One of Trump’s top evangelical supporters says it is time to recognize ‘president-elect Joe Biden’

first_imgJeffress has a long career of being everything one has come to expect from an American evangelical leader. For example, you can watch Jeffress, below, explain that “you can’t be saved, being a Jew,” and other awesome things. But Jeffress has been consistent in his support of elections and their outcomes. Back before Trump won the 2016 election, he was asked whether or not he would support a Hillary Clinton presidency, to which he responded: “Absolutely. I – absolutely. And I’ll go one step further. I’ll certainly be praying for her, too.”I don’t agree with Jeffress on much of anything, but I do agree that Joe Biden has won the election and we should all support Biden’s peaceful transition into the presidency and hold him to the same level of scrutiny that we hold not only Donald Trump, but every elected official.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img

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