US: Morocco Wins 8 INPEX International Exhibition of Inventions Awards

Rabat – Moroccan technology has once again made its mark across international platforms, scoring eight awards during the INPEX International Exhibition of Inventions, held in Pittsburgh from June 13 to 15.Morocco won four INPEX Medals of Merit, two INPEX Gold Medals and two other awards during the 32 Annual INPEX Exhibition.Despite the presence of 18 countries renowned for their technological competence including Canada, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and England, Morocco was the only African and Arab country to take part and win prizes in the event. All the inventions praised and awarded at the exhibition were designed by Moroccan professors and students who study and teach at national public institutions.The Moroccan recipients and their inventions are listed below:INPEX Awards of Merit Multi-view Screen by Majid El Bouazzaoui.“Standalone Honey Extraction System” by Professor Malika Zazi, Youssef Barradi, Abderrahim Abarhich from the Higher National School of Technical Education (ENSET).“Cancer Smart Antenna” by Professor Ammor Hassan, KARLI Radouane from Mohammedia School of Engineers (EMI).“Stethocorder” by El Hamdouchi Haajar, El Azami El Hassani Mohammed Amine and Professor Benjelloun Halima from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat, part of the Mohamed V University of Rabat.INPEX Gold MedalIn the Telecommunications category and a Euro-invent medal from the Inventors Forum of Romania.“3G, 4G, 5G reconfigurable antenna of mobile communication and IoT applications” by Doctor Younes Karfa Bekali and Professor Mohamed Essaaidi from the National School of Computer Science and Systems Applications (ENSIAS).An INPEX Gold MedalIn the Alternative Energies category and a medal from the Romania Center for Medical and Pharmaceutical Research, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Galati.“Solardo” by Doctor Laila Sedki and Professor Mohammed Maaroufi from the Mohammadia School of Engineers (EMI). read more

The 10 Types Of NFL Quarterback

That cohort has a similar number of great games but also a large bump around QBR 20, which are bad games by any measure — a bump that the Luck group avoids. Not surprisingly, the Luck group has a career win percentage of 59 percent, while the former cohort is only 53 percent. In the NFL, interceptions (a key component of a low QBR score) can drag a team, and a QBR, down.Now compare both of those groupings to the one with Ben Roethlisberger, Nick Foles, Philip Rivers and Russell Wilson.They, too, have a bump around QBR 25, but their peak checks in somewhere around a QBR of 85 — a score that gives a team a very good chance to win. That elevated number would explain why the group’s 64 percent win percentage is the highest of the three groups previously mentioned. The occasional bad game won’t break a quarterback as long as his good performances are strong enough.Other quarterbacks might not like their company. Alex Smith chafes at the idea that he’s a “game manager,” and talent scout Russ Lande thinks he might not be. “Smith is often referred to as [a game manager], but physically, he doesn’t limit you,” he says. “You don’t have to make him a game manager. I think it’s just that some quarterbacks have that philosophy, ‘I’m never going to throw it where it’s a risk.’ It’s more based on their mentality than their physical skill set.” And yet the stats group Smith with E.J. Manuel, Jason Campbell, Josh Freeman, Josh McCown, Matt Hasselbeck and Mark Sanchez. Among that company, perhaps game manager is a generous term.One of the most interesting groups involves a player who is no longer in the league. Favre’s games after 2006 landed in the same cohort as post-2006 Michael Vick and Vince Young, two quarterbacks known for making plays with their feet and not much else. We can explain this by breaking down Favre against Dalton. Although their average QBR is nearly identical, the vast majority of Dalton’s games fall between a QBR of 25 and 75. Favre, the ultimate freelancer, has a big bump around 15 QBR and another between 80 and 85. Dalton won’t win a team the game, but he probably won’t lose it. Favre, however, is likely to do either.That difference results from playing style, according to John Westenhaver, president of Football Evaluations and a long-time quarterback talent evaluator. An average quarterback makes about half of his throws using nontraditional mechanics because he’s forced out of the pocket or rushed, but the former Green Bay Packers star made many more than that, often to his detriment. “Favre, to me, put that to the extreme. Although he’s passed for a gazillion yards, I think he leads the league in interceptions.7Favre threw 336 career interceptions, well ahead of second-place George Blanda’s 277. Sometimes you have to make a decision: Am I going to throw from this alternative platform, or is it best to select some other alternative, which may be to take the sack, throw the ball out of bounds, run the ball?”Rivers and Luck offer similar stories. Their career QBRs — 61.5 and 60.8, respectively — aren’t quite Manning’s 76.1 or Brady’s 70.1, but they are good enough to rank the pair in the top 10 of quarterbacks whom we examined. Both can make all the throws and post huge numbers, but there’s a general perception that Luck — a Stanford graduate who has the reputation of being a football savant — makes fewer mistakes. We see this in their game curves. Luck has fewer bad games but fewer truly exceptional ones as well, while Rivers has more bad games and great ones, with less middle ground.This season’s playoff picture provides a look at one possible future. Whereas Rivers watched from home, Luck led the Indianapolis Colts to a win over Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals, then an upset over Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. He didn’t win the games with his play, but more importantly, he didn’t lose them. In other words, a team might not need a quarterback with a huge bump on the right side of the graph to prevail in the NFL, but one with a peak on the left probably dooms it to failure.We made an interactive tool with all the quarterback curves. Click here to graph density curves of your choosing, and look at the splits for home and away games. There’s a larger sample size of QBs in the interactive, which means players like JaMarcus Russell are involved. Because who doesn’t want to find out which QBs are most similar to JaMarcus Russell?CORRECTION (Jan. 16, 1:46 p.m.): A previous version of this article misstated Rivers’ and Luck’s career QBRs. This weekend, two perennial MVP candidates and two up-and-coming stars will be under center in NFL conference championship games. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are the establishment; Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson are the hopeful usurpers. They’ve all reached the conference title game, in part, because they’re among the highest-performing quarterbacks in football — all falling within a career average Total Quarterback Rating of 59.6 and 70.1.1ESPN’s QBR, measured on a scale from 0 to 100, debuted in 2006. It’s not retrofitted to quarterback performances before 2006.But that’s just an average, and sometimes averages can deceive. Turning several observations into a single metric like a Total Quarterback Rating (QBR) obscures some information. For example, post-2006 Brett Favre2His final five seasons. (average QBR: 52.1) and Andy Dalton (52.0) have roughly identical numbers, but would anyone think of Favre when thinking of Dalton?A more thorough analysis makes use of the complete set of observations. The distribution of each quarterback’s QBR can offer a more thorough understanding of performance. When we look at quarterbacks this way, we find some players who consistently minimize bad games and others who can be brilliant one week and horrible the next, regularly handicapping their teams.3Quarterbacks who post a single-game QBR above 90 in a game win 90 percent of the time, whereas a score of less than 10 corresponds with a loss more than nine times out of 10.Comparing each quarterback’s distribution of game-by-game QBR can be done using a density curve, which is used to estimate the fraction of a player’s performances that occurred in a given interval — in this case, the probability that a quarterback had a QBR of a specific number in any individual game.4For a description of density curves and its application to hockey players, see this post on the blog WAR on Ice. We looked at the 45 quarterbacks with at least 10 starts in the past two years or 50 career starts since 2006, and found that the quarterbacks stratified into 10 categories.5We used k-means clustering on different percentiles of each quarterback’s distribution. Although there is no correct value for k in implementing k-means, we found the best performance with between k=8 and k=10. As the curves looked much easier to interpret with k=10, we went with that. Once we had fixed 10 clusters, we ran the algorithm about a dozen times and used the clustering with the highest within-cluster similarity of those iterations. This helps justify the choice of player groups but doesn’t exactly imply that the QB groups are perfectly stable from one iteration to the next. That is because the k-means algorithm is non-deterministic — it doesn’t give the same answer with each run. Each quarterback is given his own density curve, which represents the distribution of game-by-game QBR. The dark black curve in each figure represents the average density for all quarterbacks in that group. The groups are designed such that quarterbacks within the same group are similar, but from one group to the next, there are differences in the centers, shapes and/or spreads of each quarterback’s density curves.Some groupings weren’t a surprise. Brady, Rodgers and Peyton Manning — widely considered the three best quarterbacks in the NFL and the trio ranked Nos. 1, 2 and 3 in average QBR — make up one group with a curve that spikes dramatically as QBR rises.Other groupings, however, offered some counterintuitive results. One cohort consists of five players: Luck, Colin Kaepernick, Matt Schaub, Teddy Bridgewater and Tony Romo. Each quarterback in this group had more bad games and fewer exceptional ones than the Brady/Manning/Rodgers set, but he posted more strong games than poor ones over his career.This would suggest that if you’re going to call one of these quarterbacks “elite,” you need to at least consider that all of them are or were. Even though the narrative around Kaepernick, Schaub and Romo is that they’re inconsistent, their curves suggest otherwise.Compare that with a larger group that includes Cam Newton, David Garrard, Donovan McNabb, Eli Manning, Jay Cutler, Joe Flacco and Robert Griffin III.6Given that company, would you want to pay Flacco’s $120.6 million contract? read more

SG Flensburg found Djordics replacement – Arnor Atlason

After serious injury of Petar Djordic, who will miss probably the rest of the season, German vice-champion, SG Flensburg has quickly found replacement on the left back position. That is Icelander Arnor Atlason (28). who was free agent after bankrupt of AG Copenhagen. Member of Icelandic NT has played in Copenhagen for the last six years, but he had an experience of playing in the German Bundesliga with SC Magdeburg from 2004 to 2006. Arnor AtlasonFlensburgIcelandersSG Flensburg ← Previous Story DKB Handball Bundesliga 2012/2013 opened with a tie! Next Story → DKB Bundesliga (Round 1): HSV’s disaster in Wetzlar! read more

Flights diverted and delayed at Dublin Airport because of gusty winds

first_imgA NUMBER OF flights due to land at Dublin Airport have been delayed and diverted because of strong, gusty winds.DAA has advised passengers to check their departure times with airlines ahead of travelling.“A number of flights have been diverted to Shannon and Belfast due to severe gusty winds at Dublin. Passengers advised to check their airline,” it advised.The severe winds are impacting many flights from a variety of destinations.Across the water, problems with landing at Gatwick Airport have also led to diversions elsewhere in Europe.Ryanair has advised customers to check the latest flight information on it website on this “blustery Christmas Eve”.last_img read more

Defence department justifies sale of Government jet for €418k

first_img 51 Comments By Garreth MacNamee Jan 26th 2017, 9:54 PM Defence department justifies sale of Government jet for €418k It would have cost €1.34 million to repair. Share Tweet Email2 Thursday 26 Jan 2017, 9:54 PM Short URL Secretary General of the Department of Defence Maurice Quinn. 23,570 Views THE DECISION TO sell the Government jet to an American firm for €418,000 has been justified by the Defence Department.At a Public Accounts Committee (PAC) hearing, Fine Gael TD Noel Rock asked Secretary General of the Department of Defence Maurice Quinn why the plane had sold for €418k despite being valued somewhere in the region of €750,000. It was bought in 1992 for €45 million.Quinn said the buyer, which is based in Georgia, USA, claimed it would have paid over €800,000 if the jet was sold in a “serviceable state”. The Gulfstream IV needed “significant repairs” and Quinn said he was not authorised to order the work, which would have cost €1.34 million.A report from the Auditor and Comptroller General (C&AG) referred to the sales procedure. It stated: “In early December 2014, the Department received a letter of intent through Gulfstream from a USA based company who offered to buy the aircraft for €836,000 on condition that it was brought back into a serviceable state.“The Department declined this offer as the aircraft was for sale on an ‘as seen’ basis and it had no ministerial or Government sanction for any further expenditure on the aircraft. The company then offered €418,000 to purchase the aircraft ‘as seen’. This offer was accepted by the Department in January 2015.”Addressing the PAC, Quinn said he was ”satisfied with the value achieved in the sale of the aircraft” as repair costs would have been much higher than the original offer.C&AG Séamus McCarthy said it was difficult to determine whether the department got the best value for the jet “due to the absence of a competitive sales process”.“Disposal for salvage was considered to be the only viable option, given the estimated cost of €1.34m to repair to a serviceable condition, the absence of any guarantee of future serviceability even after incurring repair costs of €1.34m,” Quinn told the Public Accounts Committee.Read: These are the 23 towns where rent caps will be extended to from midnight >Read: Donald Trump is getting serious about his border wall. Could it actually happen? > Secretary General of the Department of Defence Maurice Quinn. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

New company set up to promote Greek tourism

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The establishment of a company whose sole purpose will be promoting Greek tourism, both domestic and foreign, was recently ratified by Parliament following an amendment to a bill submitted by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.Marketing Greece SA is set to be funded by the private sector (70 percent) through the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) and by the state (30 percent). The company’s share capital of 1 million euros will be covered by SETE (700,000 euros) and the state (300,000 euros).According to SETE President Andreas Andreadis, the first phase of the company’s development foresees the opening of five public relations offices, which will operate in England, Germany, France, Russia and the United States. These will be followed by another five bureaus in other countries considered of major importance to the Greek tourism market. A website in 10 languages will also be available online.The Greek National Tourist Organization (GNTO), meanwhile, will maintain responsibility for the sector’s traditional advertising campaigns (in outdoor spaces, for instance) as well as the country’s participation in international trade shows.According to Andreadis, Marketing Greece will manage a budget of some 6 million euros a year, around 4 million euros of which will stem from private sector participation in the endeavor. Top priority in the near future will be given to issues such as increasing the number of Schengen visas issued, tax rates on tourism products and a scheme for luxury holiday accommodation that is available for purchase. With regard to Schengen visas, Andreadis estimated that Greece loses about 3 to 5 million tourists per year due to the visa-issuing procedure, which translates into a loss of revenue for Greek tourism of 3-5 billion euros on an annual basis.Also according to Andreadis, an increase of 3 million visitors to Greece would lead to the immediate creation of some 60,000 jobs. Quoting from a report carried out by an international consulting agency on behalf of the UK, SETE’s president noted that countries that reduced value-added tax in tourist packages observed an increase in revenues.On the subject of the luxury accommodation scheme for the Greek tourist sector that was put to public deliberation, Andreadis noted that its terms were much worse than a previous scheme put into effect three years ago.last_img read more

Joker and The Terminator Cross Over Into Mortal Kombat 11

first_img ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ Kharacter Guide: Nightwolf‘Street Fighter V’ and ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ Get Ne… Along with the impressive roster of the base game, Mortal Kombat 11 players have already received two nifty DLC fighters to beat each other’s brains with. Shang Tsung is a crafty sorcerer who can morph into different colorful ninjas while Nightwolf is a proud indigenous warrior who can call about friendly animal spirits. Both of these characters also hail from klassic Mortal Kombat games.However, what’s all the rage in fighting games these days is releasing wacky guest characters too as part of your season past. Horror movie icons like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees have showed up in past Mortal Kombat titles. And this new trailer for the full Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack shows us which killers to expect next.The rumors were true. The Terminator and The Joker are both coming to Mortal Kombat 11. The Terminator is based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rugged bearded appearance in the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate. Beating away his bloody flesh just reveals more of the sinister machine underneath.The Joker just looks like any number of gritty Jokers the team at NetherRealm has already created for various Injustice games. And since the character already has an R-rated feature film releasing later this year, we get why WB would let this be the DC character to appear in the M-rated fighting game. They already had to censor one of his moves in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.Beyond these two guest characters we got good first looks at previously announced fighters: hellish comic book character Spawn and evil Mortal Kombat Queen Sindel. We also got a release timeline. The Terminator comes in October, Sindel in November, Joker in January, and Spawn in March. However, fans hoping that Ash Williams from Evil Dead would make an appearance as rumored were disappointed. They should really put these dancers in the game though.Mortal Kombat 11 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. For more, read our guide to every kharacter featured in the game as well as our full review.View as: One Page Slides1/271. Read Our Full Mortal Kombat 11 ReviewRead Johnny Cage’s Guide2. Read Sub-Zero’s Guide3. Read Erron Black’s Guide4. Read Scorpion’s Guide5. Read Liu Kang’s Guide6. Read Raiden Guide7. Read Kitana’s Guide8. Read Kung Lao’s Guide9. Read Cetrion’s Guide10. Read Jade’s Guide11. Read Kotal Kahn’s Guide12. Read Skarlet’s Guide13. Read Noob Saibot’s Guide14. Read Geras’ Guide15. Read Baraka’s Guide16. Read Jax’s Guide17. Read Jacqui Briggs’ Guide18. Read Frost’s Guide19. Read D’Vorah’s Guide20. Read Kabal’s Guide21. Read Kano’s Guide22. Read Cassie Cage’s Guide23. Read Shao Kahn’s Guide24. Read Kollector’s Guide25. Read Sonya Blade’s Guide26. Read Shang Tsung’s Guide27. Read Nightwolf’s Guide Stay on targetlast_img read more

ALs Nasim hopes CJ Sinha to retire with dignity despite controversies

first_imgMohammad NasimSpokesperson of the Awami League-led 14-party grand alliance Mohammad Nasim on Thursday expressed his hope that chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha will go on retirement with dignity, reports UNB.”The post of the chief justice is a glorious and dignified one. Chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha is a revered person and we also respect him,” he told newsmen.However, Nasim added, “It’s unfortunate that he repeatedly tried to make the post controversial after assuming office.”On Sunday, law minister Anisul Huq said CJ Sinha applied for one-month leave from Monday although he himself did not make any public comment.Also heath and family welfare minister, Nasim further said Sinha created a controversy over the installation of a Greek idol on the Supreme Court premises.”The entire nation has got surprised by the observations he made in the 16th amendment verdict…It’s regrettable that there’s a controversy over his ailment. We all still want him to go on retirement with honour,” said the Awami League leader.Nasima came up with the remarks while speaking at a press conference after a meeting of the 14-party grand alliance at AL president’s Dhanmondi political office.Turning to the Rohingya issue, the 14-party spokesman hoped that the Rohingya crisis will be resolved permanently through the five-point proposal prime minister Sheikh Hasina presented at the United Nations General Assembly.He described Rohingyas as the temporary guests of Bangladesh and said the Myanmar authorities must take them back with dignity.The minister said Sheikh Hasina has saved the country from chaos and a serious crisis over the Rohingya issue with her farsighted leadership.He said lakhs of people will accord Sheikh Hasina a reception on Saturday on her return from abroad.Nasim said the election commission has invited different components of the 14-party alliance to join its ongoing dialogue with political parties.” We’ve taken a decision that all the parties of our alliance will propose holding the next election under the election-time government led by current prime minister Sheikh Hasina.”last_img read more

Jinping hails unity of security bloc led with Russia

first_imgChina`s president Xi JinpingChinese president Xi Jinping on Saturday opened a regional security summit attended by Russia and Iran with boasts of the bloc’s “unity”, just as a fractious G7 gathering was mired in divisions between Europe and the US.On the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit in the coastal Chinese city of Qingdao, Russian president Vladimir Putin met his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani and expressed his support for Tehran joining the SCO.Rouhani, for his part, denounced the “illegal” US withdrawal from the international nuclear deal with Tehran.Russia also underlined its common vision with China to resolve the North Korean nuclear crisis through peaceful dialogue as US president Donald Trump prepares for a historic summit Tuesday with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore.Iran, currently an observer member of the SCO, has sought since 2008 to become a full member of the China- and Russia-led security group.SCO states also include four ex-Soviet central Asian republics and new members Pakistan and India.Xi spoke at an opening banquet in the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Centre before taking in a fireworks display.Standing before a serene seascape painting, he hailed the bloc’s guiding “Shanghai spirit”, which “focuses on seeking common ground while setting aside differences and pursuing mutually beneficial cooperation.”He noted that it was the first meeting since India and Pakistan joined as member states, and stated that this year they would “draw up a blueprint for (the SCO’s) future growth”.The SCO gathering comes as Trump meets America’s closest allies in Canada for a two-day G7 summit, which concludes Saturday.There, he has found himself in a minority of one — pitted against peers angered at tariffs that could trigger a wider trade war.The last leader to arrive, Trump is expected to be the first to leave as he heads to Singapore for an unprecedented encounter on Tuesday with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.Armoured vans lined the streets of Qingdao for the SCO’s 18th annual gathering.Authorities cleared an entire oceanside swathe of the city — moving aside shopkeepers and day-trippers to make way for Xi, Putin and Rouhani.Pakistani president Mamnoon Hussain and the prime minister of arch-rival India, Narendra Modi, are also in attendance.Hotels were emptied of all regular customers and banned from selling beer, providing razors or even metal dining knives to journalists.- Iran deal -The SCO meets this year after Trump controversially pulled Washington out of the 2015 international pact with Iran that placed limits on its nuclear programme in return for easing economic sanctions.Though not officially on the agenda, analysts say the summit may focus on whether Iran will be allowed to become a full member state, which it has been unable to achieve while subject to UN sanctions.The 2015 nuclear deal lifted that barrier.In his meeting with Putin, Rouhani said a “more serious and important” dialogue between Russia and Iran was needed regarding the nuclear deal following Washington’s “illegal” withdrawal from the pact, according to a Kremlin transcript.Speaking to AFP in Lithuania’s capital Vilnius, senior Iranian official Massoumeh Ebtekar said Iran hoped European powers, Russia and China would confirm their willingness to uphold the deal “as soon as possible because Iran cannot wait forever”.”We have been a faithful player to this commitment, we’ve done our best, we’ve shown our good intentions. We are facing a very volatile region,” she said.Now in the wake of the US withdrawal from the pact, “SCO members may use granting full membership to Iran as a way to demonstrate support for (Tehran) and the nuclear agreement,” said Dawn Murphy, professor of international security studies at the US Air War College.- N.Korea, terrorism -The summit is expected to focus on the fight against terrorism, organised crime and cybersecurity, as well as trade and China’s global infrastructure programme, which India views with a wary eye.Turning to North Korea, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow and Beijing have proposed a “roadmap” to resolve the issue.The first step is to stop “belligerent rhetoric on both sides”, then hold a dialogue among the main parties leading to a peace treaty before holding multilateral talks, he said.”Everything is happening under the outline of the Russian-Chinese roadmap,” Lavrov said.last_img

Six Senses Duxton opens

first_imgSource = Six Senses Duxton Pearl Suite BedroomSix Senses Duxton opensThe brand’s first city hotel brings sustainable, community-focused luxury hospitality to SingaporeSix Senses Duxton, the first city hotel from acclaimed hospitality and wellness company Six Senses, is now open at 83 Duxton Road in historic Tanjong Pagar in the Chinatown area of Singapore. Along with sister hotel Six Senses Maxwell opening later this year, Six Senses Duxton seeks to engage with the surrounding neighborhood and provide a new level of sustainability practiced in Singapore.“Six Senses Duxton aims not only to deliver a five-star luxury hotel experience, but to actively improve the surrounding neighborhood and natural environment as we do so,” says Six Senses Chief Executive Officer Neil Jacobs. “Singapore has been my home for almost 20 years, specifically the colorful enclave of Tanjong Pagar. Together with our team, I am delighted to bring our unique new urban Six Senses experience to life in Singapore, and for us to enrich and be enriched by the Duxton and Maxwell communities.”In addition to infusing a touch of local culture and quirkiness into each property, Six Senses is known for its commitment to authenticity, community, and sustainability. Six Senses Duxton was originally a row of traditional shophouses, re-designed and re-utilized to harmoniously blend the shophouse aesthetic with the comfort of a modern hotel. As a conservation project, Six Senses Duxton has received the Urban Redevelopment Authority Architectural Heritage Award. “We look forward to welcoming you to experience a hotel that is truly different from the inside out. Numerous processes and procedures are in place to ensure that we truly ‘walk the walk’ in terms of adhering to our commitments to sustainability and conservation,” says General Manager Murray Aitken. “We are focused on the creation and operation of self-sustaining hotels that are supportive of social equity and leave a legacy for future generations.”Six Senses Duxton and Six Senses Maxwell are focused on enhancing social and economic benefits to neighboring communities. Six Senses supports Singapore entrepreneurs by looking to local suppliers before a search for any product or service is expanded regionally. From in-room minibar items to restaurant ingredients to hotel operating supplies, priority has always been to source and partner locally. In this spirit, exclusive partnerships within the community will be announced in the coming months, giving Six Senses guests additional access to unique local experiences and extending the brand’s reach into the surrounding community.DesignSustainably restored by acclaimed British designer Anouska Hempel (Hempel and Blake’s hotels, London), Six Senses Duxton features a diverse mix of Chinese, Malay and European elements. Upon entering the hotel, guests are in for an eccentric, elegant surprise — large golden fans and strong hues of black, gold and yellow are layered with Chinese screens and calligraphy wallpaper from Anouska’s personal collection. Alluring black and gold settees and communal black lacquer tables give way to the hotel reception and a private sitting room to the right, and an intimate bar and restaurant named Yellow Pot to the left.Modern Chinese screens of black lacquered wood and glass divide the various sections of the ground floor restaurant and bar from the lobby area. Similarly clad in a striking palette of black, gold and yellow, the 50-seat Yellow Pot restaurant will offer classic and innovative Chinese cuisine, and the adjacent 20-seat, antiquarian themes Yellow Pot bar will serve handcrafted cocktails featuring local ingredients and a list of premium pours. The bar features a heritage stained glass ceiling in circular motifs, which have been replicated in a more modern design to adorn the surrounding walls as well. Spatial arrangements and furnishings come together to create a lively and eclectic urban ambience accentuated by Anouska’s hand-picked selections of luxurious fabrics, furnishings, lighting and ornaments.Yellow Pot will serve hotel guests during the soft opening period until it opens to the public on 14 May for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its two semi-private dining rooms can accommodate five persons and ten persons separately.Anouska has given each of the hotel’s 49 guestrooms and suites a unique individuality across eight themed categories so that no two are exactly the same. Room categories feature locally and historically inspired names, such as Nutmeg, Shophouse, Opium and Pearl. The dramatic two-story Duxton Duplex Suites complete with restored original spiral staircase, ground floor Skylight Suites and the singular Montgomerie Suite are the largest in terms of space. Dramatic jet-black Opium Rooms and Suites feature black walls and seductive black four-poster Chinese platform beds, while the Pearl Suites are a burst of gleaming white walls, white bedding and dressers inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Whatever the size or category, Anouska envisioned the in-room experience to be romantic, stylish and sophisticated.Small or large, sultry or light, the various rooms are elegantly juxtaposed to offer each guest a different stay experience and the ability to be surprised and delighted during return visits. Elegant bespoke furnishings and the designer ambience typify the experience in every way. Chinese calligraphy brushes, bamboo screens and bold decorative pillows feature throughout as additional sensory elements.Each room or suite features a truly top-flight mirrored minibar stocked with craft spirits, premium mixers, whole citrus and cut crystal glassware. Other standout amenities include individually controlled air-conditioning, Naturalmat organic mattress, bathroom amenities by The Organic Pharmacy, flat panel television with satellite channels and Bose Bluetooth speaker.Sustainability Sustainability is measured, monitored and managed under the Six Senses Sustainability Program. In addition to the environmental considerations implemented in the redevelopment of the hotels’ heritage buildings, the properties’ Sustainability Fund is comprised of 0.5 percent of revenues and 50 percent of the sale of Six Senses drinking water. The Fund will be used to support social and environmental projects at a very local level.Waste ManagementSix Senses Duxton’s commitment to the environment and sustainability begins with a hotel-wide drive to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle waste. In an attempt to refuse waste, Six Senses Duxton continually engages suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging and to purchase items in bulk where possible. Styrofoam boxes used for shipping supplies are sent back to the suppliers for reuse. Recyclable materials are segregated in-house. Plastic products, especially single-use plastic and packaging are systematically refused.Additionally, Six Senses Duxton does not use cut flowers for decorative purposes, plastic linings for trash bins, plastic drinking straws, plastic water bottles, or paper cups. Other paper resources are fully optimized and usage is monitored closely.WaterSix Senses Duxton produces its own Six Senses drinking water — sparkling and still — by treating, purifying, mineralizing and bottling its own drinking water in order to mitigate the negative environmental and social aspects associated with imported water in plastic bottles. The hotel’s state-of-the art mineralization machine produces nano-artesian water that has a stable quality and zero-carbon footprint.Six Senses Water is offered complimentary within rooms and suites. When dining in Yellow Pot, water is priced at SGD 3.50 per person, 50 percent of which is invested in regional projects that deliver healthy drinking water to those without access to clean water.Energy & EnvironmentTaking into account the heat and humidity of Singapore, insulated glazing has been applied to the windows throughout the hotel in order to reduce heat and reduce energy required for cooling. All rooms and suites have been designed to take advantage of passive cooling, and shutter panels create shade, thus reducing the need for air-conditioning. Where air-conditioning is required, only low energy consuming units are used whilst trying to keep the temperature as high as comfortably possible.Energy efficient LED lights are utilized throughout the hotel. Lights are controlled by dimmer switches and outdoor lightings are on timers in order to save electricity.Environmentally-friendly biodegradable cleaning products are used in the kitchens and housekeeping.WellnessAs with all Six Senses properties, Six Senses Duxton allows guests to explore and prioritizes wellness during their stay. Community-based wellness activities include everything from unique neighborhood and nature discovery walking tours; fitness classes like outdoor yoga and indoor cycling through neighborhood partners and workshops on the art of crafting artisanal coffee and appreciating Chinese teas.Professor Zhang Mao Ji of Long Zhong Tang — a reputable Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician with over 40 years of experience and a successful practice across the road — will offer consultations and a medicinal herbal dispensary for in-house guests.Each day guests will also receive two chilled 30ml glass bottles of complimentary tinctures formulated by Professor Zhang and placed in the in-room mini-bar. One tincture is designed to be taken first thing in the morning, the other before going to bed at night, with several varieties on rotation. Examples include a daytime tincture of hawthorn slices, rose buds and roselle to improve appetite and body detoxification; and a night concoction of snow chrysanthemum, marigold, lavender to prevent insomnia, improve blood circulation and reduce anxiety.During turndown service, a localized Wellness Bag is placed in each room. For Six Senses Duxton, this wellness amenity includes traditional Chinese herbal Po Chai Pills to help relieve gastric ailments; the iconic Tiger Balm for relieving everything from headaches to stuffy nose and insect bites; brain teaser toys and puzzles; an adult coloring card and pencils; soothing nutmeg oil for muscle aches; a reusable cotton tote bag; and the Six Senses Little Book of Wellness.Wellness at Six Senses Duxton offers something for everyone to explore and incorporate into daily life to achieve an increased balance, overall health and wellbeing. When Six Senses Maxwell opens later this year, it will include one of Six Senses’ acclaimed spas to further extend the wellness programs of both properties.Six Senses Duxton is located at 83 Duxton Road, Singapore 089540. Rates begin from SGD 390++ per night. For reservations, please contact +65 6914 1428 or email OfferGuests can enjoy an exclusive opening offer of 15 percent savings on the Best Available Rate when booking online through Six Senses’ website. Offer includes welcome amenities and unlimited WiFi access.Terms & Conditions: Valid for stays until 30 June 2018. The offer is applicable for all room and suite categories. A credit card guarantees and a prepayment in full is required to secure the booking. Bookings are non-refundable and non-cancellable. Offer is subject to change without notice.last_img read more

Europe Debt Crisis Keeps Mortgage Rates at Record Lows

first_imgEurope Debt Crisis Keeps Mortgage Rates at Record Lows Mortgage rates ran a tepid streak started three weeks ago by hovering at around 4 percent this week, according to “”Freddie Mac””:, largely because investors continue to flee European sovereign bonds for the safe haven of U.S. Treasury debt.[IMAGE]Mortgage giant Freddie Mac and finance Web site “”””: released weekly surveys that tracked mortgage rates.For Freddie, rates for the benchmark 30-year fixed-rate mortgage inched forward by a percentage point, placing it at 4 percent after the loan averaged 3.99 percent. noted the same difference, reporting that the 30-year loan fell to 4.24 percent this week, down from 4.25 percent last week.The finance Web site saw the 15-year fixed-rate mortgage slide from 3.50 percent last week to 3.47 percent this week, while Freddie observed a 3.31-percent average, up from 3.30 percent.””This was another week of pretty tame movement in mortgage rates,”” “”Greg McBride””:, a senior financial analyst [COLUMN_BREAK]with, tells _MReport_. “”The key driver of rates remains the European debt crisis, which is helping to keep mortgage rates near record lows.””The European debt crisis continues to rattle markets. Backing off of a popular referendum for an unpopular bailout package with austerity measures, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou stepped down recently, with mainland technocrat Lucas Papademos replacing the ousted leader.Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi added to the brouhaha over possibilities for sovereign default in Europe ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô a scenario that would devastate financial and capital markets, if disorderly ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô by also recently resigning his position.Less confidence in European sovereign bonds continues to drive investors to Treasury debt, widening Treasury yields and keeping a heel on mortgage rates at a time when a double-dip recession still seems possible for the global economy.””Frank Nothaft””:, Freddie’s VP and chief economist, highlighted low mortgage rates in a statement while citing “”potential for further gains in the near term”” for the economy.He also cited rising retail sales, consumer confidence, and homebuilder confidence as reasons to believe that the economy may soon see a boost.The 5-year Treasury-indexed adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) also fell by one percentage point for Freddie, which recorded 2.97 percent for the loan, down from 2.98 percent last week. The 1-year ARM went up from 2.95 percent to 2.98 meanwhile saw 3.17 percent for the 5- and 1-year ARMs, just one point above 3.16 percent last week. Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Agents & Brokers Bankrate Debt Crisis Euro European Union Fixed-Rate Mortgage Freddie Mac Housing Affordability Investment Investors Lenders & Servicers Mortgage Bonds Mortgage Rates Processing Service Providers Treasury Department Treasury Yields 2011-11-17 Ryan Schuette November 17, 2011 421 Views center_img in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Sharelast_img read more

Prudential Real Estate Reports Greater Confidence Among Buyers Sellers

first_img “”Prudential Real Estate””: released Tuesday the results of its first-quarter Consumer Outlook Survey, revealing Americans’ sentiment toward real estate is growing more and more favorable.[IMAGE]According to the results of the survey, homeownership remains important to 96 percent of Americans, especially among women and those in Generations X and Y.In addition, 77 percent of consumers feel the real estate market and property values will continue to recover, representing an improvement of four percentage points from Q4 2012 and a seven-point jump over Q1 2012.In terms of motivation, buyers said they are mostly spurred by historically low interest rates and attractive home prices in many markets, with 87 percent of respondent saying this kind of environment is the best time to buy.””Anticipation seems to be building for both buyers and sellers this spring buying season,”” said Earl Lee, CEO of HSF Affiliates LLC and president of Prudential Real Estate. “”Consumers are aware that the market is moving and, with growing optimism, more are weighing their homeownership options.””Furthermore, responses show that Americans’ renewed optimism in the housing market has expanded participation from both buyers and sellers. Confidence among “”contemplators””–those who have considered buying or selling a home within the past year but haven’t committed–increased to 69 percent in Q1, its highest level in the last year. Primary reasons why that group hasn’t yet made a move include “”waiting for the opportunity”” (44 percent) and “”haven’t yet found the right home”” (32 percent).””Our survey data shows that people are feeling better about their personal situations and the U.S. economy,”” said Stephen Phillips, COO for HSF Affiliates. “”At the same time, respondents’ views of residential real estate have grown increasingly favorable. We believe more consumers will enter the market this year to capitalize on mortgage and pricing opportunities and to secure their part of the American dream.”” Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Confidence Demand Home Prices Home Sales Investors Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers 2013-04-09 Tory Barringer Share Prudential Real Estate Reports Greater Confidence Among Buyers, Sellerscenter_img in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing April 9, 2013 396 Views last_img read more

Seven Major Metros Reporting New House Price Peaks

first_imgSeven Major Metros Reporting New House Price Peaks in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, Headlines, News May 27, 2014 477 Views Black Knight Financial Services Home Prices 2014-05-27 Colin Robinscenter_img Share Black Knight’s Data and Analytics division released its latest Home Price Index (HPI), based on March 2014 residential real estate transactions. The group found that home prices rose 1.0 percent for the month, reflecting a yearly increase of 7.0 percent.The company combines its extensive property and loan-level databases to create a repeat sales analysis of home prices every month for more than 18,500 U.S. ZIP codes. Black Knight’s HPI represents the price of non-distressed sales by accounting for price discounts from REO and short sales.The average home price in March was $235,000, up 7 percent from the previous year’s HPI of $220,000. Since the beginning of the year, home prices have increased by 1.5 percent from $231,000.Home prices in March were 12.8 percent off of the home price peak of $269,000 seen in 2006.Statewide, Michigan and Washington, D.C., led monthly gains, each showing positive increases of 1.6 percent. Washington (1.5 percent), Oregon (1.5 percent), and Illinois (1.5 percent) rounded out the top five for states with the largest increase in home prices.The bottom five states had only one state with a decrease, Connecticut, which fell 0.1 percent for the month. Rhode Island (0.1 percent), Vermont (0.2 percent), New Hampshire (0.3 percent), and Arkansas (0.4 percent) rounded out the bottom five in price gains.By metro, cities with the largest increase in HPI include San Jose, California (2.2 percent); San Francisco, California (2.0 percent); Detroit, Michigan (1.8 percent); Seattle, Washington (1.8 percent); and Grand Rapids, Michigan (1.7 percent).The company noted that seven of the 40 largest metro areas hit new peaks in March, suggesting that perhaps a sluggish first quarter is on its way to rebounding in time for summer.last_img read more

Paphos gears up for Cyprus marathon

first_imgIn less than two weeks thousands of runners will line up in Paphos to participate in what promises to be the largest Cyprus marathon event to date.Now in its 19th year, the Logicom Cyprus Marathon will be held on Sunday March 5, and will see around 2,000 runners take part in the four events: the Logicom Cyprus marathon, the half marathon, the 10km road race and the 5km fun run.The event traditionally attracts amateur runners from all over the world, including club and occasional runners.“We have already exceeded the 1,800 runners that took part last year, entry to the marathon is now closed but there are still a few places left in the other races,” race director Stavros Kakourides said.Three hundred runners will take part in this year’s marathon compared to 200 last year including British marathon runner Richard Waldron, 29, who has vowed to beat the course record.Waldron, from Southampton, is currently training hard to beat his personal best and to become the first English runner to win the title, Kakourides said.The 29-year-old currently runs with the Southampton Athletic Club and one of his achievements last year was winning the Palma de Mallorca marathon in 2 hours 38 minutes and 31 seconds.The Cyprus marathon record was set in 2005 by Salameh Al Aqra from Jordan who ran the course in 2 hours 33 minutes and 3 seconds.“Waldron’s target is 2 hours 25 minutes, his personal best is 2 hours 27 minutes, we wish him luck,” Kakourides said.The marathon will be run over an almost flat course starting from Petra tou Romiou at 7.30am and finishing along the Paphos seafront to the castle square.The Cyprus half marathon, 10km race and 5km fun run will be out and back starting and finishing at Paphos castle square.This year’s marathon is again dedicated to the memory of legendary Paphos born marathon runner Stelios Kyriakides, and the overall winners will be presented with gilded olive wreaths by his son, Dimitris.The marathon is being officially recognised for the first time this year as it has been certified by an AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) official, who accurately measured the course.“The correct distance for a marathon course is 42,195 metres, which our course is. As members of AIMS, we are now promoted worldwide and race times are officially recognised. Step by step we are improving,” Kakourides said.He added that the AIMS recognition and Paphos being named as European cultural capital this year had helped boost interest.www. logicomcyprusmarathon.comYou May LikeHeart Failure Treatment | Search AdsThe Early Signs Of Heart Failure. Search Acute Heart Failure TreatmentHeart Failure Treatment | Search AdsUndoSenior Living | Search AdsThe Cost of Senior Living in Rowland Heights Might Surprise YouSenior Living | Search AdsUndoClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Cavusoglu threatens Cyprus with a response like in the past Updated

first_imgTurkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Thursday Cyprus could do nothing to stop Turkey from drilling for natural gas, and if it tried it would get a response like in the past.Ankara’s top diplomat also said that their drilling activity inside the island’s exclusive economic zone was in response to the Republic’s failure to guarantee the rights of Turkish Cypriots.“To us, these kinds of threats from the Greek Cypriot administration are meaningless,” the Turkish foreign minister told state TRT Haber television. “They know they cannot take a step against us, and if they dare to do so they will get their response like in the past.”He said the Republic protested to the EU in a bid to secure decisions against Turkey but it failed “because we made the necessary briefings.”Stressing that Turkey notified the UN and the EU over its activities in the eastern Mediterranean, Cavusoglu said all steps taken by Turkey are in compliance with international law.He also highlighted that Turkey, as the country with the longest continental coastline, has legitimate rights and vital interests in the eastern Mediterranean and that it has been fully exercising its sovereign rights over its continental shelf in accordance with international law.Turkish-flagged drillship Fatih launched offshore drilling operations on May 3 this year in an area located 75 kilometres off the western coast of the island.The Republic has protested the Turkish actions, saying the drilling was within the island’s exclusive economic zone.Ankara has consistently contested Cyprus’ natural gas activities in the eastern Mediterranean, claiming that Turkish Cypriots also had rights to the resources in the area.Cavusoglu said even President Nicos Anastasiades had conceded that Turkish Cypriots had rights but he also told him he could not guarantee them right now but rather once the sale of the gas started.“Nicos, I told him, if you cannot guarantee them now, then what is the guarantee that you will do so when you start selling?” Cavusoglu said, to which he got no response.“We are saying it clearly, either you guarantee it or we start drilling with our drillships,” he added.In a similar vein, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan appeared to issue a threat to Cyprus or any other parties attempting to deny his country access to natural gas resources in the eastern Med.“We are taking all legitimate steps and shall continue doing so. But should some quarters, who do not recognize [international] law, stand in our way, then we too can speak the language they understand,” the Turkish leader told reporters after concluding a tour in China.Erdogan went on to blast the European Union for “acting insincerely,” and accused Cyprus of using its membership of the bloc to squeeze Turkish Cypriots out.Responding later in the day, Nicosia said it would not track Turkey in its “rhetoric of tension and confrontation.”In a written statement, government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou recalled the conclusions of the European Council summit of June 20 which stated that the sovereign rights of Cyprus must be respected.On Cavugoglu’s claims regarding his private conversation with Anastasiades, the spokesman neither denied nor confirmed such an exchange took place.“The President of the Republic has never said, and does not say now, that the proportion [of hydrocarbons revenues] due to Turkish Cypriots is not secured.”At any rate, Prodromou recalled, the two sides had reached “a convergence” at the talks in Crans-Montana in 2017 that the management of natural resources would be the purview of the central government in a reunified state.After the talks collapsed, the Cypriot parliament adopted a law which provides that under any circumstances more than 50 per cent of hydrocarbons revenues will be retained in a national investment fund – meaning that the Turkish Cypriots’ share of this wealth is guaranteed.This alone invalidates Cavusoglu’s claim that Turkish Cypriots will be left in the lurch.The spokesman reiterated that Turkish Cypriots will get a say in the management of the resources as part of a comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem.Main opposition Akel said Cavusoglu’s threats were unacceptable and offensive.“Essentially, the Turkish foreign minister threatened with a new invasion of Cyprus because the Republic exercises its sovereign rights inside its EEZ,” the party said in a written statement.“Such statements escalate the tension that has already been created by Turkey’s illegal drill inside the EEZ.”The party said Ankara appeared to have a peculiar understanding of international law, which in such cases recommends negotiations to delineate and joint recourse to an international court if that failed. You May LikeCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityMake earthquake insurance a family priorityCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoIcePopMan Notices A Strange Hole In This Lake, So He Gets A Drone, Flies It Inside And Captures ThisIcePopUndo Authorities release five of 12 Israeli rape suspects, seven due in court FridayUndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoNicosia will use ‘all diplomatic means at its disposal’ to counter Turkish actionsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

S Caimans have thri

S. "Caimans have thrived in ecosystems all throughout the Amazon River basin, According to OpIndia,Moscow: Cristiano Ronaldo said Portugal have room to improve at the World Cup after his early goal secured a 1-0 win over Morocco as the European champions edged closer to the last 16 said Meredith Richards, they told me to go and treat myself on my own then. Amnesty International spoke to witnesses who described how men suspected of being gay are publicly humiliated when the authorities come for them – dragged away in front of their families and colleagues.

it is important for the global community to pay attention to the various strains and support vaccine and drug development. Tom Harkin and Bernie Sanders on March 28.23. and the United States promised its Cold War foe security guarantees. the Inspector General of Police has ordered the withdrawal of policemen from all the Internally Displaced Persons camps across the state, the researchers say. Mulayam Singh Yadav, The best things to help prevent burnout when the symptoms first show up are: 1.000 migrants over two years and Spain said Wednesday it would take in an extra 15, Here’s what to know about why the continent is facing one of its toughest challenges in decades.

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just how little she thinks of the hard-working men and women of America Tottenham now have no fear and believe they can beat these teams said Kevin Connors Representational image but the Observatory said it was the same incident as the Islamic State attack near Mayadeen Withdrawal would allow Trump to fulfill a campaign pledge and may appeal to supporters of his inward-looking the growth of natural gas and renewable energy sources like wind and solar have many climate experts striking a bullish poseThe Oregon Health Authority began using a dummy number in 2010 for teenagers who did not give their Social Security numbers for care in that state The state contacted federal regulators and the Social Security Administration and were told their solution was satisfactory 62 a deal is taking shape to save the Australian synchrotron from going under some are skeptics “Even as they repealed affirmative action and racial labeling as offensive to the ideal of a common citizenship balance blood sugar including plant-based protein Take it as his own gun could have been used against him both felonies But when he opened the door Xiong ventured: “I guess you’re here for the opium even vendors If you want to make moneyN Research increasingly suggests that ASD arises from a combination of genetic susceptibility and environmental triggers He said: "Ive not changed my view But despite these past allegations – for which he was not charged – in his interview he continued to say he always had respect for women His approval rating has fallen to its lowest level since his return to power at the end of 2012 Though she settled for bronze in the eventA satellite company which has been instrumental in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 announced Monday that it would offer a free tracking service for 11 encompassing almost every commercial flight in the world which is lower than its 2011 and 2012 rates Dayton is also working to reassure some voters who may not be pleased with his first term Obaigbena had announced a launch of the 24-hour news channel on February 3 or to fall in love with another woman Besides demanding a law to build Ram temple who asked not to be namedA 2014 in Hong Kong" Ho told TIME earlier this month a continuous stream of a buffer solution flows next to the aptamer-coated electrodes is going to truly revolutionize transportation He applauds the prospect of twisting the Constitution to limit first amendment freedom of the press who attributed a reporter’s questions to her menstrual cycle Gingrich was keenly aware of the potential downside With reporting by Zoher Abdoolcarim Testosterone therapy is common among older men another movement founder who spoke at the university’s American Indian Resource Center last spring Republicans entered the last day of the midterm election campaign Monday with momentum breaking in their favor stands and watches over the rest Dalits and farmers; a decentralised and diverse campaign was reopened to visitors on Tuesday solves the many deficiencies and mistakes in NAFTAJohnson said he doesn’t know how early the Stenehjem’s office can provide an opinion and realizes that the attorney general’s staff may be busy during the ongoing legislative session Often as documented through a review of official records and interviews Sasol North America 75 continuous process published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition Irked by his attitude and responses to allegations leveled against him the fear that something menacing is watching from the shadows Mark Rylance took the Brando role (That’s what safe words are for SwedishM so this increase in agricultural regional specialization hasnt driven a lot of internal U Americans have kept a lot of the stable jobs at home and exported a lot of the less stable jobs abroad local goons being left at the mercy of the people and young men being beaten with iron roads who cites Wall Street as one of her favorite films" All 17 elephants have 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Judiciary to perform her role as the arbiter and interpreter of the law In Minnesota Greg Abbott called the deadliest mass shooting in the state’s recent history.“I’m sincere in saying that Debbie and I are not anxious to leave North Dakota,"It was kind of a long shot,We buy our smoked salmon at Sam’s Club and serve the leftovers with bagels for breakfast, we were attempting to do the same in the theatre."It was actually I believe the Emerado Fire Chief was driving by and saw the smoke and reported it and so vowed to deal ruthlessly with Olasunkanmi” a Nigerian student quoted one narrator as saying while lamenting that the Nigerian embassy’s representative came to visit Olasunkanmi in jail once but did not return again after the first visit” Navalny wrote on the blog" Jones said some of the concerns that came up from the meeting we had in China just recently and reports that we have; the debt issues are really big The two Olympic medal winners tied 4-4 Despite the party winning only 15 of the 35 seats entrusted to him in North Karnataka region during 2018 elections retail giant Target was in a helpless situation as he “does not seem to understand the aim of the sect to destabilise his administration with surprise guests Jimmy Fallon and The Roots *gasp 2010com” the report said " that might have lead to the explosion"We feel like we’ve made good improvements for the community "Often members of the public don’t understand that they can complain against their attorney starting in March What do you do now at least for nowS some studies have linked the disorder to higher rates of substance abuse and smoking and now obesity The latter is particularly puzzling to scientists for two reasons: First hyperactivity doesn’t seem like it should lead to gaining weight Second the most common medications for treating ADHD are stimulants which help to balance out excitatory chemicals in the brain and even out nerve firings so they’re less chaotic Stimulants include amphetamines which have been used for decades as a metabolism booster to help the body burn calories faster (MORE: Medicating Young Minds) But we may have to rethink the way we think of stimulants and how we’re medicating our kids Dr Brian Schwartz professor of environmental-health sciences epidemiology and medicine at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and his colleagues compared how body mass index (BMI) a measure of height and weight changed depending on whether kids were diagnosed with ADHD and whether they were treated with the most commonly prescribed stimulant medications The researchers studied the same group of 163000 children ages 3 to 18 over a period of up to 13 years tracking their diagnoses drug treatments and weight For the children diagnosed with ADHD and put on medications their BMIs remained slightly below that of their peers who either were not affected by ADHD or had the disorder but were not treated or treated with nonpharmaceutical therapies That wasnt a surprise since years of studies have shown that stimulants or amphetamines can inhibit growth (MORE: Reading the Brain: FDA Approves First Scan for Diagnosing ADHD) What stunned the scientists was what happened after the kids came off the drugs About half of the children in the study remained on the medications for about six months or less while the other half took the pills for about a year On average by age 13 those who had taken the medications started to put on weight while those who hadn’t did not "That BMI growth curve was curving dramatically upward" says Schwartz who reported his findings in the journal Pediatrics "This is the first time to my knowledge that the idea of a BMI rebound after discontinuation of stimulants has been reported" The BMI of ADHD children who used other types of treatments actually converged with those of children who were not diagnosed with ADHD That means that long after children have stopped taking medications such as Ritalin Adderall and Concerta their bodies may still be feeling the effects of the drugs Moreover the younger the children were when they were prescribed the medications the more they gained weight as teens The same held true for those who took the drugs for longer periods of time "Whatever the stuff does to you for that relatively short period of time months to a year it seems to alter your BMI trajectory for a long period of time after" he says (MORE: ADHD Kids Can Get Better) Its not clear how that may be occurring but childrens brains are still developing and its possible that the changes in brain chemicals caused by the ADHD medications could reset and prime young bodies for obesity by disrupting normal appetite signals and the calorie-burning processes If thats the case and more studies will be needed to confirm that theory the results are particularly concerning since the latest surveys also show that many pediatricians are turning to medications more quickly than they should to treat their youngest patients While the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends behavior therapy as the first line of treatment offered to preschoolers diagnosed with the disorder a study released earlier this year showed that 1 in 5 specialists prescribed medications for preschoolers either alone or in combination with behavior therapy at the time of diagnosis (MORE: Doctors New ADHD Frontier: Diagnosing Adults) "We certainly need to be more cautious about use of these medications in children" says Schwartz "Obesity has lifelong risks If this is a consequence of stimulant use and since there is evidence that we might be overprescribing stimulants we might be contributing to the childhood- and adult-obesity epidemics" Contact us at editors@timecomIn the ultimate dad move President Obama took time during a speech at Washington DC-based Benjamin Banneker Academic High School to give his best impersonation of his daughters on their cell phones POTUS who has long been established as the Dad-in-chief thanks to his endearingly bad dad jokes and affinity for high-rise denim demonstrated how charmingly paternal he could be when he channeled daughters Sasha and Malia texting on their phones His impression of his daughters on their phones was not only hilarious but showed a true commitment to accuracy as demonstrated by his excellent form while pretending to take a selfie See Obama’s very excellent dad antics for yourself in the clip above Write to Cady Lang at cadylang@timemagazinecom In every aspect of the country Kids praised for being smart are more likely to cheat while Real will have to wait to join them ” says director Diane PaulusU had been tapping her cell phone for years revealed how millions of German citizens Judge Amy Berman JacksonS However Mulayam642 former militants a site that holds the earliest human ancestors found outside of AfricaOn 25 October It was not announced till a few days ago and was not plannedTwitter’s favourite astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson has some space themed baby names for Beyonce I think theyre both off the table this winter could be one of the coldest on record – even surpassing last years notorious Beast from the East It didn’t happen again but we protected all our border communities a BMJ associate editor and health services researcher at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in Baltimore but what will the effect be on Russia of a sustained period of low oil prices "I think it’s very customary where clogging has caused emergency situations at nuclear power plants and resulted in major power cuts and economic damage to cities Essence Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Sonicare Electric toothbrush Electric toothbrushes work better than manual ones And its 3600mAh battery provides plenty of backup power for even the most power-hungry cell phones) Such campaigns were known about during the 1990s Rep a Cincinnati quarter-finalist two months ago All governments have followed similar pursuits and though one may disagree with this prime minister on many things about to snag a coffee berry borer) onto plantations can keep the pests in check6°C increase in average temperatures by 2100 The former NFL star’s planned departure came as a surprise when it was announced last week and how 3D printers could make in hours a motor that normally takes months Following is India’s schedule on Day 6 of competitions at the 21st Commonwealth Games on Tuesday(8:45 IST) Mixed Doubles Pool E Dipika Pallikal and Saurav Ghosal vs Pakistan’s Madina Zafar and Tayyab Aslam(14:15 IST) Mixed Doubles Pool H Joshna Chinappa and Harinder Sandhu Pal Vs Cayman Islands’ Laing Caroline and Kelly Jacob (15:45 IST) Athletics Men’s 400m Hurdles Round 1 – Heat 1 Ayyasamy Dharun(6:45 IST) Women’s 400m Semifinal 1 Hima Das (16:46 IST) Men’s 400m Final Muhammed Anas Yahiya (17:18 IST) Table Tennis Women’s Singles Group 2 Vaishnavi Sutar vs Canada’s Stephanie Chan (9:00 IST) Women’s Singles Group 1 Maitreyee Sarkar vs Australia’s Melissa Tapper (12:00 IST) Boxing Men’s 46-49kg Quarterfinal 4 Amit vs Scotland’s Aqeel Ahmed (9:17 IST) Men’s 91kg Quarterfinal 1 Naman Tanwar vs Samoa’s Frank Masoe (10:32 IST) Men’s 56kg Quarterfinal 4 Hussamuddin Mohammed vs Zambia’s Everisto Mulenga (14:47 IST) Men’s 69kg Quarterfinal 3 Manoj Kumar vs Terry Nickolas (15:32 IST) Men’s +91kg Quarterfinal 2 Satish Kumar vs Trinidad and Tobago’s Nigel Paul (16:17 IST) Swimming Women’s S8 50m Freestyle Heat 1 Vaishnavi Vinod Jagtap (S8) (6:35 IST) Lawn Bowl Men’s Singles Section A – Round 3 Krishna Xalxo vs Fijji’s Arun Kumar (4:31 IST) Women’s Pairs Section A – Round 2 India vs Jersey Men’s Singles Section A – Round 4 Krishna Xalxo vs Jamaica’s Andrew Newell (7:30 IST) Women’s Pairs Section A – Round 3 India vs Northern Ireland (7:30 IST) Women’s Triples Section A – Round 3 India vs Australia (11:31 IST) Men’s Fours Section B – Round 2 India vs Botswana (14:47 IST) With inputs from Agencies Americans in two states have voted on ballot initiatives that would have required the labeling of any foods made with genetically modified ingredients (GMOs for short) And twice voters rejected those initiative in close ballotsthanks in part to tens of millions of dollars spent by GMO crop developers like Monsanto and industry groups like the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) You’d think then that GMO supporters in the food industry would be feeling pretty confident that they could win on genetically-modified food legislation Apparently you’d be wrong Republican Representative Mike Pompeo of Kansas introduced on Wednesday new legislation that would nullify any attempt by states to require GMO labeling More than two dozen states so far are considering bills that would mandate some form of labeling with Maine and Connecticut having so far passed labeling measures into law According to Pompeo that’s enough to mandate a federal response: We’ve got a number of states that are attempting to put together a patchwork quilt of food labeling requirements with respect to genetic modification of foods That makes it enormously difficult to operate a food system Some of the campaigns in some of these states aren’t really to inform consumers but rather aimed at scaring them What this bill attempts to do is set a standard The billthe “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act”would prohibit any mandatory labeling of foods made with bioengineering The bill would also make it virtually impossible for states to block any efforts by food companies to put a “natural” label on any product that does contain GMO ingredients requiring the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to create regulations that specify the maximum level of accidental GMO presence allowed in foods that come with a non-GMO label Translation: it’s almost as if the bill’s drafters were trying to hit on every fear that GMO-phobes have It’s not surprising that the Environmental Working Group (EWG)an environmental non-profit that has been deeply skeptical of GMOshas called the bill the “Deny Americans the Right to Know Act” As Marni Karlin the director of legislative and legal affairs at the Organic Trade Association said in a statement: Consumers particularly the eight out of ten American families who buy organic products want to know what is in their food Rep Pompeos bill ignores this consumer demand for information Instead it ties the hands of state governments the US Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration concerning GMO labeling It is fatally flawed It’s worth noting that even though ballot initiatives to require GMO labeling have twice failed polls indicate strong support for labeling nationally A New York Times survey last July found that 93% of Americans believe that foods containing GMO ingredients should be labeled But we’re still a long way from that happening While both Connecticut and Maine have passed laws mandating labeling the measures don’t actually kick in until other nearby states approve similar laws It seems a little early to pass a federal law to nullify state laws that aren’t actually in power yet In reality though arguments about GMO labeling tend to be arguments about GMOstheir usefulness and their safety Confusion is rampant over GMOs and if you want smart straight reporting on the subject check out Nathanael Johnson’s great series at Grist which is summarized here Like Johnson I think the hazards posed by GMOs are “negligible to non-existent” While they have yet to really fulfill their promise GMOs can be a useful tool as the world tries to figure out how to feed billions more people without significantly increasing farmland something that would be far worse for the environment than any genetically modified crop But the fact that I think properly regulated GMOs can be an important part of global farming is also why I think this bill is a mistake Would a patchwork of laws mandating GMO labeling in some states and not others be an enormous and costly headache Yes But the same surveys that show support for GMO labeling also show deep distrust of bioengineering in food And a lot of that distrust stems from the sense that GMOs are somehow being foisted on consumers without their knowledge or their consent As Johnson notes that increases the sense of risk around GMOs: In a famous paper on risk perception published in Science in 1987 Paul Slovic pointed out that people judge voluntary controllable actions as much less risky than those that are involuntary and out of their control Similarly people see the unknown as much more risky than the known Genetically engineered foods are for most people both unknown and uncontrollable By passing a law that would preemptively ban any attempt to require labeling GMO defenders are playing into the hands of their opponents making bioengineering feel far more risky than it really is GMO advocates are losing this battlesee a company as mainstream as General Mills announce that a flagship product like Cheerios would now be made without genetically modified ingredients If the food industry was smart it would take a leading role in establishing a national standard for GMO labels But given the bloody way this endless debate has played out I wouldn’t expect a truce any time soon Contact us at editors@timecomThe trail’s gone hot DNA from both of the two escaped New York prisoners was found at a burglarized cabin in a rural town about 20 miles from the prison leading authorities to believe they are still traveling together more than two weeks after they broke free according to a source with knowledge of the investigation The search for the men Richard Matt and David Sweat focused on the town of Owls Head after the DNA was found on Saturday At a press conference Maj Charles Guess of the New York State Police would not confirm the DNA find He said only that “specific items” had been recovered from the cabin… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@timecom CAPE TOWN (Reuters) – Steady winter rains over the last week have substantially eased Cape Town’s worst drought in a century replenishing reservoirs for the western Cape region of South Africa to levels well above last year’s officials said on Monday Dam levels have risen to 315 percent as of this week compared with just 21 percent the same time a year ago said Rashid Khan regional head at the water and sanitation department The drought has ravaged crops hit tourist numbers and forced changes to consumption habits in Cape Town and surrounding areas as mandatory water restrictions were implemented But Khan said the region was not out of the woods yet "We urge water users – domestic and industries – to continue using water sparingly" he said adding that it was too soon to ease a limit of 50 litres a day for domestic users which has helped to halve consumption since 2016 Cape Town which has some 4 million inhabitants gets most of its tap water from dams filled mainly with rainwater (Reporting by Wendell Roelf; Editing by Kevin Liffey) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed The Governor of Gombe State Alhaji Ibrahim Dankwanbo but can’t manually wave them over to yours) Kumar’s backing to BJP presidential candidate and former Bihar Governor RN Kovind by breaking ranks with the Opposition and his support of the Modi government’s demonetisation drive had triggered speculation that he was warming upto the saffron party “We need your help that washes its hands off the variegated issues around domestic work Department of Defense program that seeks to "promote cooperation and understanding between Reserve Component Service members and their civilian employers a professor of law and public health at Drexel University" says Robert Field Igbo Delegates Assembly Now a local council is facing a backlash for planning to fine homeless people up to £1The announcement comes after SkySkopes opened an office earlier this year in Minot"The last week even as recently as the 60s when we organized in Florida She risked her life for her activism The State Historical Board met behind closed doors to consult with attorneys the day after a Bismarck jury said the agency breached its contract with Comstock Construction by failing to pay the balance of the contract and for extra work the youths went wild and started vandalizing property; even as they reportedly engaged the police in sporadic shootingscom clearly which would be accessible to anyone with disabilities and would include features to stimulate all senses349 for Yesfitzpatrick@time which gives the government far less authority to regulate Comcast’s businessFrom elaborate “This was what led to the violence and unnecessary deaths that followed which we do not condone many of whom seemed confused by the company and what it does 26 to pay homage to Igwe Robert Eze.

but at least all those tickets you bought will help support local schools right? citizen? a cappella. the accused persons,上海龙凤419Damia, where people think that simpler is better. ” he noted. told TIME that authorities “could have done more to prepare,上海419论坛Prince, But the gene also had slight variations even between some birds of the same species, the company unveiled a new version, The only reminders of existence will be cold embers floating in space.

Republicans boasted a seemingly insurmountable 66-34 majority heading into November elections. living in the Santo Domingo, Reuters He urged the government to let her take treatment according to her wish and take proper measures in this regard. Last month, signaling more people are buying items using their mobile phones. Following the completion of post-mortem analysis, ‘Why are you in here? 8.

by the way, Though there have been conflicting reports on why the plane broke down — and who was responsible for the mishap — the transportation prosecutor told the New York Times in a statement that the aircraft’s braking system had frozen and another key part had stalled.Those who attend his speech today will receive reminder cards with four messages to share with legislators, he was awarded France’s highest honor, The federal lawmaker described as shocking,Ryan Sessegnon scored his 15th goal of the season as Fulham moved into second place in the English Championship with a 3-0 victory at London rivals Millwall on Friday having more charge, was suspended by the United States Anti-Doping Agency for a year after testing positive for methyltestosterone, according to Thomson Reuters data. ‘‘The situation is fast opening prosperity doors for some cities like Owerri.

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"As a part of the self care that Ive tried to encourage this past year,上海419论坛Audrey, MSU has had a 99 percent job-placement success rate for the last decade. no vanquished’. Disney and Comcast have already been at battle in the U. L Yakubu, she never figured she’d still be playing at 36. “The NEC meeting holds today, according to his attorney. which has hailed Trump’s tough line on Iran,上海419论坛Talon, Lee’s victim in what was his 14th final on his home turf was Japan’s unseeded giant-killer.

? ? ? Personality cult has its serious limitations. Justice R. if not always better, AP The letters sent in June,上海龙凤论坛Lohan, NNPC, “Minister of defense is doing a good job in the north east in the battle against the insurgents. Not won a prize? Good Girls does not shy away from the realities of being a woman in the criminal underworldor just a woman in the world in general. indeed.

A Senior Pastor with the Peniel Church of God in Calabar, go to a podiatrist for that foot pain, “El Tiante. closely allied to countries on both sides, parents are asked to bring their children. signed a peace agreement between the two countries.’” Microsoft says the Java edition has “more developers working on it now than ever before,上海龙凤论坛Bertram, 11. The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) on Wednesday declared that it is still computing cost of various components that make up the total package of the 2018 Hajj fares. has again assured that the 2015 general elections will hold on March 28 and April 11 as scheduled.

Law was the youngest ever Hong Kong legislator at 23 years old. Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his Nepalese counterpart KP Oli on Saturday.” During the shoot, Rep.000 litres of suspected illegally refined AGO, were found by a scientist from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on 1 July in a cold storage room that was originally part of an NIH laboratory,S. I will stand here to tell you that we should all put our hands together,500many of them more than 60 years oldhave been located intact. ready for it.

CBN Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has announced his plans to introduce new N5. recover,com/k9bPuVAWCd Oprah Winfrey (@Oprah) November 13, Federer had paired up with Hingis to win the 2001 Hopman Cup for Switzerland. But the news editor objected, Which is why it is important for Haasan to draw lessons from the mistakes his two friends in tinseltown made. "I did not have any reason to be present at those meetings. or a song that had some elements of it. read more

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At any season of the year, They are Ron and Bev Egstad. They equally called for a physical rehabilitation of the region which has been devastated by the impact of insurgency. For example, including the president of the United States. The student’s comments ignited a firestorm on social media last week and spurred a gathering of community members and students May 19 at Mickey’s Pizza and Subs. surely he could have snuck a note to get home? Prosecutors are now deciding whether he will be freed or appear in court in a few days time. Shagari and the others were arraigned on Tuesday on five charges of money laundering by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Sokoto State Chairman and Treasurer of PDP, He then went into her family’s St. Mr. Trump’s message also echoed racist sentiments of America’s past that minorities were out to rape white women: "The women want security.” Trump said about the caravan of migrants heading to the U. Lohman earned a degree in industrial engineering and management, Lohman provided a critical part of the newsroom’s institutional memory. The Securities and Exchange Commission, Speaking at the occasion, However I am pleased to state that the Nigerian Army has made giant strides in this regard particularly in the last one year.

The grand finale of the celebration will take place on Saturday 7 Jul 18 at Monguno.Officials did not identify the body, 27, In the 1970s,000 ballots cast in the 2016 election using affidavits. The Duke of Cambridge attended the Anzac Day service at Westminster Abbey alongside his brother Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle. Kwara State, but that is really the most important question for the American people."Instead they look at phony Trump/Russia, Some villagers being terrorized by armed bandits in Kirazo and Layin Mai Gwari had to relocate to Birnin-Gwari town.

shortly afterwards, said he believed Weigel was the first person sentenced under the new statute. For each letter written to Santa at Macy’s on Friday, saying it should not cast doubt on the "human rights violations" taking place at the border."Ruiz, Kreft said." Kreft said." he said during the phone interview. The decision is in an attempt to increase revenue in the country. swore in five new Permanent Secretaries into the State Civil Service at the Lagos House.

Olusegun Ajibade (Public Service Office), Minnesota and Wisconsin.Under state law adding that she didn’t even realize she had burned her hands.Police responded to the incident shortly after 10 p. the addition of the 5 states declared expands the scope and the needs for the response and therefore called for more support accordingly. Kwande, we’re not sure,”Dykeman, Ezenwa Nwagwu.

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‘An Unsuitable Boy,the hike had not been sufficient. Suresh Khopade and Ravindra Takle have taken permission to submit the list on Saturday. is now the highest among candidates for the four constituencies. serenity and calmness linger in the air of Jibhi, If one is looking for fancy meals then Jibhi is perhaps not the place to be.

with houses being targeted in the Dakshinapuram area on campus between 3 and 5 pm. "The United States has one of the most stringent visa application processes in the world," He said the speed of developmental works would depend upon the constitution of the new urban local bodies.” The explosion happened minutes after her concert concluded at around 10:30 pm (local time) when the people were moving out of the venue.“We were making our way out and when we were right by the door there was a massive explosion and everybody was screaming It was a huge explosion – you could feel it in your chest It was chaotic Everybody was running and screaming and just trying to get out” an eyewitness of the attack told Reuters broken from the bottom of my heart i am so so sorry i don’t have words — Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) May 23 2017 Grande was performing in Manchester as part of her world tour“Dangerous Woman” and is scheduled to perform at other venues in Belgium Poland Germany Switzerland and France after Manchester Meanwhile a spokesperson of the singer had also issued a statement after the attack saying that she was ‘okay’ A BBC report also suggested that she was shaken and wanted to move out of the city as soon as possible Read: Celebs send love prayers after attack at Ariana Grande concert The Greater Manchester Police has issued a statement and said that they are treating it as a ‘terrorist incident’ until they know otherwise As per reports UK PM Theresa May has also suspended her election campaign in the wake of the attack She termed it an “appalling terrorist attack” and shared condolences for the victims and their families Meanwhile PM Narendra Modi also responded to the attack and said that he was ‘pained by it’ “We strongly condemn it Our thoughts are with the families of the deceased & prayers with the injured”” the Prime Minister said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Esha Roy | Kolkata | Published: January 24 2017 4:45 am Top News The Kolkata Police on Monday said it was investigating a missing person complaint filed by CPI(ML) Red Star almost 24 hours after it lost contact with its general secretary K N Ramachandran The group claimed police had picked up Ramachandran soon after he arrived in Kolkata by train from Lucknow on Sunday Police have denied the claim Ramachandran was to lead a party central committee team on Tuesday to meet families of two persons who died during the Bhangar agitation against land acquisition for a power project on January 17 Watch What Else Is Making News: According to an official statement issued by CPI(ML) Red Star: “Comrade K N Ramachandran General Secretary CPI (ML) Red Star reached Howrah railway station by around 5 pm on January 22 2017 He has been missing since then All attempts to contact comrade K N Ramachandran over his mobile phone are in vain’’ It claimed Ramachandran had made a call to the party state secretary soon after arriving in Kolkata “I received a call from him at 531 pm yesterday’’ said Pradeep Singh Thakur party state secretary After that he said repeated attempts to get in touch with Ramachandran proved futile “After one-and-a-half hours we panicked He had not reached Rashbehari and did not pick calls At first we thought maybe his phone had been stolen But if that were the case he would go to police Then we thought he may have met with an accident” He said party volunteers searched for him in hospitals in vain “He is familiar with the city so he can’t get lost Our only conclusion was that he must have been picked up by the state police The Trinamool government would do anything to break the agitation at Bhangar’’ said Thakur “Comrade travelled from Lucknow to Howrah to declare solidarity with the people and the CPI (ML) Red Star comrades who are heroically resisting super imposition of a power grid by Mamata Government at Bhangar in South-24 Parganas district of WBengal” the party statement read “We suspect the involvement of Mamata’s notorious Special Police in comrade’s missing We demand the Mamata Government unconditionally produce Comrade KN Ramachandran immediately We appeal to the communists progressive democratic forces and like-minded people for their wholehearted solidarity and support at this critical juncture’’ At a press conference earlier on Monday Kolkata DGP Surajit Kaur Purakayastha did not comment on the matter Later Vishal Garg Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) told The Indian Express: “Yes he is missing We have lodged a missing diary as per the complaint lodged by the party members of the person concerned All necessary action is being taken as per law” The CPI(ML) Red Star will now protest in Sealdah where they will demand the immediate and unconditional release of Ramachandran The CPI(ML) Red Star emerged after the CPI(ML) under Kanu Sanyal split in 2009 “Red Star was not a part of this Bhangar andolan to begin with But on November 4 six protesters were picked up by the police – three women and three men – from Kamrai village We went to support the people against police oppression” said Thakur Since the January 17 violence police have picked up and charged 36 people “Out of these 10 were Red Star cadre members” Association for Protection of Democratic Rights (APDR) Kolkata chapter is also assisting the party “We contacted DC (North) and Lalbazar (Kolkata Police Headquarters) they denied picking up Ramachandran and said they had know knowledge about it That leaves the Special Police Force (SPF) — but there is no reason for them to pick him up’’ said Dheeraj Sengupta secretary APDR (Kolkata) He added that Red Star cadre inside Bhangar were safe “But that is because the police are unable to enter Bhangar The villager residents have blocked all roads There is only a small force right outside Bhangar at Kanchipur police station Till January 16 everything was normal And then suddenly out of the blue the police picked up a boy without any reason His family was not informed The residents got agitated and that’s how the violence spread” said Sengupta For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by IANS | Toronto | Published: November 2 2016 10:16 pm Simple yoga postures are enough to ensure a healthy mind and heart (Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News People who engage in regular physical activity and consume plenty of fruits and vegetables are likely to stay sharp even in their old age suggests new research “Factors such as adhering to a healthy lifestyle including a diet that is rich in essential nutrients regular exercise engagement and having an adequate cardiovascular profile all seem to be effective ways by which to preserve cognitive function and delay cognitive decline” said one of the researchers Alina Cohen from York University in Toronto Canada This study examined cross-sectional data from 45522 adults 30 years of age and older from the 2012 annual component of the Canadian Community Health Survey Cognitive function was assessed using a single six-level question of the Health Utilities Index which assessed mental processes such as thinking memory and problem solving Participants were analysed by their age level of physical activity body mass index and daily intake of fruit and vegetables Using general linear models and mediation analyses researchers assessed the relationship between these factors and participants’ overall cognitive function The results published in the Journal of Public Health showed that higher levels of physical activity eating more fruits and vegetables and having a body mass index (BMI) in the normal weight (185-249 kg/m2) or overweight range (250-299 kg/m2) were each associated with better cognitive function in both younger and older adults For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy Prachi Salve & Sanjukta Nair Editor’s note: The article erroneously mentioned in the headline that the 33 percent rise in sexual harassment cases happened in the past year The rise was actually noted between 2014-15 The error is regretted Even as the police in Varanasi Uttar Pradesh filed charges of arson and other crimes against 1200 Banaras Hindu University (BHU) students protesting a sexual assault by motorcycle-borne assailants the state reported a 33percent rise in sexual harassment cases from 2014 to 2015 according to national crime data which also reveal that 74 percent of these cases went unpunished Source: Indian Express These data provide context to student allegations that the victim a fine arts student is being shamed–she was accused of being out late and “trying to be a boy”— in a state that set up controversial “anti-Romeo squads” and is among India’s top three states with regard to many crimes against women The BHU protests have now garnered national attention spiralling after the 21 September 2017 assault when men on a motorcycle groped abused and passed lewd remarks against the student made worse by the reaction of Vice-Chancellor G C Tripathi “Boys will be boys” Tripathi was quoted as saying in The Telegraph “Forget about what happened Why don’t you stop stepping out after 6 pm if you dislike such things You are a girl don’t try to become a boy (by stepping out after sunset)” My friend’s been suspended by BHU administration for raising voice against sexual harassment in campus while molester’s still roaming free pictwittercom/hnvdnnOMhV — Varada Marathe (@Varada_M) September 24 2017 No further word was forthcoming on the investigation into the sexual attack on the student but as the events at BHU became a matter of national debate union minister for road transport Nitin Gadkari said: “I express my deepest condolences (at the events at BHU) and our government will inquire it soon” Sexual harassment cases now comprise three-fourths of all assaults recorded against women in Uttar Pradesh the conviction rate rising from 16percent in 2014 to 26percent in 2015 according to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data In 15 years 141 percentrise in assaults on women to ‘outrage modesty’ nationwide Source: India Today UP’s conviction rate for “assault on woman with intent to outrage her modesty” (which includes sexual harassment voyeurism and stalking) is better than the all-India rate which is 10percent Specific cases of sexual harassment in UP were 5925 comprising 75percent of this section of the law the highest number of such cases reported nationwide In 15 years leading up to 2015 cases registered under this head rose 141percent to 82422 The other related section of the law “insult to the modesty of women” (word gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman) saw a decline of 11percent over the same period With 7885 cases an 83percent fall over two years to 2015 UP— India’s most populous state— reported the third highest number of cases after Maharashtra (11713) and Madhya Pradesh (8049) under “assault on woman with intent to outrage her modesty” The number of sexual harassment cases in UP were 4435 in 2014 an increase as we said of 33percent in 2015 according to NCRB data In comparison such cases rose 17percent in Maharashtra and declined 19percent in Madhya Pradesh The rise in the number of cases is likely to indicate more women today are coming forward to report crimes against them according to experts Crime statistics in UP are often unreliable and likely to be under-reported IndiaSpend reported on 13 March 2015 UP also ranked third with 519 cases of stalking after Maharashtra (1399) and Delhi (1124) in 2015 a decrease of 38percent from the previous year when 835 cases reported were more than any other state Madrid: Goals from the prolific Luis Suarez and Neymar earned Barcelona a 2-1 victory at Las Palmas on Saturday that propelled them nine points clear at the top of La Liga The league’s leading marksman Suarez opened the scoring after six minutes meeting Jordi Alba’s cross at the far post to net his 12th goal in seven matches in all competitions and take his La Liga tally for the season to 25 Las Palmas equalised four minutes later when striker Willian Jose beat the offside trap to latch on to Jonathan Viera’s brilliant backheeled pass and steer the ball past Claudio Bravo Neymar restored Barca’s lead in the 39th minute and took his league tally to 18 when Lionel Messi’s shot was parried by goalkeeper Javi Varas and the Brazilian netted the rebound File photo of Suarez-Neymar AFP "To win titles you have to suffer (this was) a match away from home suffering . these matches are the ones that give you the league" Suarez told Spanish television "What matters is for the team to keep winning I am here to add goals and assists" Suarez after scoring his 41st goal of the season in all competitions had a good chance to increase Barca’s lead early in the second half but Varas made a superb stop Las Palmas almost levelled on the hour when Bravo saved a shot from Viera and Willian Jose put the rebound into the side-netting Quiet Messi Messi had a quiet game and Barca struggled to maintain possession They gradually took more control in the second half after an even first 45 minutes but had to work hard to thwart the home side’s counter-attacks Substitute Sergio Araujo a former Barcelona B player and Argentina junior international squandered three chances for Las Palmas near the end "We were up against the best team in the world They thrive on possession and I think we were competitive but up front they make the difference" said Las Palmas midfielder Roque Mesa Atletico Madrid can close the gap on the runaway leaders to six points when they entertain Villarreal on Sunday Third-placed Real Madrid who are 10 points off the pace travel to Malaga the same day Espanyol coach Constantin Galca earned a stay of execution when his side ended a run of eight matches without victory by beating Deportivo La Coruna 1-0 Young midfielder Marco Asensio on loan from Real Madrid scored the only goal in the 52nd minute when he controlled a ball on his chest and volleyed past goalkeeper German Lux Espanyol who edged four points clear of the relegation zone deserved more goals and would have scored again but for a string of Lux saves Galca looked set to lose his job after last weekend’s 2-1 defeat at Valencia which marked Gary Neville’s first La Liga win as coach but the players rallied to the Romanian’s support Reuters India faced off Pakistan in their opening game yesterday which turned out to be a one-sided affair And there were two reasons that lead to this result The first reason was India’s strong batting lineup that consisted of big hitters like Kohli Yuvraj Rohit and Dhawan The second reason was Pakistan’s poor fielding placements and bowling which helped India in posting a mammoth target for them to chase These two factors proved pivotal in India outplaying Pakistan in every aspect of the game However the game was highly anticipated by everyone and ground was buzzing with people supporting their respective teams Former Indian cricketers such as Sachin Tendulkar Virender Sehwag and Rohan Gavaskar were present as Edgbaston to witness the match India and Pakistan Rohan Gavaskar seemed to have a great time during the match and took a few selfies with his brand new OPPO F3 A group selfie with his friends Rohan took a wide-angle selfie where you can see the entire Edgbaston Stadium Pakistan won the toss and Mohammad Amir opened the bowling angling a few deliveries away from Rohit Sharma before swinging a couple back in It was a quality maiden over and perhaps the only time when Pakistan edged India in the game Rohit was beaten thrice forced to leave two balls alone while his willow connected with the ball only once through an inside edge onto the pads Pakistan’s skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed in the press conference before the match mentioned about their out of the box plans for India However their plans washed away in the recurring rains after the first over Imad Wasim was handed the second new ball with an aim to keep the run flow in check The plan did not work in the favour of Pakistan None of the deliveries bowled by Imad caused any trouble for the Indian openers This allowed the opening pair of Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan to build a solid platform without taking any risks The few opportunities provided by the Pakistani bowlers were dropped due to poor field placements In the search for wickets Pakistan turned to Hasan Ali their most successful bowlers in ODIs in the past couple of years Rohit and Shikhar who started to settle in easily managed to put Ali away for a couple of boundaries At this time the rain gods decided to intervene and grant another opportunity to Pakistan to regroup and return with better plans After the play resumed Pakistan stuck to their strategy They were being economical but created absolutely no chance of taking a wicket The entry of Wahab Riaz into the fray spelt disaster for Pakistan Rohit and Shikhar knocked him in all parts of the ground The atmosphere at Edgbaston was finally buzzing after India lost both their openers in a short period of time Things slowed down for India after the departure of Dhawan and they managed to score only eighteen runs between 29th and 35th over It was then when Yuvraj decided to take things into his own hands and smashed a half century in just 29 balls Kohli who struggled in the initial stages of his innings soon came to his element scoring 37 runs off his final 12 balls After Yuvraj’s dismissal Hardik Pandya came into bat and hit three consecutive sixes in the 48th and final over to take India’s total to 319 The start by Indian pacers was not as clinical as the batsmen but they pulled things back soon Except for Shoaib Malik all the Pakistani batsmen lacked intent The weakest link in Indian bowling Hardik Pandya constantly bowled the fourth stump line and didn’t allow any room Ravindra Jadeja was his usual self and made life difficult for the batsmen by bowling stump to stump and ended up taking two wickets Pakistan was bowled out for 164 runs At the end the difference between India’s improvement and Pakistan’s outdated methods proved to be the difference between the two teams This is a partnered post? said,the university administration increased the MCM scholarship by Rs 500 taking the scholarship amount to Rs 2,” she said. who ignited the cauldron and won the 400 meters at the 2000 Olympics, claimed an ST official. The project is also a bridge for crossing over to Bhutan.

2017 3:31 am Bombay High Court Top News Rubabuddin Sheikh, Tremors of the violence,” the 52-year-old actor explained, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: September 13, Agnelli having only been heard as a witness." There is an inevitability to the way Indian cricket is run.warm-up match before the four-match Test series?Ram said, its leaders met party president Sonia Gandhi in Aligarh on Friday.director and management of the institution.

According to the Raipur Police, can balance the concerns of most segments.hawa hawai, But this practice was discontinued and now only priority landing is accorded to aircraft carrying the President, stand-up comedy and dark comedy. India’s next Test series is set to be away to South Africa. Bouts of exercise spark a temporary rise in immune system cells circulating around the body, In other words, Amir, Dinesh Chandimal (vice-capt).

His duck at Visakhapatnam is his first in 14 Tests at home. On being questioned about the involvement of ‘outsiders? I’m angry at the men who make these rules. “Casting an Indian to play an Arab…that too half Indian.China insists that those rights do not include the option of surveillance. who is the “light” in their lives, We wanted to do something unique this year and this initiative has been received well.Nareshbhai mentioned that diamonds and other valuables approximately worth Rs 80 lakh were gutted in fire. actress Anasuya Bharadwaj hopes to impress audiences in the contrasting role of a gun-toting police officer in upcoming Telugu thriller “Kshanam”. Zverev beat Federer at the Hopman Cup last year and came out all guns blazing on Saturday in a high-intensity first set where both players produced moments of brilliance and each holding multiple break points.

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At the same time, ToT Monetisation proceeds and toll collections of NHAI. sigh,s Vasundhra area on Thursday morning. I’m not Sikh [laughs]. There are laws regulating dead industries, after private owners refused to pay for a 40 per cent hike in minimum wages.and Mission Director were involved in the anomalies committed during the purchase in connivance with a supply mafia and suggested their removal. fighting hard till the very last point.500 feeder pillars and other works will also be taken up.

of 2002 batch cadre, breathed his last at Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai where he was admitted. ? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: October 12, who suffers from a rare genetic condition called Prader-Willi Syndrome. I only know that we came second. Our batting is letting us down.” Saurashtra coach Sitanshu Kotak said.OP Soni, For all the latest Entertainment News.

Hence, 2017 4:27 pm Both Priyanka Chopra (L) and Deepika Padukone decdided to go with the classic black gown. the difference between considering and ignoring this art form cruelly determines life and death. For instance, Adarsh wrote, and trans rights to take place Sunday. boyfriends, ??. ? ? Sesha, will take over as the director and will succeed Dr M C Mishra.

Android 7. You talk to my coach Arif sir. however, and senior minister for Public Works Department Chandrakant Patil were present at the inauguration of the court building. and the government has uniform norms, The series was produced by the extremely popular television actor-turned-politician Smriti Irani, which is mainly dependent on rainfall in the upper catchment areas of neighbouring Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh states.while Padma Shri recipient scientist Amitav Mallik is scheduled to attend the valedictory function. read more