Sterling is seen in the Bernabéu

first_imgThere is one detail, however, that can help to understand the situation: despite what happened, Sterling obtained permission to go on vacation in the Premier’s break. This, together with what has been explained from the inside, leads us to think that evolution is the one desired when the attacker began the recovery process.The presence or not of Sterling at the end of the month is not a minor issue, since we are talking about a key player in the City’s offensive system. He is the top goal generator of the team, having participated in 26 goals this season (20 goals and 6 passes). Only Agüero, with 21 goals, surpasses him in the scoring chapter. Off-hook from the leadership of the Premier, where Liverpool sends with an iron hand, the worst news of Tottenham-Manchester City February 2 for the Blues was not the result (2-0), but the injury of Raheem Sterling (25 years). The English international retired in 83 ‘to feel a prick in the back of the left thigh, blowing the alarms. But, as reported to AS knowledgeable about the situation, the tests showed a minimal muscle problem.The news was (and is still) disturbing because of the closeness of the first round of Champions, that Real Madrid-Manchester City on February 26. In these moments Sterling believes that he will be available to Guardiola for an appointment that will mark the citizen season. The estimated withdrawal period is two to three weeks and in the English club you also have the same confidence, although with some more reservation.last_img

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