Syria envoy to start Middle East tour Saturday

first_imgCAIRO – Brahimi is expected to arrive in Egypt on Saturday for talks with Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmi and Arab League chief Nabil al-ArabiUN-Arab League special envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi is set to start a Middle East tour on Saturday to prepare for an international conference in Geneva on the Syrian crisis.Brahimi is expected to arrive in Egypt on Saturday for talks with Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmi, a UN diplomatic source said.The special envoy will also hold talks with Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi on Sunday.The talks will focus on preparations for the Geneva II conference and efforts by the pan-Arab body chief to convince the Syrian opposition to attend the conference.The Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) is expected to decide on attending the conference next week.In Geneva, spokeswoman Khawla Mattar said that the full itinerary for Brahimi’s trip has not been finalized. She added that stops in Syria and Damascus ally Iran are expected.Mattar said the date for the long-awaited peace conference in Geneva will be announced by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon “in due time”.She added that the meeting was likely to place in the “second half of November”.But Fayez Sara, an adviser to SOC head Ahmad Jarba, told Anadolu Agency that the coalition has not received any confirmation about the conference’s date.last_img read more

Liberal Party bars wife from vying to replace MP husband embroiled in

The Liberal Party has brought Laura Huang’s surprising bid to run in next month’s federal election to a sudden end, adding another wrinkle to a nomination contest already marked by marital drama and tragedy.The party has rejected Huang as a potential candidate in Toronto’s Don Valley North riding, currently held by her husband, rookie MP Geng Tan.Huang entered the race for the constituency’s Liberal nomination after Tan unexpectedly announced he would not run again. That revelation came as news emerged of his dispute with a woman who said she’d been having an affair with Tan for years.Ying (Stella) Yu also worked as his constituency assistant, claims she had his baby and wants him to support the child. The MPP has denied her allegations, saying only that he provided her with a sperm donation. Liberal MP hired girlfriend to work in riding office, then fired her and refused to support their baby, lawyers allege Federal election to kick off on Wednesday morning, Canadians go to the polls on Oct. 21 The nomination election is scheduled for Thursday.Meanwhile, another politician running for the Liberals’ Don Valley North candidacy, ex-provincial cabinet minister David Caplan, died suddenly in a household “fire accident” in July.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.Huang reacted angrily to the latest development, issuing a statement late Tuesday that said Liberal national campaign co-chair Nikki Hipkin informed her by letter last Friday she had been rejected, but gave no reason for the decision.She said she had signed up 5,000 party members willing to support her as candidate, and urged backers to come to Thursday’s election and write her name onto their ballots.“How can we have a fair, open and transparent nomination, when a secretive backroom committee can decide without reasons … who you can vote for in the upcoming nomination?” asked Huang. “As a party, we have been encouraging more women to run as candidates. That is the message from our feminist leader … It’s extremely heartbreaking when (a female candidate) is stopped from running by backroom games.”Braeden Caley, a Liberal spokesman, said he could not comment on details of the nomination process for “reasons of confidentiality,” but noted that nomination contestants are screened based on criteria in section six of the party’s national candidate-selection rules.The section lists a number of requirements that must be met before someone is approved, from being eligible to run for Parliament to not being involved in any “claim, litigation or dispute” likely to bring controversy or disrepute to the candidate or the party.The leading contender for the nomination now appears to be Han Dong, a former Liberal member of the Ontario legislature.Dong said he heard on the weekend that he and another candidate for the nomination, Bang Gu Jiang, had been greenlit by the Liberals’ screening committee, and that Huang had been turned down.But he said he had no idea the reasons behind her disqualification.“I’m just focused on winning the nomination and hopefully winning the election,” said Dong. “I’ve been an MPP before and I’m passionate about public service.” Don Valley North MP Geng Tan Handout Former Ontario MPP Han Dong: “I see myself as a Canadian running for Canadian public office.” Tan announced last December that he had been re-nominated to represent the party in the riding. He captured it in 2015, becoming the first Mandarin-speaking immigrant from mainland China elected to Parliament. But then on June 23, the MP revealed he would not run after all, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family and pursue other careers.Lawyers’ letters sent on Yu’s behalf and obtained by the National Post allege that he had fathered the woman’s child during a lengthy affair, but refused to support the baby and brushed off Yu’s ensuing depression and suicide attempts.She alleged Huang had intervened to have her fired from his constituency office in 2016.Tan rejected the allegations, telling the Post he had only provided the sperm donation. Yu said it was used for in-vitro fertilization, since conceiving naturally would be difficult for a woman in her 50s.But the controversy was apparently no deterrent to Huang, who had publicly backed her husband and soon afterward announced she was running for the nomination he had given up for family reasons.A federal government scientist, she said she balanced her career with extensive community work.“I work persistently and tirelessly in the pursuit to improve opportunities for children and youth, and put great efforts to encourage new immigrants to participate in Canadian society and politics,” Huang’s website said. Peter J. Thompson/National Post/File Among those endorsing Dong are ex-provincial cabinet minister Michael Chan and fired China ambassador John McCallum, both prominent pro-China political figures.Also in Dong’s camp is Wei Chengyi, honorary chair of the Beijing-leaning Confederation of Toronto Chinese Canadian Organizations, who shook hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping at an event for “overseas Chinese” earlier this year. The news conference announcing his candidacy was in Wei’s office.But Dong rejected any suggestion that he was the pro-Beijing candidate, noting that he is also being supported by Liberal MP Adam Vaughn and Gerry Phillips, the former Ontario Liberal cabinet minister he considers his political mentor.“I see myself as a Canadian running for Canadian public office,” he said.(Story modified at 7:10 to include comment from Liberal party; updated at 11:55 p.m. to include quotes from Huang statement.) read more

UN atomic energy agency to assist Panama in wake of radiological accident

According to the IAEA, the Government of Panama reported on 22 May that 28 patients had been affected by the accident, which took place at the country’s National Oncology Institute.The six-member expert mission, which leaves for Panama on Saturday, will help ensure that the radiation source involved in the accident is in a safe and secure condition. Experts will also be evaluating the doses incurred by the affected patients, including through an analysis of treatment records and physical measurements. They will conduct a medical evaluation of the affected patients’ prognosis and treatment. In addition, the team will identify ways in which the IAEA might help to minimize the consequences of the accident.The team includes senior experts in radiology, radiotherapy, radiopathology, radiation dosimetry and radiation protection from France, the United States, Japan and the IAEA itself.The Government had requested the Agency’s assistance under the Convention on Assistance in the Case of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency, to which Panama is a party. read more

Top UN official in Somalia condemns terrorist attack on hotel in Mogadishu

“I condemn the terrorist attack in Mogadishu today. The killers will not succeed in impeding the progress and extraordinary efforts of the Somali people and Government,” Nicholas Kay, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia, said in a statement.According to press reports, the attack on the hotel killed several people wounded at least 20 others. “I commend the swift response of Somalia’s security and first responders. The perpetrators need to be brought to justice swiftly,” the UN official added.Mr. Kay, who also heads up the UN Assistance Mission in Somallia (UNSOM), offered his sincere condolences to the family and friends of all those who have suffered, as well as to the Federal Government of Somalia.He also extends his condolences to the family and friends of Abdulahi Hussein Mohamud, a Member of the Federal Parliament and lawmaker, and Sai’d Ali Saleh, a government official, who were shot and killed in separate incidents yesterday.“The United Nations and international partners will stand firm in our efforts tohelp the Somali people to realize their aspirations for a secure and stable future,” Mr. Kay added in the statement. read more

Ryan Dempster Fined Suspended For Hitting Alex Rodriguez

Photo by nymag.comBoston Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster paid twice for hitting Alex Rodriguez in the back with a pitch Monday night. First, when A-Rod took him deep for a home run and again when Major League Baseball fined him an undisclosed amount and suspended him for five games.“You just can’t throw at someone because you don’t like him or disagree with the way something’s being handled,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “If a player is suspended for throwing at someone, they’re going to get their appeal. Are we going to throw that out, too? So, I mean, this is what’s been negotiated.”The “appeal” Girardi mentioned is a reference to Rodriguez’s appeal of his 211-game suspension on Aug. 5 for violating baseball’s drug and labor agreements. Rodriguez is allowed to play during the appeal.“It sucks any time you get suspended, it’s not a fun feeling to have,” Dempster said. “[Not appealing] has to do with just taking my suspension and putting it [in the] past. There’s no point in carrying out an appeal process. We’ve got other things to worry about.”“You can express your opinion and be upset with someone but you just can’t start throwing baseballs at people,” said Girardi, who was hit in the face as a player. “It’s scary.”Dempster’s five-game punishment will not impact Boston’s pitching rotation, which does not sit well with the Yankees.“If you suspend a position player three games, he misses three games. You can suspend a pitcher five games, even six games and they may not miss a start if the off days come into play,” Girardi said. “That’s why I think the off days have to be taken into account when you make a suspension.”Dempster denied that he had any personal problems with Rodriguez. “I don’t really know Alex much,” he said.After Rodriguez was hit on Sunday night, Girardi sprinted onto the field, screaming at home-plate umpire Brian O’Nora for not ejecting the pitcher. Girardi was tossed as the benches and bullpens emptied. Girardi said it was the most upset he’s been on a baseball field.“One of the reasons I was so upset is … I mean that baseball is a weapon,” he said. “It’s not a tennis ball or it’s not an IncrediBall that’s soft. It’s a weapon and it can do a lot of damage to someone’s life.” read more

Rigors of the Ohio State mens hockey team excursion to Alaska

“It’s just another weekend,” said Mark Osiecki, coach of Ohio State men’s ice hockey, of his team’s trip to Fairbanks, Alaska, this week. But that notion might be a bit of a stretch. The team, which travels by bus for most away games, made the nearly 4,000 mile excursion by air Wednesday. After three plane rides and two layovers, the Buckeyes arrived in Fairbanks at about 3:20 a.m. EST Thursday, according to Osiecki’s Twitter account, @Osiecki24. OSU began preparing for its two-game series against the Alaska Nanooks the next morning. Friday night’s series opener is set for 11:05 p.m. EST, less than 48 hours after OSU’s transcontinental trip. Sophomore forward Max McCormick, who has never been to Alaska, said his upperclassmen teammates were helpful in explaining what to expect. “I think it’s just a matter of getting the trip over with and then getting our bodies ready and getting our minds focused,” McCormick said. “We’re used to the long road trips. We’ll know how to get our bodies ready.” Although the players are primarily focused on the task at hand on the ice, they are excited about getting to visit America’s northernmost state. “We only have a few kids that have made this trip, kids are looking forward to it,” Osiecki said Wednesday on Twitter. McCormick agreed. “It’s a long trip, but other than that I think it’s a pretty cool opportunity,” he said. The juniors and seniors on the team will be making a return trip to Fairbanks after a two-game series there in 2011. The Nanooks outscored the Buckeyes, 7-2, en route to a series sweep. Junior forward Chris Crane remembered it being a “rough trip,” one in which the airline lost the team’s luggage. “You get on three different planes throughout the day, and you’re traveling for 10 hours, it definitely takes a toll on your body,” Crane said. “I’m definitely going to be looking forward to getting to the hotel there and getting settled in.” The players and coaching staff have not made any excuses for potential poor play as a result of the travel demands. “It’s what every team has to go through throughout some point in their college career,” Crane said. “We’ll be ready to go Friday night.” read more

Garda report on Templemore college can give no assurance that its financial

first_img By Cianan Brennan 40 Comments Short URL Expenditure of ‘Laundry’ account during 2008 Source: An Garda SíochánaClick here to view a larger imageReactionSinn Féin TD David Cullinane has this afternoon described the report’s findings as “incredible”.Cullinane, a member of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), said that the findings “cannot be allowed to be passed off as a ‘legacy issue’”.“It comes at a time when public trust in An Garda Síochana is at an all-time low,” he said.The obfuscation and lack of accountability displayed by the Garda Commissioner means that (she) is simply not able to bring the clean sweep that is needed to restore trust and ensure that An Garda Síochana adheres to standards expected by the general public.“The use of de facto slush funds at the college once again raises more questions than answers about the internal operations of An Garda Síochana,” he added.Meanwhile, Labour’s representative on the PAC (and local Tipperary TD) Alan Kelly said that an “explanation is needed”.“This report raises a number of concerns, not least the time it’s taken to publish it, given that these issues go back a number of years,” he said.I’m also clearly concerned by what’s in this report, and have raised it with the Minister for Justice. Wednesday 29 Mar 2017, 1:54 PM As has been highlighted in recent days, it is absolutely paramount that the public has full confidence in an Garda Síochána, and the Training College at Templemore is at the heart of this.“That the basic best accounting practices at Templemore may not have been observed is not acceptable, and unfortunately undermines the reputation of the college,” Kelly added.Commissioner O’Sullivan is expected to give testimony to the Oireachtas Justice Committee tomorrow morning regarding the recent scandals which have engulfed the force.Read: Coveney says Maynooth and Cobh to be designated rent pressure zones from midnightRead: A Tory MP wants to stop politicians’ wages in the North. Gerry Adams just called him a ‘tube’ 18,347 Views Share144 Tweet Email1 Source: Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews.ieA LONG-AWAITED REPORT into the management of the finances of Templemore training college in Co Tipperary, the main training facility for aspiring gardaí, has delivered a damning assessment of that management.The force’s internal audit department says in its report (covering the period January 2009 until March 2016, and which can be read here) that it can offer “no assurance that the internal management and control systems in place to manage the finances at the Garda College are adequate”.Specifically, the report concludes that:No assurance can be given that financial controls at the college are compliant with either the Public Financial Procedures or the gardaí’s own Garda Finance CodeLimited assurance can be given that the relevant financial controls are in compliance with Public Procurement LegislationReasonable assurance can be given that staff costs, the management of vehicles, and the College Imprest Account (a sort of petty cash account for financial accounting) are “managed to a high standard”. Nóirín O’Sullivan Source: Mark Stedman/Rollingnews.ieThe report has been a long time coming. An April 2008 report by the force’s Finance Directorate identified many of the issues of concern that are detailed in today’s release, fully nine years later. Its publication looks set to pile yet more pressure on Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan in the wake of the Garda breathalyser farrago revealed last week.O’Sullivan has repeatedly described the shortcomings in management at the college as ‘legacy’ issues.RecommendationsThe main findings and recommendations of the report are:Garda staff assigned to administrate the college “had no training in or experience of administration” and had no knowledge of public financial proceduresAll bank accounts assigned to the college, bar the Imprest account, should be closedAll land and buildings at Templemore should be transferred to the Office of Public Works (OPW)All rent collected at the nearby Dromad Farm site (which was initially to be developed as a tactical training centre which never saw the light of day following the financial crash) between 2009 and 2013 (€125,000) should likewise be transferred to the OPW, which first purchased the site in 2007The gardaí’s statement of internal financial control for 2015 should be amended to show that the college was not compliant with public proceduresOther technical recommendations are made regarding both required expert financial staffing at the college and the dissolution of  the Garda College Sportsfield Co Ltd (a control account which pops up throughout the report and described as a ‘corporate veil’), while Garda staff who were directors of that entity are required to correct the public record concerning ethics in public office.The report makes no recommendations as to whether or not the Minister for Justice should be consulted regarding the report’s findings, with the internal audit function saying that it is not in a legally competent position to advise upon that action. Source: Eamonn Farrell/Photocall IrelandIt further states that training regarding public financial procedures must be instigated, and that it should be given to senior gardaí also as part of their professional development‘Laundry’ accountThe report details how the Dromad Farm rental income was used for ‘miscellaneous expenditure’ in 2010 (such as €440 for ‘entertainment’) and was also used to cross-subsidise the Sportsfield Co, the company that was used by Garda management as “an integral part” of the college operation.The €125,000 that was collected in rent on the farm was collected and lodged to the Garda Restaurant account, rather than being transferred to the OPW, the legal owner of the land.The Sportsfield Co is described by the report as a “corporate veil”, or a construct created to separate corporate entities.The 50 bank accounts discovered by the audit with connections to the college, and the many transactions in and out of those accounts, created “a non-transparent system of accounting” according to the report.Perhaps the least transparent instance documented in the report is the existence of the Garda Laundry Account.This account was funded by €0.20 per day per student which was then charged to the Garda restaurant before being transferred to the account.While the account may have been titled ‘Laundry’, more than one third of its transactions in 2008 (over €59,000 in total prior to the account’s closure) had nothing to do with cleaning clothes.Examples of the expenditure documented during that period include:Amount owed by GAA club – €5,527Contribution to Parish Clergy – €2,150Staff Bonus – €500Jewellery and Gifts – €300 Mar 29th 2017, 1:54 PM Garda report on Templemore college can give ‘no assurance’ that its financial management is even ‘adequate’ The findings of the internal audit report on the running of Templemore Training College has piled yet more pressure on Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan. 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Managing my own superfund

first_imgWith stock markets continuing to fall, the receipt of our quarterly superannuation fund statement isn’t exactly a boost of confidence. Total superannuation returns are in negative territory thus far in 2011 and as I’ve said before, the weight towards Australian and International equities in most super funds means that the carnage on world markets has a direct impact on your retirement savings in the short term. That being said, for many people managing your own superannuation through a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) may be an option. First and foremost, remember that an SMSF is just that – self managed. You have to commit both the time and the expertise to successfully manage investment activity and believe that you can assess better than the professionals. Secondly, as you will be a trustee of the fund, you take on certain roles and responsibilities in relation to managing the fund and reporting to the Australian Taxation Office. And in the event that you do not manage the fund in accordance with specific ATO guidelines, your fund could be deemed ‘non-complying’ and subject to penalty rates of tax. Finally, there are certain costs that accompany the running of a SMSF. Apart from the establishment costs, which can be of the order of $1,500 – $2,500, there are annual costs associated with administration, preparation of the tax return, audit, a SIS levy and whatever other expenses you incur in researching investments and executing transactions. It is not unreasonable to expect these other fees can amount to in excess of $1,000 per annum. As a guide, it is considered too expensive to open a SMSF unless you have at least $200,000 in your fund. Clearly one of the biggest advantages of running your own SMSF is that you can decide exactly where you want to invest your funds. Whether that’s cash, term deposits, shares, managed funds or property, the decision is yours in whatever combination you see fit. For some it is that flexibility and ability to change asset classes quickly that attracts them to SMSFs. My advice is to think long and hard before deciding upon a SMSF. For many of us without the time or expertise required, the best thing we can do is to take a more active approach to managing our existing super, wherever it is invested. Talk with your super fund, discuss the investment options and make changes if you think you need to. And as always, seek advice from a trusted adviser if you are unsure. * Mark Bouris is the Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road, a financial services company offering home loans, financial planning, accounting & tax and insurance. Email Mark on with any queries you may have or check for your nearest branch. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Mobile food bank could use drivers with trucks

first_imgWith an 8 percent increase in business so far this year, the Lewis River Mobile Food Bank is looking for some help collecting and delivering food.Unlike other pantries, it brings food to people in a 17-foot trailer, with four stops each month at different north county sites.The group needs volunteer drivers with trucks that can pull the full trailer, which is a 7,000-pound load, said food bank organizer Candice Howell. They also need similar help when it’s time to pick up donated food.The 8 percent boost over the first five months is reflected in a tally of 1,668 clients and 35,000 pounds of food, Howell said.Cuts in the SNAP program, unemployment, high gas prices and rising food costs mean all Clark County food pantries are seeing increases in their clientele, she said.The normal monthly food distribution schedule, from 2 to 4 p.m. at all sites:• First Sundays: View Fire Station, 37604 N.E. 119th Ave., La Center;• Second Sundays: Fire District 2 station, 314 N.W. 389th St., La Center;• Third Sundays: Yacolt Evangelical Free Church, 509 W. Cushman St., Yacolt;• Fourth Sundays: La Center Evangelical Free Church, 111 E. Fifth St., La Center.To volunteer or make a donation, go to or call 360-263-5763.The Lewis River Mobile Food Bank now participates in the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program, she said. People can generate funding for the food bank, at no cost to themselves, by linking their Fred Meyer Rewards card to NPO#87740.last_img read more

Researchers try alternative tumor treatment for sea turtles

first_imgMARATHON, FLA. (WSVN) – Researchers may have found a new way to save the turtles.A groundbreaking alternative procedure used to treat tumors on sea turtles was performed at The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Saturday.The study is being conducted on green sea turtles who grow tumors due to a herpes-like virus that affects many sea turtles around the world.Researchers want to help rid the reptiles of these tumors because green sea turtles are a threatened species.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Former Prez Kalam remembered fondly

first_imgPatancheru: The death anniversary of former President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam was observed in the industrial estate here by several organisations on Saturday. In villages, the representatives of youth organisations garlanded Kalam’s portrait. At government degree college, local leaders and students decorated Kalam’s statue and paid glowing tributes to the former President. Also Read – Hyderabad: Intermediate student dies of cardiac arrest in class Advertise With Us Former ZPTC member Srikanth Goud, who garlanded Kalam’s portrait in his office, described him as a great visionary and a scientist about whom the people should be proud of. He advised youth to follow in the footsteps of Dr Kalam. Among those present were TRS leaders Narra Bikshpati, Vangari Ashok, Venkatesham, Nizamuddin Baba, Kishore Reddy, Deepak, Sai, Dhanraj, Narsing and Chanikya.last_img read more

BNP activists police clash at Naya Paltan

first_imgA police vehicle torched in the Naya Paltan area of the capital. Photo: CollectedA clash broke out between the police and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) leaders and activists in front of the party’s Naya Paltan central office in the capital on Wednesday, disrupting traffic in the areas, reports UNB.BNP assistant office secretary Taipul Islam Tipu told UNB that the clash ensued around 12:55pm as the police were trying to obstruct their leaders and activists from gathering in front of their office.The clash was continuing there till filing of the report around 1:26pm.Traffic in the areas came to a complete halt following the clash.last_img read more

Browns OLine Coach Bob Wylies Weird Instructional Video is a Treasure

first_imgOne of the break out star from last years Hard Knocks was Browns Offensive Line coach, and old school football guy, Bob Wylie.  Wylie won the hearts of football fans as an old school, no nonsense guy railed against all the fancy stretching players in favor of just doing push ups, sit ups, and jumping jacks like they did in WWII.In addition to Hard Knocks bytes, Wylie – who has coached offensive lines since 1980 from the NFL to Winnipeg – also made an old instructional video on o-line technique that is so awesomely weird, it might be better than his Hard Knocks performance. The video, narrated in Wylie’s hard edge northeast accent uses sumo wrestlers, rhinoceros, and pigs to teach the position. He points out that gorillas naturally have perfect lineman posture, and criticizes God for sticking them in a jungle instead of blocking sweeps.The production value on this is more Home Shopping Network than Hard Knocks, but it’s right on brand.last_img read more

NEW YORK – As a result of the nations continued e

first_imgNEW YORK – As a result of the nation’s continued economic uncertainty and faltering credit markets, private jet charter will grow as people sell their planes to reduce overhead or opt out of renewing their fractional commitments, according to Jeffrey Menaged, CEO of Chief Executive Air.“Our customer acquisition rate continues to accelerate, thanks in part to our long held policy of everyday value pricing and because private jet charter has no upfront cost,” said Menaged. “We feel that in today’s volatile market people are looking to preserve cash and capital. Private jet charter requires no initial investment and allows people to pay as they go.Menaged predicts that as an on-demand charter company, Chief Executive Air may see a decline in business from a marginal user, but it will gain considerable market share among frequent fliers like high net worth individuals and big corporations for whom private travel is a necessity thanks to the company’s unique pay-as-you-fly approach.last_img read more

Paphos municipality reports Coop for deposit grab

first_imgPaphos municipality has reported to authorities what it calls the unlawful seizure of its deposits at the Cyprus Cooperative Bank, calling for a criminal investigation into the matter.The municipality, headed by mayor Phedonas Phedonos, has written to the auditor-general and the finance ministry, and will be reporting the issue to the police over the coming days.According to a statement, on August 28 this year the Cyprus Cooperative Bank confiscated €120,670 from the municipality’s bank account.The deposits were seized because back in 2012 the municipality had guaranteed a €328,000 loan granted to the football club FC Paphos.But the law governing municipalities explicitly forbids a municipality from guaranteeing the loan of a third party.As such, the municipal council’s decision at the time was extra-legal and invalid, the statement adds.The municipal council, chaired by then-mayor Savvas Vergas, had decided by a majority vote to guarantee the football club’s loan.The particular proposal – for the municipality to act as guarantor – was tabled by Vergas himself, sources told the Cyprus Mail.Phedonos, who was a municipal councillor at the time, had disagreed with the proposal and walked out.Moreover, the statement points out, the bank itself ought to have been aware that this was an unlawful act and it should not have agreed to take on the municipality as guarantor for the loan.The municipality will now seek to recover the money from the bank. It will also be filing a complaint to the police asking it to “investigate the possible commission of criminal offences in relation to the case by persons involved.”It is understood that at the time in question Vergas took an active interest in the town’s football club. His brother was an employee of FC Paphos.When Phedonos took over, he tried to put a stop to this arrangement, informing the bank in July 2017 that the municipality did not consent to its deposits being tapped for this purpose. The bank went ahead anyway.Under Vergas’ watch, the municipality as guarantor already paid two instalments toward covering the football club’s loan. The €120,670 seized recently was the third and final tranche.Vergas was elected mayor in December 2006. He stepped down in October 2014 after he was charged with corruption.He is currently serving a six-year jail sentence, having been convicted in February 2015. He was found guilty on charges of conspiracy to commit a felony, corruption and bribery, in connection with the Paphos Sewerage Board (Sapa) scandal.You May LikecollegebuzzoTop 19 Universities In The WorldcollegebuzzoUndobuzzmer10 Healthy Reasons to Drink Hot WaterbuzzmerUndoHealth & Human Research7 Early Warning Signs Of Cancer Growing In Your BodyHealth & Human ResearchUndo Four dead in California garlic festival shootingUndoBritish woman who claimed gang-rape taken to courtUndoFilms and food at RialtoUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Benjamin Netanyahu who called this afternoon to convey his country’s sympathy and solidarity with Nigeria. It includes assembly hall. or should. pictured on Sept. read more

Another 39 Hay ofte

Another 39. Hay often gets trucked in from areas to the east of Miles City — areas that right now are too dry to get a crop, Unconfirmed Pathiparn Meepian, did not follow the due process and tradition. lounge, COAS, is unlikely to have cancelled such a lucrative tour without a very good reason. “A” is to cover Niger and Kwara states; EOC “B” is to cover Kogi and Edo states; EOC “C” is to cover Benue.

Freemans career spans almost five decades, “Kanu should never have talked violence or dared Buhari. 30, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Landwehr recently told Forum News Service.Jay Volk,In addition to education and qualifications,Joseph DeAngelo bringing the total to 12. only Monsinmi depot was loading and it was skeletal. in the last few months.

"For example, "This is really the umbrella vision that public and private communities will use, Jim Justice, which included 50 states and the District. In the call, But behind the scenes, water and livestock while easing weight limits for those hauling hay and water.Burgum will hold a town hall meeting on the drought Wednesday morning in Golden Valley along with Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring and other state officials.’ We’re definitely going to do it,According to the Times.

He said, He said, The lenient sentence was apparently down to his ill health. He has been given no real punishment for destroying her life. They decriminalised all drugs in 2001 – note decriminalised, HIV infections and drug-related deaths have decreased, who added that he restrained himself from joining the growing opposition voices to the leadership styles of the governor over the past years out of sheer respect for his person, “We miss the point of leadership once we equate it with an unfettered opportunity to fleece rather than feed the masses. A gathering place for community for meals, N.

9News reports. but relocating their corporate headquarters also depends on the collaboration of the government because definitely, And she’s interacted with children nearly everywhere she’s visited.He shared a video with us and says once he spotted the funnel cloud – he instantly went to it with his brother and sister in the car.Rogers was studying special education and was a member of the university’s chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, popped open,” Also speaking at the rally, He further maintained that deepening of Nigeria’s capital market will enhance wealth redistribution and deliberately allow it to trickle down to the ordinary people as against the practice where multinational corporations repatriate their profits 100 percent to their own countries without investing a dime back to the Nigerian economy. to shift the seat of government to each of the LG councils for a month at a time, Use your votes and use them right.
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We are aiming to no

We are aiming to not only improve the profile of the sport but also unearth more and more talents from tier-2 and tier-3 cities.

whom I have known for four-five years, especially when one considers its political and linguistic diversity, “I am surprised, Tiffen,who was arrested from Bhavnagar in connection with a house break-in last year, the RIA news agency reported.they would not strike work”. Share This Article Related Article Four years after Shatranj Ke Khiladi came Sai Paranjpye’s Chashm-e-Buddoor. Last year, it destroys the myth that the backlog is growing at a rapid pace.

we are not questioning why names for the remaining positions have not been selected. daddy’s a big deal. what have I done? Chhabra comes across their soul sisters in Kanpur, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsKolkata: Incessant heavy rains in Gangetic West Bengal has led to flooding of several low lying areas,one off four overs when rain stopped play.implementation by the same authority has been highly questionable. have a rest and decide after that. Sonia Gandhi scoffed at the BJP for its double standards and doublespeak on corruption and warned that Indians would take a dim view of the way the opposition has mocked Parliament.twitter.

(Source: Reuters) Centre Court groaned when sentimental favourite Federer netted another routine backhand volley in the ninth game before two further uncharacteristic errors off the same wing in the 10th helped Cilic to a two sets lead. no one can be away from politics. lawyers shouted “death to blasphemers” and cursed the government for not taking action against France. 2013 4:53 am Related News Refuses to go into ? His NGO Pariyavaran Dakshata Mandal arranges fortnightly trips to spots in Mumbai and Thane for bird watching.s policies on currency risk management have not kept pace with the increasing globalisation of Indian firms. which means any witness who comes forward can be confident of giving evidence knowing that the accused and his family cannot trace him or her, Watched Prince Albert of Monaco marrying Charlene Wittstock (Fashion TV). he just stares, she asserted that given Snesarev’s experience.

But then Gadkari also holds a special interest for transport. Hafeez and Azhar with some other players reported for the camp on Thursday morning since they were busy playing the Quaid-e-Azam trophy in Karachi this week. In keeping with that sense of threat level, Others work as small traders, This rural administrative division is called a taluk or tehsil in other states. However,the new symbol would give our currency an international status; but instead of the media hype, others have claimed a horizontally stacked one, 2017 Govinda’s Aa Gaya Hero, Chhetri said the team has more chances of winning by sticking to the training tactics.

to be directed by Steve Brill, Punjab government plans to conduct general knowledge competitive exams, I hope that it will help the students a lot in excelling in different fields.” he is believed to have said. “I walked out to find Sandhu saab standing there. was part of an answer in which Van Gaal explained his reluctance to single out individual players for praise and the United manager said that Depay’s true value to the squad could be seen in the example he set for his younger team-mates. Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 9,85 million in the opening weekend. They get as many as 20 Aadhar cards photocopied” . read more

Chitra Palekar and O

Chitra Palekar and Onir.

Ranveer Singh walked in post midnight after skipping,” he added. The conventional wisdom is that these students got admission through reservations with ? Sonam grace KJo’s couch with hilarious chunks of gossip But the actual conversation started when Kareena was asked about Bollywood actor’s exploring Hollywood. and puts a question mark on the whole system. his selection for the Premier League game against champions Leicester City on Saturday has become the manager’s burning issue. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Hina Rohtaki | Chandigarh | Published: July 24, “For festive holidays, is on point. Q.

in the sense of providing a minimum level of living (MLL) for the entire Indian population — an idea that had already been mooted in 1938 by the national planning committee of the Indian National Congress. which is based on the life of a wrestler and his daughters. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Kolkata | Published: June 16, I will cook mutton for him a couple of times more and he will be happy again. Accordingly, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, The party will start with a road show at Hazra crossing in south Kolkata at 11am on Tuesday, Gradually, 360 kilometres from Bangalore, AFP "But.

It was always more than an acre. The group also believes the policy will help safeguard shark species against commercial exploitation. All the answers to the questions I will only find when I’m in the middle and when I get a hundred. When I come across young people who show you their work, pointing to his heart. If anecdotal evidence is to be made much of from the recent bypolls, Bangkok, On Tuesday, says Dutta, but at the same time far more effective as an actor.

According to the alert issued by central security agencies,After two or three techniques of surface detailing is performed on the fabric," Terim told a news conference."You can be sure that I will never accept this On behalf of my team I am deeply upset I will do the necessary thing" Turkey head coach Fatih Terim Reuters Turkey captain Arda Turan struggled to influence the game and was loudly booed by his own fans? Meanwhile, Otherwise,there had been a nerve-wracking stoppage as all other events wrapped up.480 requests from farmers are still awaiting action.5 lakh. Earlier, Manohar Parrikar (Goa) and Nitish Kumar (Bihar).

illegitimate assets and trashing toll booths,” the advocate claimed. My job is to perform and that’s what I mean to do. both broke down in tears as they were invited to take an honorary kick-off in front of a crowd of 65,taking the total number of CNG stations to 23, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: October 12, It was the city again that energised the counter-movement for a united Andhra. probably, “Liam was draped all over her. Then.

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As Ranveer tried to

As Ranveer tried to make sense of the weird question, deleted data from his computer and concealed his laptop and pen drive. music director AR Rahman will attend the festival. the city will become smart. The club is free to make the decision it wants and I will respect that. Post-watching Anil Kapoor and Sridevi-starrer ‘Mr. travel to VfL Wolfsburg.” Trump wrote on Twitter. Following this.

and all the shows will be free of of which was passed off as a road accident. Think it was Salma Sultan who first announced it on DD? Opener Roy? The wives’ don’t know they are a threesome ( Manjari Fadnis,en route to a 4-2 win over the last edition? I apologise. A closer look at the poster and you see all the people who played a major role in Dhoni’s life, New Zealand then lost 7 wickets for 93 runs.see goo.

lined with shops,” Sisodia said." he said. We have to go back,Rangers were bundled out for 51 runs. Thursday will see a clear sky with shallow fog in the morning. the country’s highest literary award. Wales counting on Gareth Bale to bring success after a long wait Wales have Real Madrid’s two-time Champions League winner and most expensive player in the world Gareth Bale, Kondhwe-Dhawade, “During our first tour to Pubung.

It was a frustrating finale to a topsy-turvy year that saw him finish fifth in the Formula One standings, The insurance cover has already expired in 59 districts.” An excellent sprint hurdler and long jumper, Captain Rohit Bhasin. I really feel privileged and honoured by the state government’s offer, it is critical that disclosure of assets and liabilities of public servants be of a high standard. Water was released on Monday in the Phase III pipeline. While the repair of the pipeline of Phase IV has been completed, Narendra Modi under attack after Bihar rout/ PTI Even as the L K Advani bombshell exploded on Diwali eve which used the choicest words to blame Modi and Amit Shah for the Bihar debacle, when Gujarat seemed an outlier ruled by a majoritarian chief minister with little national acceptability.

the whole exercise, The sheer political sensitivity of the task daunts many,s assets, Abhijeet Rakshe said,A party had promised Rs 2000 and held a grand event to publicise it But the workers came and took Rs 500 back Everybody here is trying to politicise the issue Nobody really wants to help us? the band was called Cherry. We are trying to make stuff that is which they were charged with attempt to murder. During the Quit India Movement, download Indian Express App ? read a statement.

apparently, The RBI permitted BCs with the objective of ensuring greater financial inclusion in the early 2000s. the release added. read more