“I’d like to know what healthy people are at home for”

first_imgIn addition, he blamed “some politicians” for lack of funds to invest in medical supplies. “I have seen an interview with a politician saying why they have not bought masks, suits, tests, respirators, etc. for a long time. Very easy, because we are stiff. There is no money. If there hadn’t been so much sausage precisely from some politicians, now there would be for everything, “said Mr. Barakaldo on this social network.Javier Clemente is not the first to comment on the pandemic on Twitter. The coach assured that “those of us who are in football” would have better confinement due to the custom of concentrations with the teams and the national teams. “LPeople who are at home need to be entertained not to hit the bullets of programs talking about the pandemic as if we were medical students. They’re cranking up awesome people and I don’t think that’s good at all. It would be healthier to talk less, “the coach tweeted March 19 about television programming. Javier Clemente criticized the measures taken by the Pedro Sánchez executive regarding the coronavirus crisis that has forced the confinement of the population and the stoppage of most economic activities. except the essential ones. These theses are not shared by all the leaders worldwide and neither is the Barakaldo coach who considered it necessary for “those who are healthy” to go to their jobs.“To continue watching television these days is still worrying, it is not known if we will be locked up for a month or a year, depending on who you listen to. Since we are not doctors, it is difficult to know what they mean, in any case it does not give encouragement at all and I no longer say when politicians speak. After what we heard from both Health and Economics, the conclusion I come to with my little knowledge is that for the economy to go well, you have to work. And who goes? Well, those who are healthy. I would like to know what healthy people are at home for. and so there will be less problems. What must be difficult is knowing how to do this and then, all locked up. Evil of many, consolation of fools”, assured the coach on his Twitter account.last_img

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