Juan Muñoz: “We know what happens, it can happen again and in a match with any contact …”

first_imgWith so many recommendations from the health authorities, there is a habitual thought that Juan Muñoz has expressed today. “We the protagonists know what happens, that it can happen again and that with any contact in a match … You have to prepare in the best way,” explains the Almería forward, Whoever considers that this will remain for the history books, whether the competition is resumed or canceled. “It will mark a before and after in the world of football, whether we return or not, whether there is an audience or not,” continues the Sevillian, confined to Almería lands.If the Spanish football category is already unpredictable, Juan Muñoz believes that after so many weeks of stoppage the competition the matches will be even more exciting. “The games of the Second are all crazy, being able to win the last one to the first one. Now it will be more crazy after everything that has happened. We have to keep training and keep our minds on the league whether or not it comes back, doing it in the best way and trying to continue the streak we had “, he comments on the matter on the official radio of the UDA, clarifying that they are carrying out the work ordered by the Almería club’s technical staff to be in the best way, being aware that perhaps no more 19-20. “What is happening is hard. It is one of the hardest moments in history that we are going to live, both for the deceased, and for what the restrooms, truckers and a long etcetera are doing. We have realized that all professions are important, “says the Sevillian, appealing to follow the directives of the different authorities.” You read the news and you get goosebumps. As far as it goes, my family and friends are fine, let’s knock on wood, but you’re sorry for everything that’s happening. It is to bring your hands to your head. People die one after the other and impact you. We must try to take it in the best possible way, doing what the state and the different authorities tell us, “he continues.Finally, the striker believes that positive consequences will be drawn from everything bad, such as savoring the small details. “Because of the normality that we have, we believe that the human being can do and undo, but there are greater forces that we are not prepared for. He has put our feet on the ground. Now we are giving more importance to things that we did not give them before, such as a simple coffee, going outside or working. We see it as normal, but when the earth puts us in place we realize the small details. “last_img

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