is due back in court on June 23.last_img read more

Retirement planning: Credit unions can lead by example

first_img 31SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Jennifer Norr Jennifer Norr is the vice president of Marketing and Strategy for CUNA Mutual Retirement Solutions. She is responsible for the overall strategy and execution of strategic initiatives, marketing, client experience, … Web: Details “You need to save for retirement.”How many times have you heard that, or said that or read that?Retirement planning is one of those omnipresent topics in our industry, precisely because it is so important. And National Retirement Security Week (Oct. 15 – 21) is a timely reminder that smart, long-term retirement plans are essential to ensuring credit union members achieve financial security.But what about those other important people in the credit union movement: us – credit union employees, partners and advocates? We require retirement planning support as much as anyone, and current statistics indicate that we are struggling.As the retirement field continues to shift from employer-sponsored pensions to private 401(k) plans, the burden increasingly lies with individuals to have the knowledge, discipline and foresight to save enough for their golden years.We’ve all heard the stats: 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day. They’re looking at about 20 years of retired bliss, but they probably don’t have the funds to cover it. In fact, 38 percent of Americans don’t save anything for retirement, while 63 percent of retirees are dependent on Social Security, friends, relatives or charity1.Not exactly the retirement we all dream about.Consider the sobering statistic that nearly half of all Americans would struggle to pay a $400 emergency expense2. This means people you work with, sit next to and have lunch with on a daily basis are facing real financial hardship. It’s an uncomfortable irony that we spend our workdays focused on building members’ financial wellness, but can so easily overlook the financial health needs of our very own friends and coworkers.As credit union leaders, we have a responsibility to help our employees take positive, meaningful steps toward financial success.The first step is education. The National Credit Union Foundation’s Retirement Fair is one way to illuminate the financial realities of life-after-work for your employees.Then, once we’ve engaged our employees in the retirement conversation, we need to keep them there. Use whatever tools and resources are available to inspire continued retirement planning and saving.At CUNA Mutual Group, we encourage our employees and credit union employees on our retirement programs to use BenefitsForYou – a website designed to make retirement planning easy. It puts all your 401(k) information and documents into one place, alongside educational resources and a simple, adjustable graph that shows whether you’re on track to retire at your target age, with your target replacement income. You can easily add 401(k)s from previous employers, pension plans, and spouse benefits.We do this because helping our employees build financial security is not just the smart thing to do; it’s the right thing. It’s a win-win. Employees that are more certain of their financial future will be more productive, have higher work satisfaction and deliver increased customer service. In fact, employees with financial stress are five times more likely (48% vs. 10%) to be distracted at work, and twice as likely to miss work because of personal financial issues (16% vs 8%)3.But more importantly, as a proud member of the credit union movement, we support our employees in building their own financial security because we take seriously our core principle of putting people first. Ultimately, we must always work to strengthen the financial health of our members and our communities – and that should start with our employees.Sources:Statistic Brain, Retirement Statistics, Jan. 2016.The Washington Post, The Shocking Number of Americans who Can’t Cover a $400 Expense, May, 2016.PWC, Special Report: Financial Stress and the Bottom Line, 2017.last_img read more

Take your career as a credit union leader to the next level

first_img 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr This post is currently collecting data… This is placeholder text Special Virtual Pricing!NAFCU Member: $2,149 $999NAFCU Nonmember: $3,249 $1,399Join us and you’ll walk away with: Everything you should know about operating a credit union, including financial management, conducting an accounting cost analysis, risk management, and moreEffective tools to build and navigate relationships with board members and your peersProven communication techniques to help move projects forward and make you stand out as a credit union leaderA life-long network of fellow credit union professionals and future leadersYou don’t have to be a NAFCU member to attend!  Attend NAFCU’s Virtual Management and Leadership Institute, December 1 – 4, and be perfectly positioned to lead your credit union into the future. During this intensive, online four-day program, you’ll markedly enhance your leadership skills and gain invaluable, 360-degree credit union knowledge of what it takes to lead a successful credit union. All designed to maximize your abilities. And all in a more affordable format than competing leadership programs. Plus, the new virtual format makes the pricing even more enticing—less than half the price of the in-person conference. This event has grown in popularity, selling out for the last four years. Join us and you’ll find out why attendees return to their credit unions encouraging their colleagues to sign up right away. As an executive who is always on the hunt for the latest strategies to better your career:Download our free 2020 Credit Union Executive Insights eBook. This ebook is an excellent addition to your executive training materials and will help you discover candid insights about credit union CEO leadershipGet the tools to transform your career by attending NAFCU’s Virtual Management and Leadership Institutelast_img read more

H1N1 FLU BREAKING NEWS: Vaccine updates, sick pig inspectors, antiviral resistance, first pandemic death in Hungary

first_imgJul 22, 2009Australia, China launch novel H1N1 vaccine trialsTwo Australian pharmaceutical companies said they began human trials this week of their pandemic H1N1 vaccines, the Associated Press (AP) reported today. CSL, based in Melbourne, said it hoped that results will allow release of the government-contracted vaccine in October, and Vaxine said it hoped to have results in 6 to 8 weeks. Meanwhile, two Chinese companies said they launched clinical trials of novel H1N1 vaccines, Xinhua reported today. They are Hualan Biological Engineering and Sinovac.Glaxo issues vaccine update, triples Relenza productionIn an update on its pandemic activities, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) said in a press release today that it is talking with regulatory agencies about testing its pandemic H1N1 vaccine, which consists of antigen and its AS03 adjuvant, to be combined before administration. The firm said its first orders will be delivered to countries in September, but the delivery pace will depend on production yield. GSK also said it tripled production of its antiviral drug, zanamivir (Relenza).[Jul 22 GSK press release]Sanofi set to launch human vaccine trialsAn official from Sanofi Pasteur today said the company would begin human trials of its pandemic H1N1 vaccine in early August and expects to have a vaccine ready by November or December, Bloomberg News reported today. The clinical trials, which could last about 2½ months, will take place in the United States, France, and one other European country. The company said it doesn’t know yet how much antigen will be needed for each dose.[Jul 22 Bloomberg News story]Canadian inspectors got sick after exposure to infected pigsThe Canadian Food Inspection Agency said yesterday that two of its employees contracted the novel H1N1 virus during their investigation earlier this spring of an Alberta pig herd that had the virus, the Calgary Herald reported yesterday. The employees reportedly removed their protective masks, contrary to recommended procedures, in the hog barn after their equipment fogged up. They got sick within days of their exposure to the virus in the barn.Canada, Japan find new oseltamivir-resistant casesCanada reported its first and Japan its second case of oseltamivir (Tamiflu)-resistant pandemic H1N1 flu, the Canadian Press reported today. The Canadian patient is a 60-year-old Quebec man who was treated with the drug, and public health officials said it appears to be an isolated incident. The Japanese patient is from Yamaguchi and received the drug as postexposure prophylaxis. The patient’s virus was sensitive to zanamivir, and officials said there was no sign of additional spread.Hungary reports first pandemic H1N1 deathHungary today reported its first novel H1N1 death, in a 41-year-old man who had underlying heart and lung problems, Reuters reported. The country has so far confirmed 37 cases, and two patients are hospitalized with mild illnesses.[Jul 22 Reuters story]last_img read more

How to fight against illegal posters in the city? Glasgow tried in an unusual way

first_imgFestivals and events are an important quality content for a tourist destination, and Croatia has positioned itself as a festival destination for a few years now. Investing in events is not a cost but an investment, which people often forget. It is enough to recall the examples of Ultra or Advent in Zagreb, which ensure much higher tourist spending, than just investing in events. One of the problems is the lack of such spaces – for posters, at least in Croatia, and often, no matter what, we can see how the organizers of beautiful posters of events wherever they go, which visually disrupts the entire destination. Of course, a logical question arises when communal wardens already have nice stickers, why don’t they take down the posters? But it is a struggle that obviously has no end and no winner and lasts from day to day. This move certainly does much more damage to the organizers due to “illegal” posters that were placed in places where it is not planned. Namely, they pasted a sticker on the “illegal” posters – CANCELED! Also, events are the motive for coming to a destination, and are an excellent “medium and platform” for the promotion and other tourist offers of the entire destination, especially for new tourists, who will meet the event as the primary motive for coming, and return to some the second part of the season. They could not put an end to the same problem in Glasgow, so they decided on an unusual and hitherto unseen move. But while today the focus is on digital marketing and communication, the promotion and branding of the event in the offline segment through posters in the destination itself is also extremely important. Cities should provide a sufficient number of billboards for this purpose, which are in frequent places to be visible. We can see a variety of posters all over the city, from buildings, trash cans, stairs to bus stops, etc.… and in practice in the field we see how difficult it is to bring order. Especially in big cities where dozens or hundreds of events are held every weekend. What do you think of this move? Some other cities in the world have joined the same solution to the problem. move Whichever way you go, ingenious or bad move, in any case the game without limits continues. Photo: core77.comlast_img read more

Options for coping with PI insurance premiums

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Govt launches mobile laboratory to increase COVID-19 testing capacity

first_imgThe Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) and the national COVID-19 task force on research and technological innovation (TFRIC-19) have launched a mobile swab testing laboratory in an effort to increase the country’s testing capacity.The mobile biosafety level 2 (BSL-2) laboratory, which was built inside a repurposed 20-foot container, was first used for swab testing in Ridwan Meuraksa hospital in East Jakarta on Tuesday. The laboratory is capable of testing 120 samples in 12 hours.“The laboratory is equipped with two swab chambers, so we hope it can help increase testing in Jakarta,” BPTT head Hammam Riza said in a statement on Tuesday The laboratory has fulfilled the BSL-2 standard in part because of its biosafety cabinet, where scientists can process swab samples safely, its autoclave disinfecting machine and its polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machine. It is also equipped with an interlock system to maintain negative air pressure inside the laboratory.Indonesian researchers designed the lab in 10 days. It took 19 days to build with partnering manufacturers.Read also: COVID-19 leaves lab workers grappling with unprecedented testing scaleThe laboratory has been integrated with the government-issued PeduliLindungi surveillance mobile application, where users can register for testing. Test results will be reported through an integrated application, where data verified by medical workers will be sent to the national reporting system.Research and Technology Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro hoped the mobile laboratory would help increase testing capabilities in regions outside of Jakarta and other major cities. Medical workers outside of provincial capitals have had to send samples to laboratories located in those capitals. This adds to the testing time.“There are many COVID-19 epicenters located far from their provincial capital,” Bambang said.National COVID-19 task force chief Doni Monardo said he hoped the BPPT would continue developing technologies to address the outbreak. “The task force continues to provide support for the agency, including researchers, to develop further advancements,” he said.Topics :last_img read more

China halts HK extradition treaties with Canada, Australia, UK

first_imgChina announced the suspension Tuesday of Hong Kong’s extradition treaties with Canada, Australia and Britain in a tit-for-tat move following similar decisions by those countries over a controversial new security law.Western nations have angered Beijing over their responses to the law imposed on Hong Kong which they see as an erosion of the civil liberties and human rights the city has enjoyed since its handover from Britain in 1997.The United States has decided to rescind Hong Kong’s special trading privileges while Washington’s “Five Eyes” intelligence partners have suspended their extradition treaties with the city, with New Zealand on Tuesday joining Canada, Britain and Australia. Wang accused the countries of having used the national security law as “an excuse to unilaterally announce the suspension of extradition treaties” with Hong Kong.  Topics : The United States has signaled it was preparing to do the same.China has accused the countries of interfering in its internal affairs and defended the security law as crucial to restore order in Hong Kong following a wave of pro-democracy protests marred by violence.”The wrong action of Canada, Australia and the UK in politicizing judicial cooperation with Hong Kong has seriously hurt the basis of judicial cooperation,” said foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin at a regular press briefing.”China has decided to suspend extradition treaties between Hong Kong and Canada, Australia and UK, as well as criminal justice cooperation agreements.” Divisions Britain suspended its extradition treaty last week, following moves by Australia and Canada, saying the security law had “significantly changed key assumptions” including a provision to try certain cases in mainland China.London and Canberra have also angered Beijing by offering pathways to citizenship or residency to Hong Kongers looking to leave because of the new law.New Zealand’s updated travel advice said the security law had led to an increased risk of arrest for activities such as protests, with the possibility of being removed to mainland China to face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.Wang warned on Tuesday that China reserved the right to respond after New Zealand suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong.”Any schemes to suppress China will never prevail,” Wang said.”China urges New Zealand to immediately redress its mistake, and stop all forms of interference in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs, to avoid harming China-New Zealand relations.”last_img read more

Arsenal target Brendan Rodgers set to be offered new Leicester City contract to fend off interest

first_imgAdvertisement Arsenal target Brendan Rodgers set to be offered new Leicester City contract to fend off interest Advertisement Leicester are desperate to hang onto Brendan Rodgers (Picture: Getty Images)Leicester City are preparing a new contract offer for manager Brendan Rodgers as they look to ward off interest from Arsenal.The former Liverpool boss has worked wonders since arriving from Celtic midway through last season, leading the Foxes to second in the Premier League this campaign.Leicester have won their last eight games in all competitions and boast comfortably the best defence in the Premier League, conceding just nine goals in 15 games.Unsurprisingly, Rodgers’ achievements have caught the eyes of other clubs and Arsenal are interested in hiring the Northern Irishman.ADVERTISEMENTThe 46-year-old is already under contract until 2022, on a £5m-a-year deal, but the Leicester hierarchy are keen to offer him improved terms to secure his future. Jamie Vardy’s goals have fired Leicester to second in the Premier League (Picture: Getty Images)The new deal is likely to try and increase or even remove a release clause in Rodgers’ current contract, which he appeared to confirm in a recent interview.AdvertisementAdvertisementWhen asked if there was such a clause in his contract, Rodgers said: ‘There probably is in most manager’s contracts. It’s all hypothetical, all these types of situations.‘My focus is very much with Leicester. I made a change eight or nine months ago, I came into here and I’ve been so happy since I’ve come into here and I’ve been so happy to come into here to work with the players, we still have a lot of work to do.‘So like I said, most manager’s contracts will have something in that but my only concentration is Leicester.’More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityThe former Celtic manager reaffirmed his commitment to the Foxes earlier this week, saying: ‘The message is clear and it has been and probably I’ll get asked again until they appoint someone, but it’s very simple. I’m very happy here‘I made a choice nine months ago to come here for a purpose.‘The purpose was very clear in that I wanted to help this club move forward and looking to lead it forward with a group I feel has huge potential.‘Why would I want to move from that?‘OK, I moved after nearly three years at Celtic and people may look at me thinking: “Right, because a club like Arsenal, with the great institution and size, and all of that”.‘But it’s all about happiness and I couldn’t be happier here. My contract is until 2022 and the club haven’t said they want to release me from that.’Leicester look to keep up their remarkable run of form when they travel to Aston Villa in the Premier League on Sunday.MORE: Arsenal have begun the interview process for new manager as Freddie Ljungberg struggles in interim roleMORE: Arsenal target Shanghai SIPG manager Vitor Pereira to replace Freddie Ljungberg Metro Sport ReporterFriday 6 Dec 2019 8:28 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link27Shares Commentlast_img read more