Supreme Court to examine process for deciding residential school compensation

first_imgThe Canadian Press OTTAWA – The Supreme Court of Canada will look at the process used to determine compensation for former residential school students.The high court has agreed to hear the appeal of an Indigenous man – known only as J.W. due to privacy considerations – who claims he was sexually assaulted by a nun while attending a residential school in Manitoba.At issue is whether the decisions of adjudicators in such cases can be reviewed by the courts.For over a century, tens of thousands of Indigenous children were required to attend residential schools, primarily run by religious institutions and funded by the federal government.Students were not allowed to use their languages or cultural practices.Former pupils provided accounts of physical, sexual and emotional abuse as part of an independent assessment process to determine compensation _ a program that flowed from a major 2006 settlement agreement aimed at ensuring a lasting resolution of the residential schools legacy.J.W.’s claim was rejected by an adjudicator on the grounds that he had failed to show the nun’s alleged act – grabbing his penis while he was in line for a shower – had a “sexual purpose.”His efforts to have the decision overturned by other adjudicators failed.However, a Manitoba judge found fault with the internal reviews and sent the case back to the initial adjudication phase.The federal government successfully challenged the judge’s decision in the Manitoba Court of Appeal, which ruled that, under the terms of the independent assessment process, there can be no judicial review of adjudication decisions.As usual, the Supreme Court gave no reasons for agreeing to hear J.W.’s case.last_img read more

Torstar sees Q2 profit as tax credit reduces expenses counters drop in

first_imgTORONTO – Torstar Corp. had a $4.8-million profit attributable to shareholders and improved adjusted earnings in the second quarter, partly because of cost reductions and partly due to a provincial tax credit that offset labour costs.In the comparable period last year, Torstar posted a loss of just under $7 million.Net income in the three months ended June 30 was equal to six cents per share, which compared with a loss of nine cents per share in last year’s second quarter.Adjusted earnings from continuing operations equalled 16 cents per share, compared with a loss of three cents per share a year ago.The year-over-year improvements were due primarily to lower operating costs.Salaries and benefits were down $20.9 million from a year ago, mostly because of the digital tax credit. Excluding the credit, salaries and benefits would be down $5.1 million.Revenue was down 11.5 per cent to $143.2 million in the second quarter from $161.7 million a year earlier.Year-over-year comparisons are complicated by a number of acquisitions and divestitures, including a publication exchange between Torstar and Postmedia Network Canada Corp.Their deal is being investigated by the federal Competition Bureau. The companies say they complied with the law and they’re co-operating with the competition watchdog.Like most traditional newspapers, magazines and broadcast media, Torstar has been undergoing a years-long decline in advertising revenue due to competition from digital media and changing consumer habits.“While we are in the early days of a comprehensive multi-phased transformation plan, signs of progress are clear.” John Boynton, Torstar’s president and CEO, told analysts in a conference call.He said Torstar is pleased with the stability of its subscriber revenue, which he described as a “large and more resilient part of our business.”Boynton said its data about consumers and advertisers is key.“Already we’re using some of the data to help us make decisions and start to figure out how to serve customers better. And the same with the client side,” Boynton said.Torstar is also going to make more use of subscriptions for its digital media, in order to provide more relevant advertising to consumers in a more efficient way.___Torstar holds an investment in The Canadian Press as part of a joint agreement with a subsidiary of the Globe and Mail and the parent company of Montreal’s La Presse.Companies in this story: (TSX:TS.B, TSX:PNC.B)Note to readers: This is a corrected story. An earlier version said net income per share was for six months instead of three months.last_img read more

Moroccan Child Dies After School Metal Door Falls, Parents Condemn Poor…

Rabat – A primary school’s rusty entry door suddenly fell on Thursday, killing a 10-year-old girl and injuring a woman who was also standing near the door.The woman suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized at the Sid Lahsene hospital in Temara.The incident angered the school students’ parents and teachers who protested in front of the school to denounce the school’s condition and the director’s “negligence.”   Parents expressed their outrage over the school’s dilapidated state. They said the school’s lack of facilities, water and sanitation negatively affects students’ health and school experience.Read Also: Low Standards in Moroccan Schools Put Children’s Education at RiskOne example is that of a student whose father complained about her experiencing burns when urinating, likely infected by a urinary tract infection (UTI) at the school’s unhygienic toilet which is also accessible to the school’s guard dog.The parents complained that there is no cleaner to take care of the school toilets although they pay the parents’ associations fees, collected money supposed to improve the school’s condition.‘God’s will’For all the complaints and outrage from parents, however, the ministry of education played down the tragedy, urging the angry parents to resign themselves to divine providence.In a statement released on Friday, the ministry expressed “regret and sadness” over the tragic incident. It added, however, that the schoolgirl’s death “was God’s will.”The statement pointed out that the school’s director met with the girl’s family to convey his condolences and that the ministry has sent a commission to the school to investigate the school’s situation, “take urgent measures,” and ensure that classes resume in normal conditions.In its 2016-2017 annual report, the Moroccan Court of Auditors noted deficits in the basic facilities of some schools.  Running water, electricity, sewage, and hygienic toilets are a rare–sometimes inexistent–commodity in most schools in rural areas, according to the report.Other missing basic infrastructure and facilities include fences, sanitary units, sports fields, multimedia rooms, libraries, internet connection, and teaching materials. read more

Markets Right Now: Stocks open lower as chipmakers fall

NEW YORK — The latest on developments in financial markets (all times local):9:35 a.m.A sell-off in shares of chipmakers is pushing U.S. stocks lower as Wall Street begins trading Monday.Companies are taking steps to comply with the Trump administration’s decision to restrict technology sales to Chinese telecom giant Huawei. About one-third of Huawei’s suppliers are American chipmakers, including Qualcomm and Broadcom.Shares of both companies are down more than 4% in early trading.Sprint shares spiked 25.6% after the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission said he will approve its merger with T-Mobile. Shares of T-Mobile gained 5.8%The S&P 500 index fell 18 points, or 0.6%, to 2,841.The Dow slid 134 points, or 0.5%, to 25,629. The Nasdaq dropped 108 points, or 1.4%, to 7,708.The yield on the 10 year Treasury was flat at 2.39%.The Associated Press read more

Bringing the city to the vineyard

Brock grads learning about grape growing in the vineyardDriving along the QEW into Niagara often stirs that ‘coming home’ nostalgia for Brock graduates. After all, over 80 000 alumni have graduated from the University, and many call Niagara home during their time at Brock. Now, as graduates, the drive into Niagara has another landmark to note – the wineries.While undergraduate students have typically not been known for their discerning tastes – more likely to drink Spumonti Bambino than Bordeaux – the Niagara region also has much to offer for those with more refined palates and quality over quantity.During this year’s Homecoming celebrations in September, we plan to bring alumni ‘home’ to Niagara’s wine country. On Sunday, September 22, shuttle buses will leave from Toronto, Burlington, and right here in Niagara to take graduates on a tour of three beautiful wineries in the Twenty Valley region with stops at Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery, Thirty Bench Winery, and Hernder Estate Winery where guests will also enjoy describes the Twenty Valley (the towns of Beamsville, Vineland & Jordan) as “rural yet sophisticated;” one minute you’re driving alongside farmland, the next, you’re passing a vineyard nestled at the base of the Escarpment.Come join us on this exciting Homecoming tour as we “bring the city to the vineyard!” From a “boutique” winery like Thirty Bench Winery, to a property boasting a 60 year tradition of grape growing and Niagara’s only covered bridge at Hernder Estates to a winery rich with history, and whose namesake lived on the land during the late 18th century at Henry of Pelham.For more information, and to register for the tour, visit read more

Federal response to gig workers hindered by unreliable data documents say

OTTAWA — A newly released government document shows that federal officials feel stymied by data roadblocks in their bid to help policymakers tackle a growing political concern about the country’s “gig” economy.Documents obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act show federal officials were leery of the reliability of existing data on the number of Canadians using online platforms to earn their livings, even though the figures had come from reputable sources.The late-March briefing note shows officials at Employment and Social Development Canada were looking for alternatives.Federal officials have been closely watching the changes in the labour force away from full-time jobs in favour of more temporary, part-time or contract work.Available research suggests young people are more often found in these positions, which can be lower-paid and without benefits or longer-term job security. That makes the effects of the gig economy of particular interest to politicians: millennials make up the largest voting cohort this election season.Concerns about the ripple effects have prodded changes to the Canada Pension Plan, analysts’ deep policy dives into the future of the federal social safety net, new spending on skills training and amendments to the federal labour code.What makes measuring the size of the gig economy so difficult is that there are competing definitions of what it includes. ESDC officials leaned on an American definition that described gig workers as those who take short work or tasks through websites or mobile apps that arrange payment and connect them directly to consumers.So, for instance, driving Ubers, making SkipTheDishes deliveries, or picking up odd work from TaskRabbit. Putting together multiple part-time jobs, soliciting work through a website such as Kijiji, or surviving on short-term contracts didn’t count.Underlying concerns about the gig economy is a demographic shift firmly underway in Canada. Aging baby boomers will retire in droves over the coming years without enough young workers to replace them — which raises a potential problem. Unlike the Canada Pension Plan, old-age security payments are funded by tax dollars, and federal coffers might not be able to cover the cost of seniors’ benefits that are increasing faster than inflation.Add to that populist concerns about immigrants, who have been the main drivers of population growth as birth rates have declined, and there is a potential potent mixture for the coming election campaign.What to do beyond election day has engrossed federal officials from multiple departments, who have tested worst-case scenarios and a range of possible policy responses.Armine Yalnizyan, an economist who has researched the gig economy in detail, said available data suggests a growth in the platforms could erode wages for engineers, accountants, programmers and lawyers as companies connect with cheaper overseas labour. Federal programs either provide workers with capped income supports — which for high-wage workers would be well below the earnings they’re used to — or retraining funding, she said.“This isn’t the hollowing out of the middle, this is the hollowing out of the high-skill, high-wage class and we don’t have programs for that crowd,” Yalnizyan said.“What are you going to train them in? They’ve just spent seven to 10 years training and spent a fortune on it. Obviously, our systems are not designed for that reality and that’s where we’re hitting the stress tests.”The briefing note, sent to a handful of top ESDC officials, lamented that the “available evidence about the incidence and quality of online platform work, in Canada and abroad, is currently quite limited, impeding the provision of policy advice.”Officials also raised cautions on survey results from two major federal institutions — Statistics Canada and the Bank of Canada — on the number of Canadians using online platforms for their incomes, highlighting concerns with how the data were obtained.The document says Statistics Canada scuttled a plan to replicate an American labour survey on gig workers after U.S. officials admitted there were problems with the results. Instead, a survey of the digital economy found about 230,000 Canadians had been involved in platform work in the previous 12 months, or 0.8 per cent of the population over age 18.A similar effort by the Bank of Canada suggested between 4 and 6.5 per cent of Canadians over 16 were part of the gig economy.Both results, different as they were, were “markedly lower” than other countries, the document says, and should be “treated carefully due to the small number of respondents.”“We know there’s been growth and we know Canada is very reliant on this form of labour, both among employers and, oddly, amongst workers,” Yalnizyan said. “Something’s happening, we just don’t know how to measure it properly.”Results from a new Statistics Canada effort are expected to be available this fall, the briefing note says, but officials at ESDC were already pushing “alternative methods of data collection” to learn more about platform workers and their job quality.A department spokeswoman said ESDC “continues to explore the possibility” of taking part in an international survey of platform workers and an in-depth study with Statistics Canada, both of which would take place next year.Jordan Press, The Canadian Press read more

WatchSmall businesses to get rebates for energyefficient upgrades to help cut their

OTTAWA — Small businesses in the four provinces with a national carbon price will get $1.4 billion over the next four years to help them cut their carbon-tax bills by reducing their energy use.Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is introducing the carbon price rebate program for small and medium-sized businesses Thursday, nearly two months after the new carbon price began being applied in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick.“It took a while, to be honest, to get the details right,” McKenna said. Kenney government’s Bill 1 will roll back Alberta carbon tax on everyone but large emitters Federal carbon price revenues to hit $2.6 billion this year, budget watchdog says Amid Alberta’s election campaign, small businesses say they’re the canaries in the coal mine — and things aren’t going well She said she wanted to make sure the program will be workable and easy for businesses to use.There will be a direct rebate program for small and medium-sized businesses to get back up to half the cost of buying more energy-efficient equipment and appliances. It’s expected the rebates will be worth $44 million this year and the maximum rebate for any individual business will be $20,000.More details on what equipment or retrofits will be eligible for what level of rebate won’t be available until regulations are delivered after the Liberal government’s budget-implementation bill passes in Parliament. McKenna said the idea is to include things like refrigerators, dishwashers and anti-idling devices for vehicles to help everyone from farmers to convenience-store owners and restaurateurs.“We wanted very practical things that will help small businesses save money,” she said.A separate program will allow businesses to apply to get rebates for retrofits that make their businesses use less energy. That program, which will be about $106 million this year, will be for projects that cost up to $1 million.The funds come from the revenues Canada is collecting from the $20-a-tonne carbon price imposed April 1 on the provinces that don’t currently have carbon-pricing systems of their own. Legislation requires all the revenues from the carbon price to be returned to individuals and businesses in provinces where they were collected.Most of the rebates — 90 per cent — are going to individuals through income-tax rebates. The rest is reserved for businesses and non-profits, municipalities, hospitals, schools, universities and Indigenous communities.The Liberals expect most businesses to be able to pass on their carbon costs to consumers through higher prices for goods and services, which is why the majority of the rebates are going to individuals.Another separate program is to be announced to help offset carbon-price costs for municipalities, hospitals, universities and schools.Over the next four years, Ottawa anticipates small and medium-sized businesses will be eligible for $1.4 billion in rebates for energy-efficiency ugprades through the two streams.The carbon price is set to rise $10 per tonne each year until it hits $50 a year in 2022. The government says it will revisit the price then to see how effectively it’s cutting Canada’s greenhouse-gas emissions.For homeowners and smaller-emitting businesses the carbon price will apply on 21 different input fuels and combustible materials used to produce energy, including gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, tires and asphalt shingles. The expectation is that at $20 a tonne, a tank of gasoline will cost about $2 more, and a monthly residential natural gas heating bill will go up $8.Large industrial emitters that produce more than 50,000 tonnes of carbon emissions a year are bumped into a separate program, where the price is paid on a portion of the company’s own total emissions, rather than on the input fuels they use.More than half a million small businesses in Canada are affected by the national carbon price in the four covered provinces. read more

Hungarian law that could detain all asylumseekers violates countrys legal obligations –

“In practice, it means that every asylum-seeker, including children, would be detained in shipping containers surrounded by high razor wire fence at the border for extended periods of time,” Cécile Pouilly, a spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), told the media today at a news briefing at the UN Office at Geneva (UNOG). “The new law violates Hungary’s obligations under international and European Union (EU) laws, and will have a terrible physical and psychological impact on women, children and men who had already greatly suffered,” she added. According to the UN agency, under international and EU laws, the detention of refugees and asylum-seekers could only be justified on a limited number of grounds, and only where it was necessary, reasonable and proportionate. That requires authorities to consider whether there were less coercive or intrusive measures to achieve those goals, based on an assessment of the individual’s particular circumstances, explained Ms. Pouilly, adding that alternatives to detention should always to be considered first. “Failure to do so could render detention arbitrary,” she said. Until now, asylum-seekers had been allowed to stay in open reception centres across the country. However, with the new law the people who had entered the country, having passed through the transit zones, would be moved back to those zones and confined to the containers. RELATED: Refugees and migrants taking ‘enormous risks’ to reach Europe“This is extremely worrying, especially thinking about children being detained,” noted Ms. Pouilly, adding: “Children should never be detained under any conditions as detention was never in a child’s best interest.” She also said that the Government had also already erected a razor wire barrier along the entire border with Serbia and, now, only 50 asylum seekers were allowed to enter the country per week, at two crossing points. Lack of legal pathways to access Europe and because of the closed borders, many people are resorting to smugglers, which make them, and especially children, event more vulnerable and harder to track. The UNHCR spokesperson further told the media that the physical barriers already erected, together with legislative and policy obstacles, make it nearly impossible for asylum-seekers to enter the country, apply for asylum and receive international protection. read more

Mens Basketball Ohio State guard JaQuan Lyle taken into custody Saturday morning

Ohio State sophomore guard JaQuan Lyle drives to the basket against Nebraska on Feb. 18 at the Schottenstein Center. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorOhio State junior guard JaQuan Lyle was taken into custody in his hometown of Evansville, Indiana, at 2:09 a.m. Saturday morning.He was charged with public intoxication, criminal mischief to a vehicle and disorderly conduct, according to the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office’s booking records. He was released on $150 bond.According to a police report obtained by The Lantern, a police officer asked a black male, later identified as Lyle, to leave after observing him stumbling through crowd and bumping into people at Piston’s Bar & Grill. On the way out, he punched the front door and was told he would not be allowed back in. Then, he walked over to a police car and punched it while officers stood just a few feet away, according to the report. Police arrested him and transported him to the Vanderburgh County Correctional Facility where he was charged.All three charges are class B misdemeanors. In Indiana, the maximum punishment for a class B misdemeanor is up to 180 days in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.Lyle played in 31 games last season, making 23 starts and averaging 29.3 minutes per game. He ranked third on the team in scoring as he averaged 11.4 points per game and recorded a team-high 142 assists.247Sports first reported Lyle being taken into custody.Updated 2:41 p.m.: The article has been updated with information in the police report. read more

Football Fields Martell attempt to gain eligibility after transfer

Freshman quarterback Justin Fields sits at the Ohio State men’s basketball game between the Buckeyes and Michigan State on Jan. 5 following his transfer to Ohio State from Georgia. Credit: Nick Hudak | For The LanternJustin Fields and Tate Martell each walked into a full quarterback room. Martell, a freshman at Ohio State, walked into a room inhabiting three starting quarterbacks: J.T. Barrett, Dwayne Haskins and Joe Burrow, who transferred and eventually started at LSU.Fields walked into the quarterback room at Georgia as one of three five-star quarterbacks, joining Jake Fromm and Jacob Easton, who transferred to Washington prior to the 2018 season. But both Fields and Martell had something else in common: Both thought they had a legitimate shot at the starting quarterback job at their respective schools. And both, having each spent a year of eligibility, were proved otherwise. After the 2018 season, both Fields and Martell decided to leave their initial colleges when Fields’ decision to transfer to Ohio State led to Martell’s eventual transfer to the University of Miami. But for both Fields and Martell, the NCAA transfer rules remain the same: The player will have to sit out one season at the institution they transfer to in order to serve an academic year in residence.However, the institutions that Fields and Martell transferred to — Ohio State and Miami, respectively — can apply for a waiver that would make the athlete immediately eligible.“It has become much more common now than it once was,” William Brooks, a partner of Lightfoot Law who specializes in NCAA compliance and investigations, said. “Over the last year or two, you have seen more and more of these requests granted than not, easily more than a majority are granted.” Brooks said there are a number of grounds the student can assert, but that it does have to be a stated reason that does not involve the student-athlete wanting to play next season. Fields had a different reason in mind when he came to Ohio State. During Georgia’s 38-12 win against Tennessee on Sept. 29, Adam Sasser, a former first baseman on the Volunteers’ baseball, team yelled racial slurs toward Fields on the sideline. “I don’t know whether it was Jake Fromm had a bad series or something, but this guy was really drunk, and he decides to yell out, ‘Put the N-expletive in the game. Put the N in the game,’” Michael Hebert, the football beat reporter for the Red and Black, Georgia’s student newspaper, said. Sasser, who never denied the incident and later sent out an apology, was kicked off the baseball team on Oct. 3. “It seemed like it was just an unfortunate incident that wasn’t going to affect anything,” Hebert said. However, Fields will use this incident, according to reports, as a means to gain immediate eligibility in his first season at Ohio State, teaming up with Tom Mars, the attorney who helped former Ole Miss players, including Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson, gain immediate eligibility for the 2018 season after their transfers. Brooks said the incident involving Sasser already has an important element that could contribute to Fields’ eligibility. “The incident that occurred was documented. We know that it happened, so it seems like he has satisfied that part,” Brooks said. “The second part is that it has to directly impact his health, safety or well-being, and that’s what the ultimate decision will be.”  But Herbert believes there is really no hard feelings between Fields and Georgia that led to his transfer. “I don’t really see Fields having animosity towards anyone,” Herbert said. “It really had a lot to do with the football decision and wanting to be at a place where he feels he could be better.”  Coming into the 2017 season as the No. 2 recruit in the class, Fields had extremely high expectations, despite the level of talent Georgia already had at the quarterback position. However, throughout the season, Georgia head coach Kirby Smart would bring Fields in for an occasional running play and take him back out. “Everyone was kind of confused as to what was going on with the plan there,” Herbert said. “Kirby Smart said there was no plan.” After Georgia’s 41-17 win against South Carolina on Sept. 8, Fields was filmed walking off the field telling a teammate, “I didn’t do s***. I just handed the ball off, and it was good as f***.” Fields completed one pass for eight yards and recorded one rush for three yards in the victory. Without a direct path to playing time with Fromm firmly holding the starting quarterback job, rumors about Fields possibly transferring swirled around the freshman throughout the 2018 season. After the 2018 SEC Championship, Jake Reuse, a recruiting writer for, said Fields was “noncommittal” when asked about the transfer rumors, saying he was focused on Georgia at that point in time. But Reuse felt a transfer was in Fields’ future. “I think that people left that interview and left that SEC Championship game feeling like it was moving away from rumor and probably more into fact sooner rather than later,” Reuse said.  Fields will not be the only one trying to play next season. According to a report from 247Sports, Martell will be trying to gain immediate eligibility as well, citing the head coaching change — with Urban Meyer announcing his retirement prior to the Rose Bowl and offensive coordinator Ryan Day taking over as head coach — as his grounds to play for the Hurricanes next season. Brooks said the standard to gain immediate eligibility is that the circumstance is “a documented, mitigating circumstance outside of the student-athlete’s control.” Prior to Fields’ transfer to Ohio State, Martell said he was ready to earn the starting quarterback job under Day. “I feel like it’s my turn to go out there and do my thing. I feel like I’ve earned that,” Martell said. “I’ve worked extremely hard to get to the point where I am, and each year, I keep climbing and getting better.” Due to the increasing trend of granted requests for immediate eligibility, Fields at Ohio State and Martell at Miami could both have a chance to prove their ability within their new programs starting as soon as the 2019 season. read more

Ben Stokes Son of victim support officers careerlong battle with aggression

“There’s adrenaline there, but I’d never get close to punching someone,” Stokes said in a magazine interview as he was pressed by a journalist about hot-headed outbursts stretching back more than a decade. By the end of that same weekend he was sinking Jägerbombs, vodka and beer before launching a rampage of right hooks on an Afghanistan war veteran and a fire brigade worker. Ben Stokes, the son of a victim support officer, was insisting he would never turn violent just two days before landing himself in a police jail cell. Knocking out Ryan Hale and Ryan Ali outside a Bristol nightclub – for which he was later found not guilty of affray – was the worst but by no means first outburst to leave… read more

Police force criticised over pointless plans to give blunt knives to domestic

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “This is a measure we need to take. We want to reduce that risk. It is a trial. We have about a 100 of them – and we have so far given out about 50.”The knife is blunt at the end – but still functions as a knife – so you can’t stab someone. “People will stay in a relationship after some serious episodes of domestic abuse.”They may stay together for children, get back together, or might get back together when they are out of prison.”While the pilot has won the approval of some residents, others on social media criticised the force, describing the scheme as “literally pointless”.Domestic abuse survivor Fiona McCulloch, a 38-year-old mother-of-two from Chilwell, Notts, said: “I think it is 100 per cent positive. In a domestic setting, if they are determined to hurt you then they will.”To have a blunt knife in my situation it would have taken that risk away. It is like you are taking away their options and the more you can take away the better.”However, Andy Carlin, who also lives in Nottinghamshire, said: “Blunt knives are going to do nothing to tackle domestic violence as they can still use their fists and other household items to stab someone.” However, domestic abuse survivors claimed the scheme doesn’t “solve any problems” and suggested police could be left with “serious questions to answer” if someone identified as at risk is later harmed.Charlotte Kneer, the chief executive of Reigate and Banstead Women’s Aid Refuge, said: “It is well intentioned but the wrong approach. “If the people who are being given blunt knives are identified as being at risk of serious harm, then that is what the police and other agencies should be acting on, rather than just putting a blunt knife in their drawer.  Nottinghamshire Police have 100 of the blades, which can still slice food but cannot be used to stab. Credit:Nottingham Post / BPM Media “If a victim is seriously harmed or murdered with another instrument after you give them a blunt knife then the police will have serious questions to answer, given they had identified the victim as being at risk.“If someone is grabbing knives out of kitchen drawers then they are a homicide threat. If there is not a knife handy in the drawer, they will do something else. They could grab a rolling pin.” Domestic incidents of made up 17 per cent of knife crime reported to Nottinghamshire Police in 2018/19.  Domestic incidents made up 17 per cent of knife crime reported to Nottinghamshire Police in 2018/19. Credit:People Images/Getty Images Nottinghamshire Police have 100 of the blades, which can still slice food but cannot be used to stab. Ms Kneer, whose ex-partner was sentenced to jail for crimes against her, added the trial reinforced the idea that domestic abuse was usually “a crime of passion”.She said: “It brings up trauma for me. Once my ex grabbed a knife out of the kitchen drawer and attempted to stab me and another time he grabbed a knife out of a kitchen drawer and tried to make me stab him. “I see the intent of what they are trying to achieve but it is not solving any problems.”Currently domestic violence knife crime makes up more than 17 percent of all incidents reported to Nottinghamshire Police. Superintendent Matt McFarlane, the force’s new knife crime strategy manager, said: “We do see a fair amount of knife related incidents in domestic abuse not just on the streets. A police force has been criticised over “pointless” plans to hand out blunt knives to domestic violence victims in a bid to prevent people being attacked in their homes.Nottinghamshire Police have launched a pilot scheme whereby individuals who have been threatened or attacked with a blade will be offered to replace them with unpointed knives.Senior police chiefs said the initiative is designed to tackle the level of knife-related incidents taking place in homes across the county.The force has 100 of the blunt blades, which can still slice food but cannot be used to stab, and have so far distributed 50 of them. Victims would need to agree to have their blades replaced as it is not mandatory. The knives were purchased by the force to use in “appropriate high risk domestic situations”. Paddy Tipping, Nottinghamshire’s police and crime commissioner, said: “It is an excellent initiative.” read more

Who are the Trump advisors at the heart of the child separation

first_img 12,841 Views By Paul Hosford THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION has been notable for a number of things since the businessman came to power.But one thing in particular is the focus on his advisors and inner circle. While very few people here could tell you who Barack Obama’s press secretary was, Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders are practically household names.This week, in light of the controversy surrounding a Trump administration policy which saw immigrant children separated from their parents at the US-Mexican border, some more of those advisors came into focus.Here’s who’s who.Kirstjen Nielsen Source: UPI/PA ImagesHomeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is a 46-year-old former Bush administration official who this week became known as the Cabinet member who skewed the facts at a combative press conference in defense of Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy, and who convened a “working dinner” at a Mexican restaurant while audio of hysterical Spanish-speaking children circulated on social media.That dinner was interrupted by protesters who asked her “how do you sleep at night?” before she left the restaurant.The path Nielsen has taken is somewhat surprising for a government bureaucrat and policy wonk known more for her loyalty to White House chief of staff John Kelly and her expertise in cybersecurity than the hardline immigration views espoused by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and White House adviser Stephen Miller.Following Trump’s election, Nielsen joined the transition team, on the recommendation of several former co-workers, to help guide Kelly through the confirmation process to become Trump’s secretary of homeland security. Nielsen quickly won the retired general’s trust, impressing him with her work ethic and command of the issues.A constant presence in Kelly’s orbit, Nielsen followed the retired general to the White House and quickly established herself as the West Wing “enforcer.” But, people inside and outside the White House also complained she was controlling access to Kelly, alienating staffers and failing to return phone calls — criticism that often comes with any chief of staff job.Trump eventually tapped Nielsen to take over as head of the sprawling Department of Homeland Security.Jeff Sessions Source: UPI/PA ImagesAttorney General Sessions, who like the president is 70, was an early loyal Trump supporter who became a pivotal figure in his campaign and his transition team.Sessions grew up in Alabama, in the segregated South. He was a US prosecutor from 1981 to 1993, before serving as the state’s attorney general. He won a seat in the US Senate in 1996.His career was almost derailed when the Senate panel rejected him for a federal judgeship amid concerns over past comments he had made about blacks, and voter rights.He has recused himself from inquiries into US president Donald Trump’s dealings with Russia but has continued his work as Trump’s top lawyer.Stephen Miller Stephen Miller Source: Evan VucciSenior policy advisor Miller is a 32-year-old political operative who worked as press secretary for two members of Congress before beginning his work with Jeff Sessions.He would join the Trump campaign in 2016 and declared an “ideological kinship” with ousted Trump advisor Steve Bannon. Miller is seen to have embraced the alt-right and was described as the chief architect of this week’s policy.A recent profile of Miller for The Atlantic called him Trump’s “Right-Hand Troll”, with the advisor admitting he likes to use provocative policies to cause outrage. 53 Comments Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlecenter_img Share6 Tweet Email Who are the Trump advisors at the heart of the child separation scandal? The policy has dominated the headlines this week. He insists that he believes every word he says, and that he is not a fan of “provocation for its own sake.” But after some reflection, he admits that he has long found value in doing things that generate what he calls “constructive controversy—with the purpose of enlightenment.”The writer of that profile, McKay Coppins, followed up the piece with an article entitled “The Outrage Over Family Separation Is Exactly What Stephen Miller Wants“.“As public backlash has intensified in recent days against the new border policy, Trump administration officials have predictably struggled to formulate a coherent, unified defense. Amid all the bumbling recriminations and shifting talking points, one can sense in some of these officials a natural response to the situation developing at the border—if not shame, then at least chagrin.“But for Miller, it seems, all is going according to plan—another “constructive controversy” unfolding with great potential for enlightenment. His bet appears to be that voters will witness this showdown between Trump and his angry antagonists, and ultimately side with the president.”Miller’s provocation has already made him a target for liberals and conservatives alike. Last year the American Civil Liberties Union said:“The White House ‘principles’ amount to nothing more than Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller’s Dreamer deportation outline.“Miller’s wish list of anti-immigrant policies is designed to scuttle progress for Dreamers and is afoul with unconstitutional ‘reforms.’”On Thursday, Colorado congressman Mike Coffman, a moderate Republican, wrote on Twitter that Trump should install someone to oversee the reunification of migrant families.“And the President should fire Stephen Miller now,” Coffman added. “This is a human rights mess. It is on the President to clean it up and fire the people responsible for making it.” Saturday 23 Jun 2018, 9:15 AM Jun 23rd 2018, 9:16 AM last_img read more

Rapper Wiz Khalifa to perform on next weeks 39 WWE RAW

first_imgFacebook Vin Diesel WhatsApp Dwayne Johnson: I bonded with late Paul Walker over our daughters Videos Articles Courtesy of Khalifa to guest star and perform on March 9 RawPittsburgh’s own Wiz Khalifa will appear live on Raw when WWE’s flagship show emanates from the Steel City on March 9 at 8/7 C on USA Network. The chart-topping emcee confirmed the appearance earlier today when he tweeted the following:“Guest starring on #WWE’s Monday Night Raw next week in my hometown pittsburgh. Watch 3/9 8PMEST on @USA_Network. @WWE @WWEMusic”Khalifa is set to perform a medley of his hits, including a cut from the official soundtrack to “Furious 7,” which stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham. He has two new exclusive tracks on the “Furious 7” original motion picture soundtrack, including “See You Again” (featuring Charlie Puth) and “Go Hard or Go Home” (with Iggy Azalea). The soundtrack will be available March 17.See what goes down when Wiz joins the WWE Universe Monday, March 9, only on USA Network!Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipThese Actors Really Refused To Work With Each OtherVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 1:58/Current Time 0:03Loaded: 51.16%0:03Remaining Time -1:55 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Now Playing Up Next Lindsay Lohan Google+ O. T. Fagbenle SPOILERS: 3/22 and 3/23 Impact TV taping results from Windsor, Ontario, Canada Pinterest Now Playing Up Next Videos Articlescenter_img Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia announce a new type of convention Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Dwayne Johnson gives health update on Kevin Hart Now Playing Up Next Videos Articles Twitter Insight Editions announces “WWE: The Official Cookbook” set for release on March 19 These Actors Really Refused To Work With Each Other The Kelly Clarkson Show Welcomes Dwayne Johnson Match announced for next week’s 205 Live, 8-Man Elimination from TLC PPV in 2015last_img read more

ART AND MUSIC Nova ReleasesHand to Mouth Single

first_imgBy Mamour M Mbenga Today’s edition of Foroyaa Art and Music features Nova in an interview recently conducted with him. Nova recently releases a single called “Hand to Mouth”. Famara Sambou alias Nova is a prominent Gambian music producer and an RnB artiste, who is also the CEO of Ghetto boy music studio. In his own words, “Assalamualaikum to all fans of Gambian music, glad to speak to all readers and to inform all fans that a new single entitled ‘‘Hand to Mouth’’ was officially released on Saturday 14 November, 2015.“Hand to Mouth” is an RnB Dancehall song. The theme of this song explains the situation of youth who hustle very hard to make success in life and at the end they end up earning a little which cannot even satisfy their basic needs. The little you have, will be managed on your basic needs and most of those who also obtain their degree are jobless and some of those who gain employment are not fairly paid or given the right post’’.Singer Nova also lamented that most of these job opportunities are given to their relatives or unqualified people who do not even finish school. He noted that if one does not stand for something, he or she would fail in everything.Nova also disclosed to Foroyaa that he has lots of projects for Gambian young stars and his music career.Nova, the music producer and artiste has been in the entertainment arena for almost a decade and has made tremendous impact on recording debut hits both on video and audio versions for his music career. He has also produced for many local hits and international musicians.Singer Nova produced multiple redeems that hit globally in the media especially on radio stations. He produces for Benjamin, Jaliba Kuyateh, Diha, Cess Ngum, Magnificent Joe, Solja Pap, P Mo,Abu and Fafa, Tapha artiste, Yusupha Ngum, Tam 50etc.This new song can be listened to on Facebook as Nova. Sambou. S, on sound cloud as Nova –Sambou and on YouTube as Nova Sambou.last_img read more

55 year old businessman Gary Mead killed during early morning robbery

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, October 3, 2016 – On Friday morning the sixth murder for the country was recorded.  55 year old American businessman, Gary Mead was shot multiple times in a robbery.  The suspects, two dark males, got away on foot with property which is likely cash and other company items.  Magnetic Media learned that Mead, who ran the Slots of Fun at the Airport Hotel here in Provo where the crime happened, also owned a gun; it is unclear if that was found on the scene.    Police need help to solve the case.  Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIPS or 1-800-8477. Related Items:55 year old Gary Mead killed during a robbery, country records its sixth murderlast_img read more

OBITUARY Jacqueline M Conroy Aiesi 55

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Jacqueline M. Aiesi (Conroy), “Jackie”, age 55, a resident of Wilmington for over 25 years and formerly of Woburn, passed away unexpectedly at home on April 25, 2018.Jackie was born on July 28, 1962, in Boston, MA; she was raised and educated in Woburn, MA and was a graduate of Woburn High School with the Class of 1981. Following High School, Jackie, went on to continue her education at Hesser College where she studied accounting and later on at the University Of Massachusetts Lowell Campus where she studied early childhood development. Jackie worked for several pre-schools in Wilmington, Lexington, and Woburn for many years; she really enjoyed being with children and she was fondly known as “Miss Jackie” to her students.In her spare time, Jackie, enjoyed interior design; she was very creative and had quite a knack for decorating.Jackie will forever be missed by all who knew and loved her.Jacqueline was the dear daughter of the late Joseph Conroy and Jean and Paul Sevigny, she is survived by her children Melissa and Austin Aiesi and their dad Frank Aiesi all of Wilmington, she was the sister of Maureen DeMango & husband Sam of Wilmington, Brian Conroy & wife Mary of Alton, NH, Mark Conroy & wife Linda of Londonderry, NH, the late Barbara Conroy-Yaseen and Paul Sevigny. Jacqueline is also survived by many brothers and sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews.Family and friends will gather at the Nichols Funeral Home, 187 Middlesex Ave. (Rte. 62), Wilmington, on Thursday, May 3rd at 9:00 a.m. followed by a Mass of Christian Burial in St. Thomas of Villanova Church, 126 Middlesex Ave., Wilmington, at 10:00 a.m.Visiting Hours will be held at the Funeral Home on Wednesday, May 2nd from 5:00-8:00 p.m.In lieu of flowers, donations in Jacqueline’s memory may be made to the Home for Little Wanderers, 271 Huntington St., Boston, MA 02115.Jacqueline M. (Conroy) Aiesi(NOTE: The above obituary is from Nichols Funeral Home.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedOBITUARY: Linda M. (Baillargeon) Grover, 66In “Obituaries”OBITUARY: Elizabeth M. (Nolan) McNabb, 94In “Obituaries”OBITUARY: Susan A. (McNeil) Roy, 49In “Obituaries”last_img read more

Wilmington OBITUARIES Week of April 28 2019

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Here are the obituaries published on Wilmington Apple during the week of April 28, 2019:Lived In Wilmington At Time Of Passing:Mary E. (Howard) Cleary, 90Marilyn MacIver Lord, 91Denise M. (Gingras) McHugh, 75Eileen Quirke Neville, 91Allan R. Runge, 85Previously Lived In Wilmington:Thomas M. “Tom” Haas, 62James B. “Jim” Normoyle, 64Worked In/Volunteered In/Connected To Wilmington:Hannibal F. “Doc” Costa, Jr., 86Janice A. (Ricci) Hughes, 77Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington OBITUARIES (Week of August 11, 2019)In “Obituaries”Wilmington OBITUARIES (Week of July 14, 2019)In “Obituaries”OBITUARY: Janice Kay (Humbarger) DeLap, 74In “Obituaries”last_img read more

Kapil Sharma or Krushna Abhishek Sunil Grover chooses this person as the

first_imgKrushna Abhishek, Kapil Sharma, Sunil GroverTwitterSunil Grover had recently regretted fighting with Kapil Sharma a couple of years ago and admitted that he did have insecurities while leaving The Kapil Sharma Show mid-way. The comedian had said that he is grateful to the show for giving him unmatched fame and has all the happy memories working with the show’s team. And if you ask Sunil who he thinks is the comedy king in the industry, he will say it’s none other than Kapil Sharma.Kapil Sharma and Krushna Abhishek are currently having a blast working together on The Kapil Sharma Show and have often expressed their admiration for each other on the show. While Kapil is currently basking in all the glory and his show topping the TRP charts, Krushna has become household with his role of Sapna from Nala Sopara who runs a beauty parlour.So when Sunil was asked who he thinks is the comedy king in a rapid fire round, he chose Kapil over Krushna adding that Kapil Sharma is the funny man of the industry.It should be noted that Kapil and Krushna were considered as arch rivals and were always being pitted against each other. After Comedy Nights With Kapil went off-air, Krushna had replaced him with a new show called Comedy Nights Live but the show wasn’t as successful as Kapil’s show.Rumours of Sunil joining The Kapil Sharma Show keeps doing the rounds of the industry but so far none of the reports have turned out to be true. But if it ever happens, it would surely be a sight to behold when both Sunil and Kapil would once again perform together and tickle the funny bone of the audience.last_img read more